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The skype/twitter/etc highlights ^_^

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  • Since Synchtube/Skype/Twitter/Steam/Facebook is where we do must of our conversing, a lot of interesting things come up. And due to the fact that not everyone in the group actively participates in these, people will miss out on some interesting and funny conversations. Also, I am pretty sure not everyone is up for our crazy antics, so this thread is where we can post them!



  • Despite what some of you might think is coming next, guess what? IT'S NOT! I APPROVE FOR ONCE IN MY SO-CALLED OVERLY OCD LIFE!!! 

    That said, I'm a little sad Patrick doesn't get some love here, but he is not needed. This also means I can shut off Skype at night and not miss on the hilarious antics. 

    Anyway, post away people!

  • My idea! Hahaha, my idea is win! Win is my idea!....but just so we aren't getting double posts of conversations, make sure to tell everyone in convo that you are going to post it(their permission is not needed, that's what private convos are for).

  • PRjumpman124: Y u speak in strange language SK?

    SuperKingC77: porque tu madre es una punta

    DeadManWalking: isn't it p-u-t-a?

    PRjumpman124: Punta means point lol

    DeadManWalking: XD

    SuperKingC77: exactly youre mother is a point

    libertydude: Punta=point. Now I get that joke....

    SuperKingC77: and your father was a hamster

    i fart in your general direction

    libertydude: Go boil your bottom

    PRjumpman124: I whip my hair back and forth



  • [12:29:21 AM] Wayne (TFG): GAIZ!!!

    [12:29:27 AM] Jazzi Lawson: WAT

    [12:29:28 AM] Wayne (TFG): OUTSIDE

    [12:29:32 AM] Wayne (TFG): MY WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!

    [12:29:33 AM] Wayne (TFG): THERE

    [12:29:33 AM] kyrayc verd(DMW): ?!?!?

    [12:29:34 AM] Wayne (TFG): IS

    [12:29:35 AM] Wayne (TFG): A

    [12:29:38 AM] Camm: WAXP

    [12:29:40 AM] Wayne (TFG): HORKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [12:29:42 AM] Camm: YETTA

    [12:29:42 AM] kyrayc verd(DMW): BOOBS

    [12:29:43 AM] Jazzi Lawson:  wookie


    [12:29:49 AM] Wayne (TFG): A

    [12:29:50 AM] kyrayc verd(DMW): horker?

    [12:29:51 AM] Wayne (TFG): HORKER

    [12:29:52 AM] kyrayc verd(DMW): .........?

    [12:29:56 AM] Jazzi Lawson: hooker?

    [12:30:05 AM | Edited 12:30:35 AM] Camm: theyre the walruses from Skyrimwait, why is YO MAMA outside?


    [12:30:17 AM] Wayne (TFG): @Laws: That too.

    [12:30:17 AM] kyrayc verd(DMW): i have

    [12:30:24 AM] Jazzi Lawson: I have played skyrim

    [12:30:24 AM] kyrayc verd(DMW): I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE

    [12:30:31 AM] kyrayc verd(DMW): BUT WHY IS THERE A WALRUS OUT YOUR WINDOW.

    [12:30:33 AM] Wayne (TFG): THERE IS ONE OUTSIDE!!!

    [12:30:37 AM] Wayne (TFG): EATING

    [12:30:41 AM] Jazzi Lawson: but hooker sounds more realistiic

    [12:30:42 AM] Wayne (TFG): HOOKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [12:30:53 AM] Wayne (TFG): IT IS A HOOKER EATING HORKER

    [12:30:57 AM] Camm: why is yo mama outside?

    [12:30:58 AM] Jazzi Lawson: ARM YOURSELF

    [12:31:00 AM] Camm: BAZINGA

    [12:31:02 AM] Wayne (TFG): IT DINES ON HOOKER BLOOD

    [12:31:10 AM] Wayne (TFG): @Camm: XD

    [12:31:18 AM] Wayne (TFG): I HAVE MY KATANA!!!



