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    Well, the Heat destroyed the Celtics. Heat win 98 - 79. Celtics better win game 7.  





  • Tomorrow, all four teams of the Group of Death play in the group stage of the Euro. Germany plays Portugal, and the Netherlands play Denmark. Some of you might be wondering why it's called the group of death, well that's because all four teams in the group are ranked in the top 10 national teams in the world. Germany was bumped to third place in the world by Uruguay, but that's because Uruguay won the South American Cup. If Spain wins this tournament for the second time in a row, they'll stay ranked as number 1, but if any top 10 team wins the Euro, they'll probably be able to pass Spain. Denmark and Portugal are in 9th and 10th respectively, so for them to become the number 1 team in the world, they would have to win and Spain would probably have to finish below third place.

  • YEEEEEEAAAAHHHH! Denmark beat the Netherlands! I don't care much for Denmark, but I hate the Dutch national team, even more now that Robben cost Bayern Munchen the UEFA Cup.

  • Gomez scored the winning goal against Portugal, so now it's Germany and denmark on top of the Group of Death. Russia is on top of group A after destroying the Czech Republic, with Poland and Greece tied for second. France and England play on Monday and to be honest, they're probably the teams that will advance from that group.

  • After today's round of play in the Euro, Croatia forced their way to the top of their group by beating the Republic of Ireland 3-1 following Spain's 1-1 draw with Italy. If Croatia beats either Italy or Spain, they would advance to the knockout round, as long as Ireland doesn't beat both Italy and Spain, but let's be honest, that's no going to happen.

    In boxing news, Manny Pacquiao lost a highly controversial split decision to Timothy Bradley, costing the Pacman his welterweight title, although I'm pretty sure he has titles in other weight divisions. The reason this win is controversial is becasue Pacquiao didn't just land more than double the punches as Bradley, he landed more than double the percentage of punches as Bradley. I didn't see the fight, but according to boxing rules, if Bradley's punches appeared to have a much greater effect than Pacquiao's, then those punches would have been scored higher, so it is possible that he legitimately won, but I'm saying that as someone that did not see the fight.

  • OKC has taken game one of the NBA Finals! They beat the Heat 105 - 94.

  • Russia tied with Poland yesterday in Poland on the 20th anniversary of Poland declaring their independence from the Soviet Union, 5,000 Russians marched as a demonstration and started numerous fights, the Russian National team was fined $150,000 and will start off the next European Championship qualifier with -6 points as punishment, but they are still leading their group. The Czech Republic beat Greece, leaving Greece at the bottom of group A and putting the Czech Republic in second place, which is enough to qualify for the knockout round.

    In Group B, better known as the Group of Death, Portugal beat Denmark in an epic    3-2 battle and Germany rode into an easy 2-1 victory against the Netherlands. Germany is at the top of the group with 6 points and a +2 goal differential and Portugal and Denmark are tied for second place with 3 points and a 0 point goal differential for each team. The Netherlands are on the bottom of the group with 0 points and a -2 goal differential. If the Netherlands beat Portugal, Germany's advance to the knockout stage is guaranteed, if Germany loses to Denmark (extremely unlikely) and Portugal beats the Netherlands (also extremely unlikely) then there will be a three way tie for first, with the winners being determined by the two teams with the best goal differential, leaving Germany in an extremely strong position as they are the only team with a positive goal differential.

    Tomorrow, Group C leaders come off of a devastating 3-1 victory over the Republic of Ireland (not Northern Ireland, they didn't qualify) to face an Italian national team that had several starters banned due to corruption issues. Italy still holds an advantage, but Croatia has momentum. Spain comes off of a 1-1 tie with Italy to play the Republic of Ireland. Presumably, Spain and Italy will win these games and their last games Spain vs Croatia and Italy vs Ireland, so Spain and Italy will most likely tie in points, with the winner and runner up being decided by goal differential.

    In case you didn't know, the difference between winning a group and being runner up is that the winner of one group plays the runner up of another group in the knockout stage. So the winner of group A plays the runner up of group B and so on and so on, so most teams will try to win the group instead of just trying to advance.

    Also, the United States tied with Guatemala in World Cup qualifying, which leaves us in a good position to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

  • So proud of Germany, Gomez is a god. :) Although it was hard to root against Robben.



  • Robben?! The guy that missed his penalty kick against Chelsea that could have won Bayern Munchen the UEFA Cup? The Robben that put over a dozen corner kicks directly onto Chelsea players in that same game? I hope the Netherlands don't get a single point in this tournament, even if that could be problematic for Germany if they lose to Denmark, but we all know that won't happen.

  • Knapptime:
    I hope the Netherlands don't get a single point in this tournament

    I'm Dutch...

  • Matt Cain of the SF Giants just threw a perfect game. Even as an A's fan, I have to give him a big hand and a tip of the hat. There's nothing quite like a perfect game.

  • @SuperKingC77 Well I'm also Irish and we all know (it's really not even a matter of debate unless a miracle happens) they're not getting a single point in this tournament, they were destroyed by Croatia and still have to face Spain and Italy.

  • Knapptime:

    Robben?! The guy that missed his penalty kick against Chelsea that could have won Bayern Munchen the UEFA Cup? 

    Schweinsteiger missed too... Doesn't mean I'm going to like either of them less. Both of them are still amazing players.




  • Torres scored 2 goals for Spain! Now I'm not a huge Torres fan or anything but I'm happy for him, he can never seem to catch a break and is ridiculed endlessly on the internet (most of the time I find it hilarious) but it's still nice to see him prove people wrong. Anyway Spain beat Ireland 4-0 which I don't find all that surprising, but it was still a fun match to watch.



  • Well, I guess a sweep is now out of the question. Heat win game 2 100 - 96

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