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Mass Effect: Atlas Station

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  • This thread was created to discuss Mass Effect:  Atlas Station.  This is my first fanfic, I was inspired to try writing one when I saw a posting for this group.  I was curious if I would be able to complete a short story set in a game universe and this is the result.  Feel free to post any comments positive or negative about the story and any tips on how I could improve as a writer would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for reading!

  • Wow, that was really good. You did an awesome job of showing the other side of things. You play as Shepard, see Cerberus as the enemy, and here you portray them as the innocent ones. The ones who don't know that they are part of a terror organization, the ones who are living a normal life, until Shepard destroys them. I feel bad for Cerberus and almost make Shepard feel like the enemy. Great job.

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  • Thanks for the kind words. It was a lot of fun to write.  

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