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  • Croatia pulled off a surprise tie against Italy, retaining their place at the top of their group. After today's match, the only thing that is guaranteed about group C is that Ireland will not advance to the knockout stage.

    Tomorrow, group D leaders and cohosts Ukraine play France, who has the longest active undefeated streak out of all international teams. England plays Sweden, a match that favors England but will most likely be a highly entertaining match considering that two of the world's best strikers will be playing, Rooney for England and Ibrahimovic for Sweden.

    @Superking yes, Schweinsteiger missed his penalty kick in the shootout, but Robben missed a penalty kick in overtime which would have secured a Bayern win, then there was his 0% accuracy in corner kicks in that game and other missed opportunities in that game and the two games against Real Madrid where he botched several opportunities, I don't know if he just reacts poorly to high pressure situations, or if he feels uncomfortable playing for Bayern Munchen considering that it's a team made up almost entirely of his national team's biggest rivals, but the way he's been playing for Bayern does not match his potential, just like Torres has not been living up to his potential with Chelsea. I know that Robben is one of the best midfielders alive today, maybe even one of the best that ever lived, but he hasn't been playing like that for Bayern, and that's bad for him because it makes him look bad and that's bad for Bayern because a player like him doesn't come cheap and those resources could be used on Bayern's weak defensive line, Neuer and Lahm are great, but Badstuber and Boateng are unreliable.

  • France beat cohosts Ukraine 2-0 to extend their status as the international team with the longest undefeated streak and England beat Sweden 3-2 in what could easily be the best game of the tournament, there were three lead changes, an own goal and a volley back heel goal. I made a mistake in my previous post when I said that Rooney and Ibrahimovic were not on the field at the same time because Rooney was finishing his suspension today, but he'll be back for the final group stage game. France is at the top of group D with 4 points and a +2 goal differential, England is in second with 4 points and a +1 goal differential, Ukraine is in third with 3 points and either a -1 or 0 point goal differential, Sweden was officially eliminated today by having 0 points and a -2 or -3 point goal differential.

    After the completion of the second round, the only thing that is known for sure is that Ireland and Sweden will not advance. Literally everything else is up in the air right now, but group A goes into their final round tomorrow so as of tomorrow we will know for sure of two advancing teams and four eliminated teams, Ireland, Sweden and whichever two teams do not make it out of group A.

  • Greece beat Russia 1-0 and the Czech Republic beat Poland 1-0, this was the only possible situation which would lead to Russia not advancing, if either Greece or the Czech Republic had lost or tied, Russia would have still advanced, which everyone expected because Russia played the first game of this tournament and beat the Czechs 4-1. To be honest, I have no idea why Greece advanced instead of Russia because they had the same number of points, but Russia had a better goal differential. So at this point, Ireland, Sweden, Russia and Poland have been eliminated. The Czech Republic won group A and will play the runner up of the group of death, Greece will play the winner of the group of death. The group of death is still completely up in the air and will be decided tomorrow.

  • Germany beat Denmark 2-1 to conquer the group of death and become the only team in the tournament to have won all three group stage games. Portugal beat the Netherlands 2-1 to advance in second place and denying the Netherlands even a single point in this tournament, some are already speculating that their coach might be fired over this performance. Germany will play Greece in the first round of the semi-finals and Portugal will play the Czech Republic. Tomorrow group leaders Spain plays the second place team in their group Croatia, and Italy plays Ireland, who have already been eliminated, the most likely result will be Spain and Italy advancing, but Croatia could sneak into the quarterfinals.

  • The Heat have taken a 2-1 series lead. They beat the Thunder 91 to 85.

  • Spain won their group and advanced to the quarterfinal by defeating Croatia 1-0, despite the fact that their one goal was scored by a player that was at least 5 yards offside, but Spain would have still won their group with a draw. Ireland lost to Italy 2-0 allowing Italy to advance in place of Croatia. Tomorrow the final matches of group stage play occur between England and Ukraine and France and Sweden. Sweden has already lost their first two matches, the only other teams to lose their first two matches in this tournament, the Netherlands and Ireland, also lost their third game and Sweden has allowed the most goals in their group so France will likely win their game, but who wins the group will probably be determined by the result of England vs Ukraine, if they draw, England advances, most likely in second place, if England wins, they advance and the winner will be determined by goal differential, if Ukraine wins, they advance, but in second place regardless of goal differential.

