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Looking for some participants.

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  • @Hannibal Yay! My final lead showed up! I want to put more leads in but I think nine is good enough.

    so the roster is...


    Chris The Savior Of The Galaxy,




    The Great Cubone,

    Gaming Warthog,


    and the final lead, Le Hannibal

    Okay. I'll start a rough draft of the first episode to show off whats to come from the series, sometime this weekend. still got lots of gaming plans that should come first.

    @Drym. well yes and no. Yes I'm putting GIO members in this, but I got the idea to create this specific project just for the GIO members. Every time I made a GaMe some users would be excited that they were used in one. And after your GaMe with the using of multiple games, and my GaMe with the world jumping in Kingdom Hearts, this project came to mind. So I decided to create a story using just the GIO members....I hope you don't mind. I thought the idea was cool and decided to start it.

  • Oh... I didn't mean to sound like I was offended or anything. I just thought that was your idea kind of similar to mine. Involve other people with our own personal projects. I guess I was sort of right. Good luck making it happen!

  • Oh no you didn't come off that way! I just wanted to let you know I wasn't trying to copy your idea in some way by using members. I know you're using that and just wanted to reassure you. And thank you. Good luck on your own project yourself!

  • This sounds like a really cool idea. I was going to say Hyrule and the Pokemon world, but someone beat me to it. Not sure if these have already been mentioned, but the worlds of Mega Man, Skyrim, and Dead Space (for the special halloween chapter! lol) could be fun to do.

    I look forward to reading this. Good luck!

  • Oooh! Special Halloween chapter! That sounds awesome! And thanks! I do hope it turns out good. Been writing it tonight, and have run across some issues, but hopefully the others can help me sort it out.

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