Hello and welcome the the Game Informer Online Bronies member group! If you enjoy the TV show known as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, then you're in the right place. In this group, we have a ton of threads and activities for you to partake in, and plenty of members you can interact with. In this group, you can share some of the art you've created. You can share some of your favorite music. You can even share entertaining images you find on the internet! 

However, this goes for most of the internet in general, so I assume you know you're allowed to do that. With that said, you can only do that to a certain point in this group. Here, we have a number of set rules that we try and uphold, mostly to make the group as comfortable as possible for any and all members. Here are those rules:


Rule #1: Be Excellent To Each Other

You should always strive to be as nice as possible in the GIO Bronies group. Friendship is magic, as they say. If someone upsets you or says something you disagree with, please go about dealing with it in a civil and respectful manner. If you do not feel as though you are being treated well, please contact one of the moderators.



Rule #2: No NSFW/Disturbing Content

In this group, we beg of you to refrain from posting any kind of not-safe-for-work or disturbing looking images, videos, or etcetera. What constitutes as NSFW, you might ask? That's more or less up for the mods to decide. Generally, any kind of sexual or otherwise graphic imagery is an instant deletion, so please think before posting. If you must post something that you think could offend someone, at least link it so others will not automatically see it. Please do not scar anyone for life. 



Rule #3: Love And Tolerate 

Sort of a sub-rule for the first one, this rule is dealing with trolls or otherwise hateful people specifically. If someone has made their way into the group just to troll it, do not interact with them in any way. If a troll gets a rise out of you, he's succeeding in his goal. Please inform a mod immediately if you see any unwanted behaviour, but do not take it into your own hands. 


This picture seems counter-intuitive. 


Rule #4: Do Not Invite Trolls Into The Group

This is just common sense, but it needs to be stated. If you feel like someone will harass other users, do not invite them into this group. 



Rule #5: No Spoilers

If you have seen the newest episode of the show, or perhaps even seen the newest movie before anyone else, you may be a time traveler. But if you aren't a time traveler, then you still should post in the threads specifically labled for spoiler discussion. We don't want other members who have yet to see a new episode to have said episode ruined for them. The following Tuesday, at 12:00 AM EST is when spoilers are allowed outside of the spoiler thread. 



Rule #6: Have Fun

This is the final and most important rule. There are many ways to have fun in this group, so feel free to explore and find what's the most fun for you, be it talking about random stuff, or posting images to your heart's content. When you have fun, everyone else around you has fun, so do your best to make GIO Bronies the funnest group of all time!


If you have any other questions regarding these rules, or about the group in general, please contact one of our fantastic moderators. They will assist you as much as humanly possible. 




God Of Irony