  • Sweden pulled a surprise 2-0 upset against France, which snapped France's undefeated streak, which was the longest active undefeated streak among international teams. England defeated Ukraine 1-0 although Ukraine scored a clear goal which was not called a goal because British defender and well known racist John Terry kicked the ball out of the goal before the ref could see it and call it a goal, although their was an earlier pass in the play which should have been called offside so technically, the Ukrainian team never should have had a chance to shoot the ball. Today's results ensured that England and France would still advance, but because France lost, England won the group and will now play Italy while France plays Spain. England would have still advanced with a tie and even won their group in light of France losing, so there isn't really much for Ukrainian fans to complain about with regard to the disallowed goal.

  • Portugal barely defeated the Czech Republic 1-0 to advance to the semi-finals where they will play the winner between the France vs Spain quarterfinal.

  • Germany beat Greece 4-2. Lahm scored a goal from distance, Khedira, Reus and Klose scored off of volleys. Greece's Samaras scored from what was literally a perfect counter attack, Greece scored a second goal from a penalty kick which was given due to an inadvertent hand ball by Boateng. Some people don't count penalties as goals because they think that they're just a free goal, but Lionel Messi has proven on many occasions that that is not true. Germany plays the winner of the England vs Italy quarterfinal.

  • Spain walked into an easy 2-0 victory over France, the question that remains however, is did Spain win because they have found their groove again, or because France was demoralized after losing their first place spot in their group and their undefeated streak (which was the longest among active international teams) by losing to Sweden 2-0 even though Sweden lost their first two games? If Spain has found their groove again, they'll probably just walk over Portugal, but if they won because of the French team's mental state, they could find themselves knocked out at the semi-final stage. England plays Italy tomorrow to determine who plays Germany, Germany who is on a fifteen game win streak in competitive matches, not an undefeated streak which would include ties, a fifteen game win streak. I'm going to go ahead and predict a Germany vs Spain final, but the semi-finals will need to be analyzed before an overall victor can be predicted.

  • England got knocked out of the tournament in a penalty shootout against Italy, Italy dominated the game so it's only fair that they advanced but I was hoping England would advance because they're the weaker team and the winner of today's game plays Germany in the semi-finals, but Italy shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

  • Spain barely managed to beat Portugal in penalty kicks to advance to the semi-finals. The only other European national team to get to three consecutive major tournament finals was West Germany, they won one Euro, then a World Cup, then lost a Euro in penalty kicks, this means that Spain could be the first European team to win three consecutive major tournaments. Considering that Brazil won three consecutive World Cups when they had Pele, they probably also won the South American championship tournaments, so they might have as many as 7 consecutive major tournament wins, I don't follow South American soccer too closely so I'm not sure about the exact number. Germany plays Italy tomorrow to determine who plays Spain in the final. If Gomez scores he will be the goal leader of the tournament, 1 goal ahead of Ronaldo, whose team was eliminated today, and two goals ahead of Torres, who might not even play in the final.

  • Italy is in the finals, Thanks to Mario Balotelli. Now, go beat Spain for me!

  • Germany dropped the ball and Italy capitalized on that, Italy might not have been impressive in this tournament so far, but they won a semi-final fair and square against a team that set a new world record for most consecutive tournament wins, so they deserve their place in the final. I doubt they'll defeat Spain, but Spain hasn't been playing very dominantly, excluding their game against Ireland, but dominating Ireland isn't really an accomplishment, and Italy has really stepped up their game, so maybe Italy can prevent Spain from becoming the first European country to win three consecutive major tournaments.

    In other Euro news, the Netherlands coach has reportedly quit due to his team's 0-3 record in this tournament, but he has not officially confirmed this.

  • I hope Italy pulls it off. I'm gonna be in Italy when it happens too! Im so excited!

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