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Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then come on in, my friend!

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  • Blog Post: Friendship Weekly - Episode 22: August 11 - August 17 (Time To Move!)

    If we're a weekly show, and we're late two weeks in a row, are we technically late at all? But seriously, sorry, you guys! I have been super busy lately, getting ready for college and stuff. Everything should be back to the way it was next week! Anyways, go get that episode! NEWS: Meghan McCarthy...
  • Blog Post: Friendship Weekly - Episode 22: August 2 - August 10 (I Identify As Groot)

    What's up, everyone! Sorry we're late this week. There were technical issues that prevented us from doing this. (Read: Bronze got lazy). Go get that episode! NEWS: JanAnimations Galacon Panel! The Mane-Iac Now Available To The Public! Official Manga Volume 2 Teaser! GIO BRONY CREATIONS: Divergence...
  • Blog Post: Friendship Weekly - Episode 21: July 27 - August 2 (Sellin' Out)

    Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another episode of Friendship Weekly! We've got big news this week: We're selling out! Listen here to find out what I mean: As I said, be sure to contact me if you want anything advertised on Friendship Weekly! It's free! NEWS: My Little Pony Monopoly Junior...
  • Blog Post: Friendship Weekly - Episode 20: July 20 - July 26 (WEEK 20!)

    Hey, everyone, and welcome back to Friendship Weekly! There wasn't a lot of news this week, but there was just as much activity as always! Go get that episode! NEWS: San Diego Comic Con Roundup! GIO BRONY CREATIONS: Blaze's Top Ten Nostalgic Games! Mray's "DC: The God That Failed"...
  • Blog Post: Friendship Weekly - Episode 19: July 13 - July 19 (Mray Time!)

    Hey, guys! Guess what - I actually did this week's episode of Friendship Weekly's news segments by myself! Bronze was tired or some bullcrap, and he made me do everything this week. Fortunately, Power Volt and Dream Runner are still doing their segments as always, so I'm not alone! Now go...

    New song up on the channel; please read the description guys. Check my account here for updates on the EP Album that I have underway.
  • Forum Post: Re: The PMV/Images/Meme Thread

    Hello fellow Bronies. I thought I share to you one of my finest work on YouTube (it has ponies in it). This video will touch your heart forever! Feel free to tell me what you think and I hope you subscribe :)
  • File: MLP Physics Presentation

  • Forum Post: Re: Blog Comments

    If I'm understanding this right, this is where I should post this. That's right, I have done the nerdiest, most pathetic thing a human male could possibly do: Write a My Little Pony fanfic. I'm leaving my Man Card on the table by the door. The name is scratched off, so feel free to take it...
  • Forum Post: Brony Sports

    Here you can talk about sports. It doesn't matter what sport it is or even what level its played at. As long as it involves some sort of athleticism (insert Dodgeball joke here) you can talk about it here. Oh, and if what you are saying also involves mlp well that just makes you 20% cooler.
  • File: Pony Fett

  • File: Cosmic Odyssey

  • File: Scootadash

  • File: Baby Scoot

  • Forum Post: My Little Pony: Season 2 Details Thread

    Note: All discussion of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 news will take place in this thread. - Mray ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 22 : April 04th. (Woot, 2 months...
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