Foreword: "Conquest" is a story loosely based on a game called Tribal Wars that I'm currently playing online. It is set in the medieval times and has some fantasy elements to it. The story follows a man called 'Lord Drym Shyuan', a man of excellent leadership skills, who has escaped over the vast northern sea to start a new life in these southern lands.  He will face challenges that can lead to dreadful situations and his former life haunts him throughout the story. In "Conquest", you can expect a new level of character development that I have never used before; a fluid progress of story; and also more detail put into the story to better describe the world, the people and what's going on. But I'm not professional writer, I have still a long way to go. I'll be posting an episode each week.

Also, since I belong to the GIO Fanfiction group, every new chapter (I should forget using "Episodes", it's not a movie) will be posted exclusively here first, once all the proofreading and polishing has been done. This means that if I manage to write 3 chapters in one week, then you have the opportunity to read them all right away while people who don't belong to the group or do not know of it's existence will have to wait for a week till the next chapter is released for them. Also, as a bonus, there might be small content updates here and there, that might not be in the "public" version. I will edit the chapters in the User Blogs Section eventually, but the priority will be to update the story here in this group first.

If my calculations are right, then I have enough story ready in my mind that I can separate into 15 - 20 chapters. It's going to be a great ride, I just know it.