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Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then come on in, my friend!

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  • Blog Post: Friendship Weekly - Episode 17: The Whole Gang's Together

    After Power Volt's absence last week, we finally have three ponies coming together to give you the weekly news. NEWS: Equestria Girls Cutie Mark Crusaders Appear on Target Website Rupert Grint (Harry Potter's Ron Weasley) Wears a Pony Shirt Build-A-Bear Zecora Arrives, with Trixie and Applejack...
  • Forum Post: Re: Original Art: Art Harder

    I was told by a friend, that I should post m video here. I have been working on a long SFM about spies and ponies. I hope you enjoy!
  • Forum Post: Re: Pony Video Thread

    I'm back! I have been away working on this MLP/TF2 SFM series.
  • Forum Post: Welcome to the GIO Brony Group - A Guided Tour

    Welcome to the GIO Brony Group! In case you were wondering what this magical place is all about, the GIO Brony Group is a dedicated mini-site for members of GIO to enjoy various content pertaining to the television phenomenon known as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Here you'll be able to find...

    New song up on the channel; please read the description guys. Check my account here for updates on the EP Album that I have underway.
  • Blog Post: GIO Bronies Newsletter 11/7/12 - Spiderman Edition

    Hello there readers! Today's Brony Group Newsletter is brought to you by none-other than everyone's favorite spider-powered superhero... Spiderman! Abandoned as a boy, he was raised by Aunt May, who lives in the middle of New York City with her husband, Uncle Ben. But criminal activity happens...
  • Forum Post: GIO Bronies Health & Fitness

    Welcome to the Health & Fitness thread! This thread is for getting in shape! (something we all could probably do better at) Feel free to post workout and diet tips that have worked for you here. Found a kick flank routine? Post It! Noticed that your favourite restaurant has a healthy option? Post...
  • Blog Post: Brony Newsletter - 10/3/12: Cheerilee and Canterlot Gardens

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to another edition of the GIO Brony Newsletter. I hope you all have been having a good week because mine's been peachy if not tiring. If you're wondering about the subtitle for this week's letter, I'll let you know that Cheerilee finally got invited to an event...
  • File: Chris Evans: The Brony

  • Blog Post: Brony Newsletter - 12/28/2011

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all your favorite people at GIO Bronies! Hope you all have had a wonderful time with friends and family over the holiday season. For those you in school, I hope you've enjoyed your break. For those of you in working world, I pray that you've enjoyed what...
  • Blog Post: Brony Newsletter: Upcoming Events, Brony Creation Spotlights

    This is the first ever Brony Newsletter! We have so much going on every week as a group, and it continues to grow and we (at least I) plan on making those things not so hard to keep up on. As we get into the peak of the holiday season things are starting to get tough to keep up with, so we'll be...
  • File: Brony + Hater = ??? (Gif)

    This is why you don't mess with bronies.
  • File: Brony Identification Card

    A DIY ID card with space for a picture and your favorite Pony.
  • File: Joseph Ducreux is a Brony

  • File: Gameinformer Online Brony Radio

    The logo for our new podcast!
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