The Hunger Games

Post Epilogue. Katniss and Peeta are happily married with two children.


It's like a game. Repetitive, even a little tedious after more than twenty years. But there are much worse games to play. Every time I feel down, every time something goes wrong, I list every little good thing I've ever seen. It keeps me sane. This is my game, but it is much more than that.  

My Name is Katniss Everdeen. I, along with my husband Peeta, won the 74th Hunger Games. I sparked a rebellion with the Capitol. I lead that Rebellion. Against all odds, I overthrew the Capitol. I lost my sister to that same Rebellion.

Now the Hunger Games have been abolished, memorials have been built, and life is back to normal, or as normal as possible. In the days after the Rebellion, Paylor was elected President, and I was married to Peeta.

Thirty years later, in my late 40's, I have two wonderful children. Rue Primrose Mellark, the girl, is 16, and has dark hair, similar to mine, with bright blue eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. Cinna Odair Mellark, the boy, is 13, and resembles Peeta, with light blonde curls, and stormy gray eyes. They are named after people who lost their lives because of me. They are named after people whom I cared for dearly, but couldn't save. The least I could do was remember them in this way.

I watch them as they get ready for a normal day of school. I silently thank whatever god is out there for giving them a life better than mine. They know the part I played in the Hunger Games, and in the Rebellion. I have already told them what happened to their aunt, to Finnick, to President Coin, to all the tributes I killed. They know of all of it. They tried to comfort me, but I am beyond comfort. Still it haunts me, the faces of all my friends, all the tributes that died for me to win, President Snow, and President Coin. All their deaths haunt me, but what can I do? What's done is done.

Peeta left early this morning, heading out to his parent's bakery, which he rebuilt upon our return to District 12. He provides a lot of the food for the District, and our mining industry is far more productive than it ever was. Most people volunteer for the mines, since the pay is so good. It's hard work, but very rewarding. I'm supposed to meet him at the bakery this morning, along with Haymitch and a few of our friends from town, after the kids are off to school.

"Mom, can I come to the bakery today? I want to learn how to make the new desert that Dad gave us last night?" Cinna asks as I push them towards the door.

"Please," Rue snarls, "you should be learning how to hunt, not bake." Rue takes after me a lot. She loves to hunt. Ever since she saw me out in the forest with my bow, taking aim, and striking a deer right between the eyes, she was enthralled. She became passionate about it. She began learning how to craft her own bow, learning the various lethal points on animals, and studying the shrubberies outside of District 12. Unlike me, she is very social, making friends very easily, and talking amongst others. She is very well spoken, something she obviously got from her father. She can be very cocky with her skills though. Now that the woods are not off-limits, she brings her friends out there, showing them how she can kill rabbits, squirrels, even birds with ease. Every once and a while, I have to go out there and show her that she isn't the best, by taking down twice as much game as her.

"Please Mom!" Cinna begs, totally ignoring his sister. Cinna, unlike Rue is into baking. He is a very adept hunter, can can hang on any of our hunting trips, but the boy has never taken the interest like Rue has. I never pressed him to learn archery, nor have I discouraged him from baking. Every time he has a chance, he meets Peeta at the bakery and learns the skills his Father has. Often times Cinna will make supper for us. He is very studious though, and has very high grades. He will often be reading history books of the hunger Games, and the events leading up to the Rebellion. Several times he has asked me what it was like. I never tell him, he can't know how horrible it was. The boy is also extremely talented with a knife, and other various close ranged weapons. Peeta and I taught him a few things after he watched an old tape of the Hunger Games. We told him that it was only to be used in self defense, and never to strike someone. Still he is very hesitant to hunt, or fight at all. He is much more the bake than the hunter. He is also not a very smooth talker, unlike his father. He often falters in his words, stutters, and has a small vocabulary.

"No, maybe tomorrow," I respond.

"But Mom, I know all of this stuff already, I could take the test today and pass!" he yells to me.

"No!" I respond very sternly. They need their education. I didn't get mine because of hunting and trying to support my family, how can I expect them not to get theirs.

I lead them off to school, and then proceed to walk down the graveled roads of District 12. The place seems alive again. After 17 years of desolation and hopelessness, it's good to see people moving and working again. It took several years to get the place moving again.

After Peeta and I were married, the place began to bustle a little more. We began doing benefits, taking interviews and making guest appearances, all towards rebuilding the district. We rebuilt Victor's Square around the Meadow. Only Peeta, Haymitch, and I live there, but many are welcome to visit it. It is no greater than the rest of the village though. We all built it equal. Many said that the Victor's Square should be bigger and grander than the rest, we earned that right, but we declined. The Victor's Square is just as simple as all the rest. It is more of a memorial to all those that lost their lives and those that managed to do the impossible.

The place is now better than it ever was, but we are still the poorest District in all of Panem. It was the only one destroyed during the Rebellion, and we only had a little money and a little time to rebuild. It took District 13 seventy five years to rebuild, we've had thirty.  Still, we are making progress.

I meet Peeta at the door of the bakery. He gives me a quick kiss, and leads me inside. We begin to reminisce with Haymitch and a couple of our new friends. Several of the District 13 citizens moved to District 12 to rebuild. We began to talk with them a lot, and they helped with a lot of the new infrastructure they learned to build in District 13. After a few delicious breads from Peeta, we decide to turn on the TV. Many things inhabit the network now, not just constant talk of Hunger Games and messages from the Capitol. Today though, it's different.

Every network has breaking news on it. And it takes the breath out of everyone in the room. The headlines scroll atop every station. "President Paylor Assassinated."