  • [7:03:55 PM] Collin Voorhies: god nick

    [7:04:05 PM] Collin Voorhies: i would kill myself if i was camms clone

    [7:04:19 PM] Nick: I'm trying to have him assassinated

    [7:04:28 PM] Collin Voorhies: literally commit hara kiri while on fire in a warzone just to make sure i would die

    [7:04:34 PM] Camm: Im right here...

  • [7:13:44 PM] Camm: Stanger, did you post that thing where SK said hed kill himself if he were like me?

    [7:14:06 PM] Stranger: Yes

    [7:14:15 PM] Camm: god d*mmit

  • I seem to be on a winning spree.

    Stop staring

  • Why you should avoid Other M:

    [9:21:51 PM] Stranger: Oh, and let me actually know what happened in Other M

    [9:22:58 PM] Collin Voorhies: chronologically, the series is Prime: Hunters > Metroid 1 > Prime 1-3 > Metroid 2 > Super > Other M > Fusion

    [9:23:05 PM] Collin Voorhies: and in other M...

    [9:23:12 PM] Collin Voorhies: god its so much bullsh*t

    [9:23:20 PM] Collin Voorhies: its supposed to be right after super

    [9:23:33 PM] Collin Voorhies: like, not a few years later like fusion is, but RIGHT AFTER

    [9:24:05 PM] Collin Voorhies: and teh games entire purpose is A) have samus monologue about her past, whihc makes her look like a spoiled whiney brat b*tch

    [9:24:42 PM] Collin Voorhies: and B) to straigtforwardly and emotionally spell out all of the subtle emotional things that happened in Super

    [9:25:10 PM] Collin Voorhies: all of the things that make super my favorite game ever are bluntly said in otehr M, and they try to add emotion by making her CRY AND WHINE ALL THE TIME

    [9:25:15 PM] Collin Voorhies: its so much bullsh*t

    [9:25:24 PM] Collin Voorhies: the enemy ridley you might know?

    [9:25:36 PM] Collin Voorhies: she has killed him > 5 times in the series before otehr m

    [9:25:51 PM] Collin Voorhies: but in otehr M she CRIES when she sees him because in the lore hes the one who killed her parents

    [9:26:01 PM] Collin Voorhies: she has killed him 5 times without so much as a bat of an eye

    [9:26:05 PM] Collin Voorhies: and yet this one time she CRIES

    [9:26:19 PM] Collin Voorhies: it f*cking destroys what all the otehr games have done for her character

    [9:26:28 PM] Collin Voorhies: i cant even take it seriously. its like a fanfic to me

    [9:26:34 PM] Stranger: It adds character emotion it sounds like.

    [9:27:01 PM] Collin Voorhies: no

    [9:27:08 PM] Collin Voorhies: they TRY to add emotion and character

    [9:27:10 PM] Collin Voorhies: and fail completely

    [9:27:20 PM] Collin Voorhies: because they basically build a brand new character

    [9:27:42 PM] Collin Voorhies: throughout the series shes stoic, strong, silent, and emotionally stony

    [9:27:51 PM] Collin Voorhies: shes mysterious in that way that its good to be

    [9:27:58 PM] Collin Voorhies: like the force before star wars episode 1

    [9:28:09 PM] Collin Voorhies: except at certain points

    [9:28:23 PM] Stranger: Maybe she was in shock and finally was able to show emotion again.

    [9:28:45 PM] Collin Voorhies: the end of metroid 2 and ESPECIALLY 3 characterize her both personally and emotionally in subtle ways

    [9:29:06 PM] Collin Voorhies: she doenst compromise her character in doing so, she just becomes a very deep character

    [9:29:17 PM] Collin Voorhies: other M takes that deep, stoic character

    [9:29:33 PM] Collin Voorhies: and makes her one demensional, whiney, talkative, subjective, and STUPID

    [9:29:37 PM] Collin Voorhies: like, literally retarded

    [9:29:58 PM] Collin Voorhies: it makes a character that is exactly the opposite of the character built in the otehr 8 games

    [9:30:36 PM] Stranger: Isn't it still canon though?

