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  • xl9:

    I have a request for your next song

    Bad Day by PBG

    That will have to be the very last song I do, for I will never be able to top it. 


    ^She's reacting to my posts! 


    Check out some of my songs! https://www.youtube.com/user/MichaelCoversPony/videos

  • 9 dollars for a hot dog?


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  • Hey, everyone! It's been quite a while. Hope everyone is doing well.

    So...I've drawn a bit in the past few months and felt like posting two decent drawings. Made this for my mom's birthday, which turned out okay in the end (yes, the light on the hills makes no sense).

    And I drew my OC again, which turned out really well this time (need to start using utensils other than colored pencils! lol).

    And while I have your attention, I was wondering if you guys could recommend something to me. I'm seriously considering a purchase in the future of a good art program to practice using in my spare time. What would be best? I thought of a couple of versions of Photoshop (which I think would cost me around $350 average as a current student), but can't think of any other art programs since I know nothing about this hobby. What do you think? Thanks in advance. :)

  • Honestly, I just use Photoshop.  It's by far the best program for 2d, pixel-based (ie, raster) art.  If you're thinking of doing more vector graphics, and don't care so much for raster art, then Illustrator is probably the superior choice.  I've only used an old version of it at school, but it's much more intuitive than photoshop for creating vectors (although I understand that it's possible in photoshop).

    Another professional-quality program is Corel Painter.  I've never used it myself, but from my understanding it's often the choice software for imitating traditional art, with loads of preset brushes to that end. www.corel.com/.../index.jsp

    If you're looking for something that won't take quite as big a bite out of your wallet, then you've got a whole lot more options.  One program (another I've yet to test myself) is Paint Tool Sai.  I've seen a LOT of artists on deviantart using it lately, and although it's not free, it's probably worth looking into and maybe downloading the trial if you're on a limited budget.

    As far as free programs go, there's also Paint.net and Gimp.  Paint.net I've never used, but Gimp I have.  A lot.  Back before I got Photoshop, it was the sole graphics software I used.  For some reason,  a lot of people want to make it out as an amazing program to rival photosho.  It's not.  Its interface (one of the most important things in a digital art program) is complete nonsense, its brush system is nightmarish, and it doesn't handle memory well.  Of course, a lot of people do like it, but personally I revile it.

    That's pretty much all I know about art programs.  My personal setup is a big wacom tablet and the student edition of Photoshop CS5.5.  I've never needed anything else.  Not only does Photoshop have a fantastic UI, it allows you to do anything you could possibly want to do for raster art, and there are tons of fantastic tutorials for it as well.


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  • Spyro Conspiracy Theorist:
    a lot of people want to make it out as an amazing program to rival photosho.  It's not.  Its interface (one of the most important things in a digital art program) is complete nonsense, its brush system is nightmarish, and it doesn't handle memory well.  Of course, a lot of people do like it, but personally I revile it.


    The artist makes the art, not the program or the tools. This is my personal favorite trump regarding those who talk smack against the gimp: http://twarda8.deviantart.com/gallery/


    She's a gimp exclusive artist.


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  • That's a great example of what GIMP can do.  And I should mention, any of the programs I've mentioned can do it too (except maybe Paint.net).  But 'trump'?  Great artists are incredible, and part of that is in how pretty much anything can be used to make amazing art.  Coffee and blood are fully viable media!

    However, he was asking about graphics programs, not art.  Photoshop is, objectively, better than GIMP.  It can do everything GIMP has been programmed to, and more, and more easily.  That's not to say it will make better art, necessarily, that's to say that you will likely have a better time using it than GIMP.  And of course, some people prefer GIMP.  We've all got our preferences, our differing levels of sadism.  But I think the most objective viewpoint is the most helpful.

    (Also, this is irrelevant to the subject at hand, but for every gimp-exclusive artist I can see you at least ten Photoshop-exclusive artists.  It honestly doesn't matter either way, but if we're going to use artist base to establish the quality of the program itself, Photoshop creams GIMP.)


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  • Perhaps, but if you don't feel a program should cost $300 out of pocket, know that there are very viable alternatives. Also, did you add the gimp paint studio add on? base gimp is trash, I'll concede to that, but gimp with gps is worthy of rival in my opinion.


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  • I drew this using revolutionary state-of-the-art compressed plant fibers along with a Ticonderoga applicator.


    I suppose I need to find a way to scan this instead of taking a photo.Got the lighting a bit off. This is one of the few things I've drawn where I don't feel like burning it, rather happy how it turned out. Still might cause a slight eye irritation for you guys. Used a reference.

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  • I drew this on a tablet I got yesterday.

    I have an Adventure Time obsession all the sudden, and I love LA Noire, so...



  • @GoI: No, I never used GPS.  I looked into it a little bit, and it still seems to lack several things that I use regularly in Photoshop.  But other than those, it looks like a nice upgrade from GIMP.

    (Incidentally, while on this topic, a few days ago Adobe released it's entire CS2 for free.  That includes Photoshop CS2.  I don't know if this old a version of PS holds up to GPS, but it should have all the stuff for drawing, and is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking into solid free graphics programs.)

    @Adrian: Nice!  I like how the snout came out (that's always the hardest part for me).  Btw, when it comes to lighting, I've read that what you want is a good occluded light.  Direct light always makes photos of drawings come out crummy, but if you can get it so a lot of bright, reflected light hits it, it can come out really well.

    @Jack: Cool!  What model tablet did you get?  I'm interested to see what else you'll draw--that's a cool crossover.

    This took me forever, but I'm really not happy with how it came out...  Most of the textures didn't come out well, the foreground isn't shaded right, I forgot a part of the middle one's hair, the lower eyelids look kinda weird, the background isn't detailed enough, and the text is a little too drab for what I intended.  

    On the bright side, I think those are the best wings I've ever drawn.  Do you guys see anything else that I should have added/that I messed up?  Anything else that just sticks out as too messy?


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  • The horizon looks weird. Not really anything else I can see. Course I'm not an artist, so yeah. But I think it looks fin to me. 


  • That looks great Spyro!  I think my only complaint is that the magic effects around the gun is kinda large.  Of course I'm not really an artist.  Besides that the drawing looks great.


    The champions come together and a new battle ensues!

  • Thanks guys!  

    JTA, I see what you mean.  I really do need to get better at these kinds of backgrounds.  What I've been wanting to do is do a bunch of pure landscape paintings.  Of course I've got another commission in line before I can get to that.

    Ha, Icarus, I have to confess, it's that large completely out of my own laziness.  I had drawn the gun big when I drew the magic effect, but the commissioner wanted a smaller design to the gun.  I shrank the gun itself down, but I'd already done all the transparency effects... So I was lazy and didn't fix it properly.  I should really start paying more attention to details like that.

    And don't think of the 'not an artist' thing!  =) It honestly doesn't matter, and I really appreciate you guys' input.


    DeviantArt; PSN: Spyro_Conspiracy; Steam: Spyro Conspiracy Theorist

  • Malak from the story I'm writing... Yes, he's heavily based on my appearance, yes, thats what I look like, and yes, Van Dyke is best facial hair style.


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  • Dude, that hair looks so amazing!!!  All the different colors and details you put in it... great job!



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