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The SPOILERS/Discussion Thread

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  • xl9:

    If it does jump the shark, I will still be interested. I have never been part of a fandom during total freakout mode.

    Ugh.  I was a fan of "Heroes" from the very beginning...  Not fun...


    Anyway, Eyes of Avo, it's okay to hate it.  And while I liked A Canterlot Wedding a lot, it was pretty horrible in some ways.  (All of Twilight's friends abandoning her for the sake of some mare they just met?  And the lesson on friendship was "trust your suspicious instincts?"  The episode had its problems.)


    But... I wouldn't pack your bags.  I think there will still be a lot to love about the show come Season Four, even if you never do warm up to Alicorn Twilight.  As for me, as long as they don't change her personality, and she's an obsessive compulsive nerd princess, I'll be happy.

  • Personally, I thought the Wedding was one of the better episodes of Season 2.

  • Kolwynia:
    Ugh.  I was a fan of "Heroes" from the very beginning...  Not fun...


    that particular instance of jumping the shark was so damn hardcore it made me quit television entirely. 


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • Wedding is still my second favorite episode(s) in the series.

  • I for one accept our new princess pony overlord.

  • I was kind of disappointed in this week's episode to be honest.  It just felt like filler, which we shouldn't have with only 13 episodes in the season...



  • This episode was decent, but it could've been much better.  The ending was a nice touch though.


    The champions come together and a new battle ensues!

  • Boingy Boingy

  • Well, I thought there were some funny usages of some old tropes. And we saw Rainbow's dad. (I shall call him, Rainbow Dad) 

    I didn't think it was too bad. 


  • This episode was pretty good. I liked it, but then again I like all of the MLP episodes, lol.

    Also, this episode had Cadance in it. That's always awesome. Cadance is best princess.

  • This episode was alright, I liked how it played off of the last episode. However just like the Discord episode I felt like the end just came out of nowhere. C+

  • So just a few more days to go.  I ran across this comment on EQD and this person is far more eloquent than I and sums up my feelings exactly on the matter.


    "Well, here are my personal opinions. I do apologize, I apparently for some reason have to split it into two comments :p.

    The show got away with the characters having no fame for a while. Many, many people have pointed out how that wouldn't make much since considering what they've done. But hey, they need to live ordinary lives in order to continue the slice of life. When twilight becomes an alicorn she becomes a princess. She gains actual political power. You can't just ignore her any longer without it being contrived to the point of breaking willing suspension of disbelief.

    This also presents a problem in the balance of the team. The great thing about them is that they are all friends and equals. Well now Twilight is a princess, she is now effectively 'better' then the others. She is able to fly while also still being able to use magic. Yes, yes the whole 'well rarity had wings!' is true but the difference is that it was something that was only temporary, the wings were very fragile, and it wore twilight out real quick. Not to mention the aesthetically pleasing two by two by two even balance of the races is also offset as well.

    Next up, I may be alone in this one I will admit. I didn't see it coming, at all. I have heard people say it was foreshadowed since season 1, but I don't see it. The only overt reference I could find was in season 3, but all that was implied is that she would have a great destiny. Well what does that imply? Some ASSUMED it meant she would be an alicorn. But her great destiny may have been defeating discord, or saving canterlot, or helping luna with nightmare moon, or perhaps some other greater evil that would show itself. Any one of those could have meant having a 'great destiny'. If you had asked me before the whole alicorn fiasco that it meant she was to be an alicorn I would have told you to tone down the fan fic reading.

    Lets not ignore the fact that since she is now a princess. Princesses generally work for the good of the country. I don't think she would exactly be allowed to live in what is essentially in universe supposed to be Everytown, USA. This upsets people because of the possibility of her being put on the proverbial bus and leaving the show. There is also the extremely unlikely but still worrisome possibility that her personality could undergo a major shift to better fit the 'princess personality' essentially getting rid of WHY people love twilight in the first case.

    This also signifies a significant change in direction. Some people like to point to derpygate and say 'look this is just like the fandom to overreact!'. Derpy wasn't, by and large, important to the dynamic to the show. To most of us it is upsetting that she got removed mostly for what that means for the portrayal of those who are different rather then because our favorite background character. However her removal doesn't overtly affect the show. She isn't a main character, she isn't important to the plot. Hell you could take out all the background ponies and replace them with other characters and the show wouldn't really be affected, that's just the truth. Twilight's change however IS something that affects the show. It DOES change it in a very drastic and dramatic way. Twilight is the 'main protagonist' in that the more story based episodes revolved around her, she was the one whose eyes we saw through in the original two episodes, and she got the most exposure for the first season. She is very important, and to change her character design like that is showing the show is veering from the formula. We must remember that some change is good, but not all change is for the best. I believe the phrase is 'if it aint broke why fix it?'

    Also I've seen naruto adopt things that came like the author ripped the ideas straight from fanfics. It's part of the reason I dropped the manga/anime. I occasionally read up on the current events of what happens because it was the first fandom I ever got in, and I can't help but facepalm whenever I read what's going on. Kyuubi as a good guy teaming up with naruto, dark naruto, itachi as a good guy. Trust me, a fan fiction idea an be awesome to explore in fanfiction. But when taken into actual canon some just can't help feel a sense of disconnection, I guess is the word.

    If I may have one more point? I would also like to bring up a point many others try to use to put down those who aren't supportive of twilight alicorn. The team so far has handled the show admirably. There are some episodes that are crap but for the most part they haven't messed up to badly. However they are only human, even the best of the best can still make mistakes. The fact that many people who complain about the alicorn twilight issue but still stick around does show they still have trust in the writers otherwise they would have left as soon as it was announced. But the fact still stands the concept to me just doesn't sound like it will be good. Now a good writer an make anything good, sure, but as I said anyone can mess up.

    This is of course just a few of the issues I personally have with the idea of a twilight alicorn. I'm sure others have their own views and concerns. I also want to be clear. I hope I'm wrong. I hope that for all my worries, all my concerns that the episode will work brilliantly. I hope that you and those who support the alicorn twilight can look at what I wrote and laugh at me saying how much of an idiot I was for even thinking it would be bad. I want to look back on my comments and shake my head at my own idiocy at thinking the concept could be stupid. Hell, I'm sure there are those who felt like that with canterlot royal wedding. The fact still stands though, it has a huge possibility to be something that can ruin the show for many."

    So if you guys want to know why I feel like I do.  Feel free to read that well thought out wall o' text.

  • when I heard the season 2 finale was about a wedding, I remember thinking: wow, how stupid. Then I watched it, and ranked it as the best in the series.

    In the end, we won't know until the episode airs. I think they'll do alright.


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • Irony speaks the truth.



  • I agree with Irony. Also the latest episode was pretty good. I give it a 3 out of 5. Also have you guys heard the rumor of the humanized pony series apparently coming to the HUB? Now this is still under a rumor category but equestria daily found some minor evidence to make you think it could happen. Here is the link. Tell me what you guys think about this.


    Also here is a funny pic I found on deviant art. It is a bit spoilery.






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