    [9:30:47 PM] Collin Voorhies: yes, but its conflictory

    [9:31:07 PM] Collin Voorhies: in other M, the character is completely the opposite than in every other game in the series

    [9:31:30 PM] Collin Voorhies: its like if you had a elder scrolls gae

    [9:31:31 PM] Collin Voorhies: game

    [9:31:55 PM] Collin Voorhies: and all the sudden orcs are small, whimpy, intelligent mages and wood elves are giant masculine warhammer weilders

    [9:32:08 PM] Collin Voorhies: it makes no sense when put together with the rest of the game

    [9:32:16 PM] Stranger: That would be hilarious though :3

    [9:32:26 PM] Collin Voorhies: and as for the way they completely f*ck up the emotion from super

    [9:32:30 PM] Collin Voorhies: makes me so angry

    [9:32:57 PM] Collin Voorhies: whats the most thematic book/movie/game you can think of?

    [9:33:06 PM] Collin Voorhies: or emotional for that matter, but in a subtle way

    [9:33:14 PM] Stranger: Vault 11

    [9:33:34 PM] Collin Voorhies: imagine if they took vault 11

    [9:33:41 PM] Collin Voorhies: and the courier spent the entire time in the game saying

    [9:33:52 PM] Collin Voorhies: gee this was so sad

    [9:33:57 PM] Collin Voorhies: these people killed each otehr

    [9:34:01 PM] Collin Voorhies: they didnt have to

    [9:34:04 PM] Collin Voorhies: it sad

    [9:34:07 PM] Collin Voorhies: i am sad

    [9:34:09 PM] Collin Voorhies: this makes me sad

    [9:34:15 PM] Collin Voorhies: why didnt ehy work together

    [9:34:20 PM] Collin Voorhies: working together would have saved

    [9:34:22 PM] Collin Voorhies: them

    [9:34:32 PM] Collin Voorhies: disobeying the rules would have saved them

    [9:34:37 PM] Collin Voorhies: they could have been saved

    [9:34:54 PM] Collin Voorhies: oh wait, this door is locked. better go ask the NCR if i can open it

    [9:34:56 PM] Collin Voorhies: i am sad

    [9:34:59 PM] Collin Voorhies: there is a theme here

    [9:35:05 PM] Stranger: XD

    [9:35:05 PM] Collin Voorhies: i am showing emotion

    [9:35:11 PM] Collin Voorhies: THATS WHAT OTEHR M IS LIKE

    [9:35:12 PM] Collin Voorhies: IT HORRIBLE

    [9:35:27 PM] Stranger: Was it supposed to be comedic or parody?

    [9:35:38 PM] Collin Voorhies:  it takes all the subtle and beautiful emotion and themes of super metroid

    [9:35:41 PM] Collin Voorhies: my favorite game of all time

    [9:35:54 PM] Collin Voorhies: and just lays it out in a long, emotionless, boring monologue

    [9:36:16 PM] Collin Voorhies: while making this independently strong, stoic female character into a whiney, subjective, crying b*tch!

    [9:36:37 PM] Collin Voorhies: and im not saying that to be insulting, thats how they personify the character

    [9:36:43 PM] Collin Voorhies: its just f*cking horrible

    [9:36:59 PM] Collin Voorhies: the first game surprised you that samus was a woman becaus the character was so f*cking hardcore

    [9:37:38 PM] Collin Voorhies: in this one its like they spend the whole game shouting SHE HAS A VAGINA AND WE, THE STORY WRITERS, CANNOT FORGET IT AND ARE INCREDIBLY SEXIST, AND WONT LET YOU FORGET IT

    [9:38:01 PM] Collin Voorhies: and i am literally not exaggerating anything here

    [9:38:05 PM] Collin Voorhies: it is literally this blunt

    [9:38:28 PM] Stranger: Are you SURE it wasnt supposed to be comedic?

