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Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then come on in, my friend!

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  • Forum Post: Re: General Discussion

    Guess I gotta see that scene again to fully appreciate it. Also, a special delivery arrived! I cracked a huge smile when I opened my mailbox today. Bookmarks, woo. All the way from California, shoutout to Domino626 from Etsy! Great stuff.
  • Forum Post: Re: Original Art

    Alright, I finally finished the project I was working on off and on for the past month or so. It started out as a sketch, then I digitized it, then tried to make it actually look good... What do guys think? Got any criticisms before I upload it to dA? (for those wondering, it's the Battle Room from...
  • Blog Post: Brony Newsletter - 3/07/2012

    Hello and hello again. I'll be your newsletter guy, thing, whatever you call the person who makes these. Let's go with Brony gods. Yeah, that'll work... Anyway, anypony that's anypony will be busy saving the universe... MASS EFFECT 3! LET IT BE KNOWN OF ITS AWESOMENESS. I mean, it DID...
  • Blog Post: Brony Newsletter - 1/10/2012

    Hello everypony! I'm in charge of the Newsletter this week. As I've been inactive for the past few days it seems I was the most logical choice this week, but hey, I'll get the job done. Happy New Year once again! (P.S. I don't know what this is parodying) New Members I don't believe...
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