Well, it took forever, but I finally managed to put together a Minecraft(PC) server for us to play multiplayer on. I will give out the IP address in private message, so message me for it.

We will be using skype to voice chat during gaming sessions, so download/install skype on your device of choice, add me to your contacts (SuperKingC77), and I'll you to the Voice chat group. Even if you don't have a mic, join this chat as you can listen to the voice chat and respond in text.

Some general rules:

  • DO NOT invite people to the server without an operator's permission.
  • DO NOT hand out the IP address to anyone, group or not. (This is my personal IP address and really don't want strangers to have access to my system.)
  • DO NOT use the server IP for any other purposes. As stated above, this is my personal IP address, so if anything we're to occur that I was lead to believe was caused by someone using the server IP for any purpose other than Minecraft, the server will be permanently closed and the IP shall be changed.
  • No hacks/mods/etc. that aren't approved by an operator.
  • No changing the game settings without operator approval.
  • No trolling (AKA don't go around bothering or killing another player when they blatantly tell you to stop doing so.)
  • Do not go modifying or destroying other player's builds or projects without that player's permission.
  • Use common sense. There are plenty of things you know you should or should not do that I should not have to tell you about.

You will be kicked or banned from the server if violations become a problem at the discretion of the operators. Currently I am the only operator, but if the server is popular enough I might appoint others to be administrators as well.

The server will generally be up in the afternoons, no defined schedule is yet set, but if one is made I will post the information here.

This thread can be used for posting your minecraft user name, discussion about Minecraft, screenshots of builds, chatting about events that occurred within play, etc. 360 and portable users should feel free to use the thread as well. Now let's get out there and build!