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Looking for some participants.

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  • Okay. Well I've been working out details on a new written series I want to do. I'm pleased with the current one I have, but I want to do one that involves game worlds since, well, this is a game site. So here's the premise for my fanfiction-ish type of story.

    The premise is- A group of gamers are sucked into the games they know, and are forced to live throughout the games. As they advance through each game world, they are transported to another game world, forced to survive the horrors that come with them.

    I would be doing the series a "seasonal" series like I'm doing with my other. About 14 "Episodes"  per "season". And about two different game worlds per season.

    Now the purpose of the topic. What I wanted was to use actual members from GIO in the story. Basically you would be yourself throughout the series. You don't have to give out your real name to be in the story, I would just use your username. I wanted about 5-6 GIO users as the lead characters. Other users would make appearances throughout the worlds they travel to. So if you want me to use yourself in the story, please let me know here or on my profile. And don't worry, I won't kill you in the story unless you want me to. Oh and what would be a good game world to start off with?

  • Sounds like an awesome idea. I wouldn't mind participating, but I do have a few questions.

    - Are the participants writing their section, or are we just giving permission to use our likeness?

    - Are we limited to game worlds you are familiar with, or are you willing to expand?

    Again, sounds like a great idea and I'd like to join. As far as game worlds go, a few suggestions off the top of my head for great places would be:

    - Pokemon Universe

    - Hyrule

    - Borderlands/Fallout area

    - Mario/Mushroom Kingdom

    - Tron

    - Any expansive world not based in reality

  • Valid questions that I should have included. Okay. I will let participants write their lines and more. I'll give them a rough draft of what each episode will be and let them change or add whatever they want into their section And no we are not limiting the game worlds. I will collaborate with a different user each episode. Even if I'm familiar with a game, I will co-write every episode with others. But I will ask for help when using a world I'm not familiar with. I want to cover everything. And I will give credit where credit is due. At the end of each episode I will include a special thanks to the person/people who help me write every episode. And a bonus answer. All the users will be in the same world at the same time, trying to work together. That way it will be easier to keep track of everyone when reading the story.

  • Sounds like a great idea. And I would be very willing to participate. Just let me know if there is anything you need.


    Creator of The GIO Fanfiction Group!

  • I had a response much earlier. The site ate it. I'm in. Here are some ideas for the setting.

    Korplu Sector (Starcraft)

    Azeroth (Warcraft)

    Peaceful Days died, Let's Survive 

  • Okay, cool! Like I said above, I'll be co-writing every episode except the first one or two. I'll get it all started out, then I'll co-write with others. And I will definitely need help with game worlds I am unfamiliar with. Such as Assassins Creed, Gears Of War, anything PS3 exclusive, and anything Rockstar has made. So far, if you Blaze are in for a role as a lead character, I have three leads. I need about three or four more if anyone is still in.

  • Hmm... sounds interesting.  I'll be in, I guess, as long as this doesn't die like the Star Wars world.  I don't have much original ideas for the settings other than the Pikmin world, the Halo universe, and obviously, the Pok√©mon world.

  • Don't worry Cubone. I do plan on doing this. And Hannibal said he's gonna revive the Star Wars thing after his 31/31. So I have Chris, The Savior Of The Galaxy, Darth-Carbonite, iDreamRunner, The Great Cubone(If you do want to be a lead), blaze6106, And I will be a lead for awhile. So that's six total if blaze wants to be a lead. And I am waiting for two more people to respond. So I have my leads if the other two want to be on board. After I hear from them I'll get something started. Like I said, I will send the leads a rough draft and they can change/add to their parts and other parts of the episodes. Hopefully I will be able to start writing it starting next month. And if all works out I'll release more info on it during my 31/31 in August.

    But anyone can be in the story. I do plan on cameos from other members if they do so desire.



    Okay. I heard back from my other lead, and she's in. So we have seven! Me, Chris The Savior Of The Galaxy, Darth-Carbonite, iDreamRunner, ace13, The Great Cubone, and blaze6106 if he is game for a leading role. I'm waiting to hear back from one more person, but other than that I'm all set! Thanks so much guys! I'm looking forward to this!

  • Hey, what about me.

    Peaceful Days died, Let's Survive 

  • Ah, your post didn't say anything. But yes, you can be a lead. I'm still waiting on my other lead, but yes you can be one. Sorry, I didn't know if you wanted to or not.

    Okay so the roster so far is...


    Chris The Savior Of The Galaxy,




    The Great Cubone,

    Gaming Warthog,

    and blaze6106 if he is game for a leading role

  • I did say I'm in, but that phrase is so tiny that I can understand overlooking it. Stupid Website eating up the original post which had a longer then two word declaration of interest.

    Peaceful Days died, Let's Survive 

  • I see that now. I feel stupid for over looking it. Sorry. But glad to have you in. And I have been having the same trouble with the site. ugh, it's a pain. But good to have ya! Okay. Once I get word from my last potential lead, I'll get a rough draft of what to expect from the series started this weekend (Got lots of gaming plans I want to put ahead first). It will be sent sometime early in July.

  • Yeah yeah, I'm in for lead role. This sounds like a great idea, just fill me in on what I have to do.

    Creator of The GIO Fanfiction Group!

  • What is this? More "lets-put-GIO-members-into-our-story-projects" stuff?

  • Dude, I'm very down for this. I think the first world should be either Halo or Diablo. Just to get the emotional ball rolling. :D

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