    [9:38:54 PM] Collin Voorhies: god i wish it were

    [9:38:57 PM] Collin Voorhies: but its not

    [9:39:08 PM] Collin Voorhies: i mean, dont forget who made this

    [9:39:09 PM] Collin Voorhies: team ninja

    [9:39:18 PM] Collin Voorhies: who are famous for ninja gaiden

    [9:39:29 PM] Collin Voorhies: a game series with a notoriously bad story

    [9:39:38 PM] Collin Voorhies: and also famous for boob physics

    [9:39:45 PM] Collin Voorhies: let me run you by that again

    [9:39:56 PM] Collin Voorhies: nintendo took the most story heavy game they ever made

    [9:40:02 PM] Collin Voorhies: with a female protagonist

    [9:40:18 PM] Collin Voorhies: and gave it to the people who are famous for making bad story and boob physics

    [9:40:46 PM] Collin Voorhies: its so ridiculous it was the coverstory of a gameinfarcer before the game was announced

    [9:40:52 PM] Stranger: Was her boob physics at least good? XD

    [9:41:07 PM] Collin Voorhies: i tried to ignore it

    [9:41:25 PM] Collin Voorhies: samus is one of those female characters that you respect too much for that stuff

    [9:41:32 PM] Collin Voorhies: id be like clopping sort of

    [9:41:45 PM] Collin Voorhies: only instead of taking the innocence out of it,

    [9:42:02 PM] Collin Voorhies: its taking the respect for one of gamings greatest protagonist out of it

    [9:42:10 PM] Stranger: Did you beat Other M?

    [9:42:17 PM] Collin Voorhies: no

    [9:42:26 PM] Collin Voorhies: just couldnt push trhough

    [9:42:30 PM] Collin Voorhies: it was incredible bullsh*t

    [9:42:40 PM] Collin Voorhies: and i had new vegas and oblivion to play

    [9:42:45 PM] Collin Voorhies: i got fairly far though

    [9:42:59 PM] Stranger: The ending may have been worth it.

    [9:43:05 PM] Collin Voorhies: its not

    [9:43:08 PM] Stranger: What is it?

    [9:43:09 PM] Collin Voorhies: ive read about it

    [9:43:21 PM] Collin Voorhies: the end is the best part of hte game, but its not even that good

    [9:43:25 PM] Collin Voorhies: its passable

    [9:43:30 PM] Collin Voorhies: which is better than the rest

    [9:43:43 PM] Collin Voorhies: and its ONLY passable because samus acts as a bad*ss in it

    [9:44:02 PM] Collin Voorhies: it would be like if they tacked on rainbow dash randomly doing something awesome at the end of mare do well

    [9:44:23 PM] Collin Voorhies: it doesnt repair the damage done, but its like hey, at least shes still cool

    [9:44:36 PM] Collin Voorhies: Other M is literally the mare do well of metroid, but much, much worse

    [9:44:49 PM] Stranger: I take it you never play as Zero Suit Samus in SSBB?

    [9:45:09 PM] Collin Voorhies: actually all the time

    [9:45:15 PM] Collin Voorhies: one of my best characters

    [9:45:18 PM] Stranger: ...

    [9:45:26 PM] Collin Voorhies: its not the fact that shes zero suit that annoys me

    [9:45:35 PM] Collin Voorhies: its how they treat the character

    [9:45:51 PM] Collin Voorhies: in SSBB and Zero Mission, shes still a complete ***

    [9:46:10 PM] Stranger: So its kind of like every 3D sonic game ever

    [9:46:13 PM] Collin Voorhies: whereas in Other M, its only thrown in there for sexualization

    [9:46:16 PM] Collin Voorhies: yes

    [9:46:30 PM] Collin Voorhies: and you cant look past the sexualization

    [9:46:39 PM] Stranger: OF SONIC? O_O

    [9:46:45 PM] Collin Voorhies: because its busy destroying everythign that made the character respectable

    [9:46:53 PM] Collin Voorhies: and therefor something you dont want sexualized

    [9:46:57 PM] Collin Voorhies: no not sonic

    [9:47:02 PM] Collin Voorhies: f*cking creepy furries

    [9:47:05 PM] Collin Voorhies: metroid

    [9:47:39 PM] Collin Voorhies: -_-

    [9:47:47 PM] Stranger: Oh, and this entire description of Other M is hilarious, I might consider avoiding it lol

    [9:47:58 PM] Collin Voorhies: do so

    [9:48:04 PM] Collin Voorhies: its not worth playing

    [9:48:09 PM] Collin Voorhies: at all

    [9:48:23 PM] Collin Voorhies: in fact, i would pay to NOT pay it before i would pay to play it again

    [9:49:44 PM] Stranger: So let me get this straight, in every other game she was stoic, calm, and a ***, in Other M she was a whiny b*tch for teenagers to fap to?

