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Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Then come on in, my friend!

Introduce Yourself!

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  • Since this has been established as in introduce yourself thread it is now the official Introduce Yourself thread! Here you can Introduce yourself and ask questions about the group or MLP. Just write a few sentences, or if you so prefer, paragraphs, about yourself and how you became a brony and be sure to include any questions you have. Say hello to a few of the other new people who have posted and make friends! That's what we're here for right?!



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    Don't question it, darn it. Just go with it. ~ Mray

    Oh hai guise, what's going on? :D


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  • What ever you do, new bronies, never, ever ask God of Irony about cupcakes. EVER. This is your only warning.


  • Hello, My name is iDreamRunner (iDR for short I guess? People have been calling me that lately). I became a brony when ponies exploded on this site. I became interested and watched the first two episodes, which, if you hadn't noticed by now, are my favorite episodes. I eventually got my sisters to watch it, and now everytime I come home they want to watch the videos more than spending time with me :( /sarcasm. This eventually spend to my little boy cousin who told me up and down that ponies were dumb. After my sisters showed him an episode, he begged me for more.

    I have told hardly anyone of my bronydom and will probably refer to it indirectly when speaking with someone (Action figures instead of pony toys, etc). 

    I love this site and community, I've probably spent more time on here than I should have, and I'm constantly working to make this the ABSOLUTE best group on GIO (the tags were a start).

    As such, I kindly invite you to post your pictures and videos into the files section of the group for quick searches and storage (it even lets us download them =D).

    I'm currently working on a fanfic about Luna's and Celestia's origins up through the end of the pilot...(if school would slow down for a sec). It's coming slowly but surely.

    I battle weekly with SuperKing over whose images can best each other in cuteness vs. creepy (CUTENESS RULES!!!)

    Btw, Cheerilee = best background pony. period. end of discussion. See image thread as to why.


  • I'm pretty sure anypony coming here probably already knows all this. Just sayin'.


    On the positive side, Lyra (the green one)


    And Octavia

    Are the best background ponies. Lyra because she act;s like a human and can shift between a unicorn and earth pony and Octavia because she's a *** musician.



  • Hey thanks for taking my advice and making this thread. Anyways, as the newest brony,  my story goes like this: I was away from GIO for a few weeks during the summer and when I came back I noticed all these MLP avatars being used which I guessed were only for comedic/sarcastic purposes. After a while I read the word brony somewhere and after a google search everything changed. I found an article which piqued my interest even more (here, read it if you want, it's very interesting)


    I finally caved in and watched the first two pilot episodes of Friendship is Magic, and I was greatly impressed by the quality of the animation (i'm a bit of an animation junkie) and by how good the show actually was (this from just the first 2 episodes). I mean, this supposed little girl's show was actually making me laugh, not sarcastically or cynically, but because it was genuinely funny and interesting. It reminded me of  90s cartoons,  and as I recently found out, it was actually created by someone who had a hand in a lot of those shows from the 90s. I'm sorry for making such a long post, but I just want to add that I hope new animated shows are made like this one, bearing in made the potential to appeal not just to a target audience, but to all ages.

    Nice to meet you everypony!

  • Names God Of Irony (or Irony, or GOI (pronounced "Guy")

    i watched mlp fim about a week after mray posted his confession blog, i watched only the first two and loved it, which i'm told is rare, because apparently the first two aren't so good. so then, I joined the group... i think i was member 7?

    Now, along with SuperKing, I'm the resident artist. you want some pony art? sure thing.

    Only my sister knows my secret. shame she can't watch any of the episodes to convert herself... stupid youtube...


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  • crimsonbrony:

    On the positive side, Lyra (the green one) 

    And Octavia 

    Are the best background ponies. Lyra because she act;s like a human and can shift between a unicorn and earth pony and Octavia because she's a *** musician.

    Again...Cheerilee is the best background pony. I point you here. You cannot beat this, and your attempt was feeble. FEEBLE I SAY!

  • Howdy, I guess. I am Steve XLII, the resident idiot.

