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Brony Poetry Thread

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  • Gained some permission from Mray to post a new thread.


    This is where poetry goes! It would be preferable and awesome if you all decided to write your own soliloquy, haiku, poem, limerick, sonnet, or free verse poetry onto this thread, but you can also post some other poem that you found around the Internet that relates to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.



    Have fun with your poems, that's the point of the thread, after-all!

    Stranger:iDreamRunner: Can't wait to see you post that picture again. Yes it's a new thread!




  • Where would I be now

    Without My Little Pony?

    Actually, lonely.



  • WARNING: THIS POEM IS VERY DARK AND DEPRESSING. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. (I got the idea as a mixture of the lyrics of a SNL Digital Short and some fan fiction I read) IT'S STILL DARK AND DEPRESSING YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    We're six best friends; who had lots of cheerĀ 

    But now the plague has come, and it we've come to fear

    For it has destroyed all of Equestria, and we are the only ones left

    But we shall survive, till the last pony breathes their final breath

    We're five best friends, for Pinkie Pie's dead

    Her passing has filled us with plenty of dread

    She was the only one who could keep a cool head

    But she stayed smiling, till the very end

    We're four best friends, for Rarity's dead

    It was not the plague, but an aneurism, inside her head

    She was the last to keep on the sunny

    And she stayed that way, till her eyes went runny

    We're three best friends, for Twilight has passed

    And with her is gone all the knowledge she amassedĀ 

    But now she is gone, and her body is cold

    We have the knowledge that she'll never grow old

    We're two best friends, for Applejack's dead

    Now we have no knowledge on how to be fed

    She's gone, we'll accept that, and move on ahead

    But her passing shall weigh down our hearts like lead

    We're down to one, and that's me, Fluttershy

    I ate Rainbow Dash, for my stomach felt dry

    I'd rather go outside then face what I've done

    I'm sorry my friends, I'll see you above

    And on the moon, Luna cackled and laughed

    For she caused the plague and the aftermath.



    Imagine how is touch the spy.


  • lol Luna be trollin' again.

  • Mother of God....

  • That was awesome!  You're really driving a nail into my Woona fanboy-ness, but I guess I can still forgive her.


    DeviantArt; PSN: Spyro_Conspiracy; Steam: Spyro Conspiracy Theorist

  • A thread for poetry, I do see,

    couplets are lame, thus the Irony.


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • Was that a good mother of God or a bad mother of God?



    Imagine how is touch the spy.


  • CheeseballPwn:

    Was that a good mother of God or a bad mother of God?

    Poetry is about extracting an emotional response from someone. Good or bad, you effected him, and that means you've succeeded. You did the same with me.




  • +1 to you cheese that was a really good poem.

  • I write a fair bit of poetry.... Some serious, some just for fun.  Depends on my mood.  Here's a link to one I did for fun, hope y'all like it.

  • Why won't link post? Hmm...

  • Running on a rooftop,

    glancing left and right.

    Grin, because there isn't,

    an enemy in sight.

    Jump over a chasm,

    and swing on a laundry line.

    I smell the fear of my target,

    who's life will soon be mine.

    I prefer to be silent,

    I'm an assasin, after all.

    So, if you ever need anyone hurt,

    I'm always right on call.

    Not much honor in killing, I know,

    but it feeds me all the same.

    It (trust me) becmomes less about murder,

    and more about love of the game.

    Jump down to a window,

    and then I kick the glass in.

    Watch out mother f*ckers,

    because I am an assassin.

    Not my best, but I enjoyed writing it.

  • But a few nights ago, I tried to fall sleep to no avail.

    Since the journey to dreamland moved so slow, I snatched my phone in order to check email.

    And what should I exclaim as I perused the inbox from my bed?

    A thread for poetry? It surely must be a trick.

    I rushed to my computer, in order to post Patrick.

    Since the blog thread made this one feel redundant to myself,

    I placed in my comment, a meme that stated...

    Sadly, I soon noticed such effort would flounder,

    As the thread was granted pardon by our great founder.

    And thus from my memes, this place was no longer in danger,

    Until I saw Adrian had mentioned Stranger.

    For so long, that person had stolen my thunder,

    And his newfound infamy I had longed to plunder.

    For hours, I devised a poem to create an excuse,

    So that my memes in this thread, I could now introduce.

    So HA, Stranger!  You'll have to be quicker,

    With planning your next scheme and slamming that mouse clicker.

    And so I now bid you all adieu, for I have something else to write,

    but you've been a wonderful audience, and have a great night!

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