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Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then come on in, my friend!

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    New song up on the channel; please read the description guys. Check my account here for updates on the EP Album that I have underway.
  • Forum Post: Re: Welcome to the Herd

    I didn't know this was here and Ive been part of this group for like a week so i guess I'll introduce my self. I like MLP FIM A LOT. is that good enough? Also FLUTTERSHY is the BEST PONY.
  • Forum Post: Re: The PMV/Images/Meme Thread

    Hello fellow Bronies. I thought I share to you one of my finest work on YouTube (it has ponies in it). This video will touch your heart forever! Feel free to tell me what you think and I hope you subscribe :)
  • Forum Post: Brony Sports

    Here you can talk about sports. It doesn't matter what sport it is or even what level its played at. As long as it involves some sort of athleticism (insert Dodgeball joke here) you can talk about it here. Oh, and if what you are saying also involves mlp well that just makes you 20% cooler.
  • Forum Post: Introduce Yourself!

    Since this has been established as in introduce yourself thread it is now the official Introduce Yourself thread! Here you can Introduce yourself and ask questions about the group or MLP. Just write a few sentences, or if you so prefer, paragraphs, about yourself and how you became a brony and be sure...
  • Forum Post: The Pony Images/Memes/Comic Thread

    In this thread, you can post any cool or funny artwork, comics or memes you find. If you need to know which images are allowed, please read the rules . Edit: DOUBLE RAINBOW DASH Also, this is hilarious.
  • Forum Post: Episodes For The Herd

    so theres a place to put memes, music and funny pictures... but theres no place where actual episodes are posted and commented on? there is now! EDIT: AND NOW THERE IS! head on over to synchtube to get youre favorite episodes and discussion! password: spitfire
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