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MLP Confessions

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  • I found a tumblr about MLP Confessions here:


    I think it would be fun if we started a "confessions" thread here in this group.

    I will start:

    Confession 1) I hated Applejack until they revamped her in this show.

    Confession 2) I was sick and tired of animated show musical segments until watching MLP:FIM

    Confession 3) Now I want to fly like Rainbow Dash EVEN MORE.

    So what are your confessions about MLP?

  • Hey, Oni's back! Anyway,

    1) I used to wish the show stayed as an adventure series like the first two pilots.

    2) I used to hate fan fics of all kinds. Now I want to write my own based this show for some reason.

    3) I still haven't told my new roomates about this obsession, then again they didn't mind the pink bike I had to buy to get to school...

    4) My sisters brainwashed my little cousin into watching FiM after I showed it to my sisters. I don't know what his mother thinks of me now...

  • Confessions? Confessions:

    1) MLP has been a helpful Religious experience for me (not even kidding.)

    2) 25 percent of the time, I can't stand Rainbow Dash (I WANT to love her, but can't.)

    3) MLP was the first time I had ever enjoyed a fanbase (you guys are actually a lot of fun.)

    And probably a few more that aren't revealing themselves yet. Yup.

  • 1. MLP:FiM has totally inspired me in a way no other show has. I feel like a better, nicer person because of it.

    2. While I have told my Mom and cousins of my obsession,  I have yet to tell my Dad or Aunts/Uncles. Don't know why as I am not ashamed to even tell my coworkers at work.

    3. Of all the ponies I dislike Applejack the most.

    4. Rainbow Dash has only strengthened my resolve to fly. Now to lose my fear of heights.

    5. This fanbase is the best fanbase I have ever seen.



  • 1. Nobodie knows my secret (and they never will)

    2. applejack is the best. away with all the haters.

    3. I have a profound love for twisting the purity of the show... except for rule 34, that stuff freaks even me out.


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • The only one I can think of is that Pinkamina might be my favorite character, followed by Scootaloo.


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  • 1. it seriously pisses me off that people assume Lyra and Bon-Bon are dating or something just because they're in the background together. No one seems to think they're just friends which is sad

    2. I have all but episode 20 on my Itouch

  • I frequently hum Art of the Dress when I am around other people.

  • 1) I have an actual toy Rainbow Dash on my dashboard. When friends ask me about it, I tell them she helps make my car go faster.

    2) Before I knew about YouTuber TrotPilgrim, I had already made the mane 6 as avatars in Rock Band 3.

    3) I tend to blast the theme and Equestria Girls while driving on the freeway.

  • 1) Like others, no one (besides a few friends who don't care) knows my secret.

    2) I thought the first time I watched the show it would be a waste of time.

    3) I want a "Brony" shirt badly but I'm scared of the shame it may bring... :(

    Indiana Joel:

    1) I have an actual toy Rainbow Dash on my dashboard. When friends ask me about it, I tell them she helps make my car go faster.

    That's genius!

  • 1.  I can't stand Rainbow Dash 50% of the time.

    2.  One of the best fanbases I have ever seen (except for Irony)

    3.  Pinkie Pie is my favorite.

  • I thought of a few more, now that I think about it:

    A) I ordered a Brony shirt with my own money.

    2) My whole family knows and no one gives me grief over it, and neither do my friends in the know.

    D) Pinkie Pie is my favorite and my sister bought me a Pinkie that sits on my media shelf in my apartment.

    (BTW A, 2 and D is a Home Alone reference)

  • 1) I really want Rainbow Dash 20% Cooler and Doctor Whooves shirts for my upcoming birthday.

    2) I'm kind of jealous of my sister's McDonalds Rainbow Dash figure (which she sometimes "Let's me have" only to take it away.)

    3) Rarity is actually my favorite pony.

    4) I'm more excited for Season 2 than any video game coming out this year.

    5) I want a Doctor Whooves episode of FiM really, really badly.

    6) I turned half of GIO into bronies and I'm proud of it.

    7) Confession #3 was a lie.

    ^She's reacting to my posts! 

    And hey, if you want to hear me do a bunch of silly voices, follow my voice acting blog on Tumblr! I take requests! 


  • Cman...

    I've now catalogued the date of your demise, I'm sending it to the Reaper for review.



    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • 1) i joined this group literally 2-3 days after first seeing the show. im a very recent brony, its only been a little over a month since bronification.

    2) that being said, i have no pony merchandise of any kind, whatsoever, but rather its because i havent been anywhere that sells merchandise since my bronification, or that i dont want to be seen buying pony stuff is yet to be seen.

    3) also, i havent explicitly told many people of my bronydom, including any of my family or most of  my friends, but im not specifically hiding it from them either, they might find out, but im not going out of my way to make sure they know.

    4) im a backwards brony, getting into the show before i even knew about the fanbase

    5) i dont really like the creepy images, i just like the image wars.

    6) this is the only fandom ive ever been seriously involved in (joining forums, producing art, following extensively, etc.), and the only forum i have ever really bothered with.

    7) i think this show has actually made me a better person. i know im not as violent and dont curse like a sailor anymore at least.

    8) i find scootaloo completely adorable, and for some random reason spitfire is my favorite background pony. maybe i just like the color orange or something, idk...

    9) revising a previous statement, i would purposely keep my bronydom from my younger brother, who is your typical douchey-jock-***, and i know he would give me grief for it. luckily im much bigger and stronger than him.

    10) i think i have too many confessions...

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