Welcome to the GIO Brony Group! In case you were wondering what this magical place is all about, the GIO Brony Group is a dedicated mini-site for members of GIO to enjoy various content pertaining to the television phenomenon known as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Here you'll be able to find various forum threads filled with fan art, videos, and discussions about the latest episodes and hot topics. As one of the more active groups on GIO, there's never really a dull moment here, so feel free to kick back, relax, and enjoy some good wholesome fun.  If you are a newer member to the group, you may be wondering where you can go to view all this content. There are several tabs and links littered throughout the main group page, and at first it can seem a little daunting. To help make the transition into the group a little easier, I have prepared a small guided tour of the site and its features.



When you first enter the GIO Brony Group, you'll find yourself at the Home Page. Here, you’ll find a list of all the recent activity that has happened on the site. You'll be able to see which forum threads are currently active with various discussions, and we also place a lot of random comments and remarks here. It's kind of like the status updates found on your personal profile page (in fact, your posts are mirrored to your profile page), but it’s available to every group member. You’ll find a lot of random topics that are often meant for quick responses, though sometimes they can get quite lengthy. If you have a question that needs a quick answer, posting it here is probably your best bet.



Next we have the Blogs Page. Although it's rarely used in other groups, we try to make extensive use of the Group Blogs feature. Here, you'll find lots of pony related blogs from our GIO Brony members here. Blog topics generally include GIO fan fiction, presenting opinions on a wide variety of MLP:FiM related topics, or just random everyday blogs featuring your favorite cast of characters. This page runs similar to the Member Blogs you'll find on the front page of GIO, however, there is one unfortunate caveat. Due to the way the GIO Group sites are programmed, only group moderators can post in Blogs Page, and even worse still, no member can comment on them. We're not sure if this a bug, or if the policy will ever be changed. However, if you'd like to post a blog to share with the group, feel free to send it (formatting, pictures, and all) in a Personal Message to any of the group moderators, and we'll get it up as soon as possible. 



Following the blogs, is the Forum Page. Before we get that however, there is a quick housekeeping item that needs to be addressed. You may have noticed that if you were to click on the upper blue forum link, or the main forum tab, you'll be greeted by a "Page Does Not Exist Error". We're not really sure why, but for some reason the main (and original) forum is now completely broken. Until the site issue is addressed, we have rebooted the forum, which you can find by clicking the lower blue forum link circled above. If you have any more questions about this specific topic, please contact Mray901.


Once you've entered the forum, you will find that it is filled with all sorts of pony related goodness. As a new member here, we strongly encourage a small sequence of steps to help make your life much easier and enjoyable here.

1. Read the Rules. Read. The. Rules. This will help you understand what is and isn't allowed on the group, and will help avoid getting yourself trouble (yes, that includes banishment).

2. Post a small introduction in the Welcome to the Herd Thread. We love getting new members to the group. Despite what you might think, we all would love to get to know you, and provide a warm welcome.

Once you're done introducing yourself, feel free to post your thoughts amongst the various threads. Below are a description of some of the more popular threads.


Original Art

Not only do we like talking about Friendship is Magic, but some of us like to draw it as well. This thread is a place to show off your personal collection of original art, or make a request from someone to draw something for you. A lot of the artists are happy to do free commissions, so don't be afraid to ask. If you like to draw something yourself, feel free to advertise yourself here as well.


Pony Images

If you come across a picture you'd like to share, feel free to post it in this thread. Naturally, there is bound to be a lot of stuff posted here as time goes on, so we would suggest at least skimming through some of the pictures before posting in order to avoid spamming the thread with re-posts. If you post a raw, or re-sized image that originally came from somewhere else such as DeviantArt, we highly suggest you include a link to the original artist, by either pasting the URL or turning the picture into a hyperlink. This is a common courtesy, and provides the original artist with some more exposure for their great work.


General Discussion

Had a random thought about video games, TV shows, music, or other topics not related to MLP? If you'd like to discuss off-beat topics with other members of the GIO Brony Group, feel free to post and/or contribute to conversation here. 


Friendship is Magic Spoilers

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as of this writing is currently in the middle it's fourth season, with plenty more official content on the way. With huge dedicated sites, like Equestria Daily and the various image-booru servers, tons of new and spoilerific content is released every day. We ask that any and all official content spoilers, whether it's episodes or movies, go into this thread. EVERY. SINGLE. SPOILER! I hate spoilers and many others do too. We don't want to hear them or see them. However, we know that not everyone shares this sentiment and love to find out anything and everything as soon as it's leaked. If you wish to discuss spoilers and rumors with other like-minded GIO Group members, feel free to post them here. 


User Created Threads

There are also many other threads for you to enjoy that are not listed here. So feel free to browse at your leisure. If you wish to create your own thread, please be sure to keep a few things in mind.


1. Think about the general purpose of your thread, and see if it can't be placed into another thread that's already in existence. Making a new thread doesn't automatically mean that every one is going to swarm it with comments. In fact, most of the comments (especially from me) will probably tell you to delete it and post it somewhere else (should it be warranted). So if it's a brand new idea, move to step 2, otherwise post it in the appropriate thread.

2. Ask yourself, how long of a discussion will your topic last? If you only want a quick answer to a question, or believe it's so obscure that it'll only last a few days, post it in the General Discussion Tab. It's better to post it there than have a million loose threads all over the place. Other than that, if you're confident that your idea is so wonderfully amazing that it warrants a new thread topic, go ahead to post it.


This now concludes our guided tour of the group. We hope you’ll come to love this group as much as we love it. Have a nice day and we hope see you around soon!