Speed Blue chapter 1: Start new game

 Miri walked  towards Oldale town, she had just started her journey. She noticed something in the grass. It was a black pokeball, with the letters HAAR on the top section. Miri picked it up, "This has to be one of Hazo's pokeballs, it has his mark on it." Suddenly it opened and a trail of light came out, hitting the ground and forming into a Pokemon Miri had never seen before. The pokemon had a humanoid appearance. It's stomach was yellow, as well as it's ears. It had red and white shoes and green eyes. Everything else was blue, from it's skinny legs to it's spiky 'hair'.

"Well that was weird, but way past cool. Hey why are you staring at me?." Miri was surprised that the Pokemon could talk. She quickly put the Pokeball in her bag.

"You can talk! That's amazing!" The Pokemon seemed surprised by her reaction.

"So, why wouldn't I talk. And just so we're clear, my name is Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog."

"Okay, sorry about that. I just get excited whenever I see something new. Oh, I'm forgetting my manners. My name is Miri, Miri Seta."

"Well Miri, thanks for getting me out of that weird pocket dimension. It was cool but I like having control over where I can go. Now I just need to find whoever put me in it." At that Miri was worried 'What if he finds out I know Hazo did it. I don't think my Pokemon are in a proper condition to face a tough opponent, and Sonic seems like he's capable of taking me out the second he gains the upper hand. But he doesn't seem aggressive, still, I should be ready for the worst possible outcome. If I don't tell Sonic and he finds out he could attack me. But if I tell Sonic, he could attack Hazo, and Hazo would find out and hate me for it. But Sonic doesn't seem aggressive, so I could be overreacting.' 
"Let me guess, you know but you're afraid to tell me. And before you ask me how I know, you had a internal monologue look on your face." Miri jumped back and pulled out three pokeballs.
"Don't attack me, He probably didn't know you were inside that." 'If he attacks me, my Pokemon can rush him and then we can make a run for it. I just hope he isn't as hostile as I'm predicting.'
"Whoa, calm down. I'm not going to hurt him. I just want to find out how I got in that weird place. I promise I won't hurt you or your friend." Miri gave a sigh of relief and put her pokeballs back in her bag.
"Sorry I overreacted, I can get really nervous sometimes. Wait, how did you know it was a friend and not me."
"You were surprised when you saw me. So I decided that it wasn't you. We're getting tense and being suspicious of each other over me being in a kinda of cool pocket dimension. We should just trust each other." At that moment there was an explosion in the nearby forest, distracting the two from their conversation. "What was that? Come on, let's investigate." Sonic ran off towards where the explosion had happened before Miri had a chance to react.
"Now, I'm even more relieved he's so trusting. With speed like that, he would've beaten me before I could fight back. Sonic! Wait for me!" Miri ran off in the direction of the explosion, trying to catch up to Sonic.
                                        The smoke was quickly blown away from Hazo's eyes, which allowed him to focus enough to dodge the charging Tailow. "What was that? Did that weird gem thing cause it, I only touched it." Hazo quickly jumped to the left to avoid another Tailow. 'If this keeps up and I don't find enough time to send out Fuma and Ken, I'm dead. I just need a distraction.'  Hazo made sure to stay away from the hole in the ground that was just created by the explosion, he didn't want to hurt his foot on a weird gem.

A blue ball appeared and hit one of the Tailow, knocking it out. It then hit all of the other Tailow without stopping. The ball stopped right in front of Hazo, and uncurled revealing itself to be the Pokemon Hazo had captured before being chased by Tailow. "Let me guess, you're the guy who put me in that weird pocket dimension thingy."
"Yes, if by 'weird pocket dimension thingy' you mean Pokeball." Hazo stealthily put his right hand in a position where he could grab a Pokeball at a moments notice. 
"So that's what I was in. For a ball it has a lot of space inside. So is there a reason you left that Pokeball there or is that standard procedure."
"Well I was going to pick it up. But then that flock of Tailow decided to go crazy and chase me for no reason." 'He's saying all of this like it's nothing major, something's up with him. He's way to casual about this encounter.'  Hazo decided he should act friendly, that way he could learn more. 
"Are you sure it wasn't for putting me in that ball?"
"That happens all the time."
"Maybe they were after whatever caused that explosion, wait is that a Chaos Emerald?!" Sonic walked to the gem that caused the explosion and picked it up. "Something's up with this Chaos Emerald, it's like there's something inside it"
"You're familiar with that?" Hazo made a mental note to find information on the Chaos Emerald.
"Yeah, there are seven of them total. They can do amazing stuff when gathered."
"They sound powerful, though it did cause the explosion so I'm not that surprised." Hazo was beginning to wonder what this Pokemon was. 'Why is he telling me all of this. He must have some kind of plan.' The conversation was interrupted by Miri entering the clearing. 
"I can't believe you just ran off without me Sonic. Oh, hi Hazo, we were looking for you. Did you have to leave Littleroot town so early in the morning. Sorry for randomly interupting but it's your fault for leaving me behind."
"Hey, I didn't leave that early." Hazo was more relaxed now that Miri was here. It made the worst possible and probable scenario a lot less worse.
"You left at 5:00 AM." 
"Exactly, I waited two hours before leaving. "
"Well you're certainly active. I don't get up that early and I hate sleeping in." Sonic had an amused expression on his face.
"Well I'm a shinobi in training. I have higher standers then most people." Miri seemed to have a pained expression on her face, like she had just remembered something bad. But it quickly turned back into a smile. Sonic made a note to ask her about Hazo's life as shinobi, it clearly wasn't happy.
"So you're a ninja, that's sweet. Hey is there any nearby town we can go to, it feels weird talking in a forest clearing."
"We can head to Oldale town. Professor Birch is currently there and I think you'd like to meet him."
"As long he's not evil or crazy, I'm cool with meeting him."
"It's not that far from here, so let's go." The instant Miri had finished her sentence Sonic had dashed off. "Does he ever consider the fact that we're not as fast as him?"
"I doubt it. Let's see if we can get to Oldale town before night. If we hurry, we can beat him there before he realizes he went in the exact opposite direction he needed to." And with that Miri and Hazo ran towards Oldale town. Unknown to them, someone was watching them from the trees. He took out a cell phone and called someone.
"I found that Arisato kid. What do you want me to do? Got it, he'll be in a grave before this year is over."