    I'm a bit of a recent convert (a month ago), and I only recently turned to endlessly pestering the fanbase. I haven't told anyone except you guys and my brother-figure. (My brother-figure currently thinks I'll get into Care Bears, too. That jerk.) But, yeah. I'm still relatively fresh-out-of-the-package, and I guess this is my formal introduction to the community.

    I haven't been here long, but I've hung out enough to see that these guys are pretty accepting, and relatively okay (ALL OF THEM, no matter how scary they may be). But, yeah. Like I said, I am currently trying out for the role of "Village Idoit," and it seems like smooth sailing on my way in. I am extremely lazy.

    I believe Pink pony is best pony from Mane 6, but I'll say I enjoy Sheriff Silverstar as far as background ponies go... That glorious mustache...

    I reference the show in real life daily. And I have to live with the fact that no-one catches these references. It depresses me. And YES, I AM too lazy to type "iDreamRunner." And on that note... HELLO, WORLD!

    Edited for political correctness.

  • Steve42:
    I haven't been here long, but I've hung out enough to see that these guys are pretty accepting, and relatively okay (most of them... GoI... Poor dude).


    You're gonna have to run that by me again... poor dude? what?


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • Steve42:

    And YES, we ARE too lazy to type "iDreamRunner." And on that note... HELLO, WORLD!

    Is it really that bad?

  • God Of Irony: You like Cupcakes... I feel sorry for you. We still love you, but... Yeah. You scare me sometimes.

    iDreamRunner: Nah, it's not your fault. I'm lazy, those text boxes were tiny, and I pulled a muscle mowing the lawn. I can still type it out, if it makes you feel better.

  • Nah I've never been given a nickname before. I feel special

  • Indiana Joel and the Kingdom of the Elements of Harmony


    I was always aware of My Little Pony thanks to the existence of my little sister. Of course, as any college aged male, I payed no attention to it at first. Then along came these videos featured on sites like Halolz and Edgar Wright's own blog. And with that, the rabbit hole became too enticing and I began searching and searching for more funny videos with my friends. And then so I could finally have some context for some of these videos I temporarily suspended my catch up of Doctor Who and Soul Eater, put the bit in my mouth and watched the pilot episodes and was immediately hooked by the cold open, if this was going on in just the first episode, who knows what would be waiting for me later on in the series? Fortune and glory, bronies. Fortune and glory.

    My brother and sister joined me on the quest as we watched, laughed and grew to love those little ponies, picking our favorites and such. I tell my friends, they get hooked and I get more people to talk to. I decide to finally become more active on GIO and Mray directs me here and the rest, as they say, is history.

    To the new bronies, Welcome! And don't forget to follow your favorite fillies on Twitter!


  • Howdy new bronies!

    I'm SuperKing. I probably have the weirdest bronification story out of the group, but thats too long to get into here. I probably spend way too much time on these forums, and as a result I'm one of the groups most active members. I do fanart alongside GoI and some of the others in the group (if you ever want someone to draw you something pony-related, my commissions are always free. you can check out my previous artwork at my deviantArt page (SuperKingC77)). I began the Image Wars with iDR, and lead the Weird n' Creepy team. I'm pretty sure I'm also the one who first started calling iDreamRunner iDR (this is easier and I'm lazy, deal with it!) and God of Irony GoI (see previous comment about laziness). Either I or GoI usually end up derailing any comments that might be posted on the homepage. I was part of the first Brony Round Up (our weekly online gaming get together) with cman and Frank. And I'm always up for playing some games on the PS3 with my bronies, so if your ever bored send me a message here or on PSN (SuperKingC77).

    My advice to new bronies is this:

    1) Everyone on here is friendly. this is by far the most active and awesome group on GIO, so start posting and have fun.

    2) Try to play with us on Brony Round Up. They're  always a blast, but oftentimes we don't have as many people as we'd like, so the more the merrier.

    3) Never, ever listen to God Of Irony. About anything. Especially cupcakes. Especially anything. never.

    well, thats my spiel, now stop reading this and go find something to post.

  • SuperKingC77:

    3) Never, ever listen to God Of Irony. About anything. Especially cupcakes. Especially anything. never.



    What link Fluttershy?


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



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