    [9:50:33 PM] Collin Voorhies: yep

    [9:50:50 PM] Collin Voorhies: in all the other games she was arguably the greatest character in video games

    [9:51:15 PM] Collin Voorhies: strong and stoic, with emotion displayed in subtle ways that personified her amazingly

    [9:51:55 PM] Collin Voorhies: it was very much an example of show dont tell

    [9:52:19 PM] Collin Voorhies: she was personified by what she did and how she reacted, not by what she said or what was said about or to her

    [9:52:31 PM] Collin Voorhies: and other m spent half the game making her monologue

    [9:52:35 PM] Collin Voorhies: -_-

    [9:53:16 PM] Stranger: So how do you cope with that being canon?

    [9:54:01 PM] Collin Voorhies: the way i do with mare do well

    [9:54:14 PM] Collin Voorhies: basically take it in stride

    [9:54:24 PM] Collin Voorhies: look at how much better teh character is the rest of the time

    [9:54:35 PM] Collin Voorhies: like i said, she was obviously menstrating

    [9:54:39 PM] Stranger: "The writers must have hated Samus"

    [9:54:40 PM] Collin Voorhies: and had jsut nearly died

    [9:54:54 PM] Collin Voorhies: and the events at the end of super metroid

    [9:55:00 PM] Collin Voorhies: so she was menstrating and in shock

    [9:55:09 PM] Collin Voorhies: yep, thats it

    [9:55:19 PM] Collin Voorhies: she was on her shock induced period

    [9:56:20 PM] Stranger: So shes only sexualized on her period?

    [9:57:03 PM] Collin Voorhies: she only allows herself to be sexualized on her period

    [9:57:44 PM] Collin Voorhies: the rest of the time she says "hey, im in hostile alien territory, maybe i should KEEP MY ARMOR ON RATHER THAN RUNNING AROUND IN SPANDEX AND CRYING"

    [9:58:00 PM] Stranger: XD XD XD

    [9:58:15 PM] Collin Voorhies: you should post this entire convo in the thread XD

    [9:58:19 PM] Collin Voorhies: warn everyone of other m

  • Sounds like I should play Other M. 

    ^She's reacting to my posts! 


    Check out some of my songs! https://www.youtube.com/user/MichaelCoversPony/videos

  • [9:53:45 PM] Nick: I HAVE A PEN*S

    [9:53:47 PM] Collin Voorhies: you should have it cut off and shoved down youre throat

  • [7:27:13 PM] Jon Keyes: How old are you DMW?

    [7:27:23 PM] thisfreakingguy: 56

    [7:27:30 PM] kyrayc verd(DMW): 18.

    [7:27:35 PM] Stranger: 19.

    [7:27:39 PM] Stranger: 20.

    [7:27:41 PM] Parker Glidden: 21

    [7:27:41 PM] thisfreakingguy: Close enough

    [7:27:44 PM] Stranger: 22

    [7:27:45 PM] Parker Glidden: 23

    [7:27:55 PM] kyrayc verd(DMW): Gordon!

    [7:27:58 PM] Parker Glidden: DMW

    [7:28:31 PM] Jon Keyes: cheese puffs

    [7:28:37 PM] thisfreakingguy: Donkeh!

    [7:28:48 PM] Parker Glidden: PONIES!!!!! :)

    [7:28:51 PM] Jon Keyes: waffles and boobs

    [7:28:56 PM] Parker Glidden: 0_o

    [7:28:59 PM] thisfreakingguy: Win.

    [7:29:00 PM | Edited 7:29:08 PM] thisfreakingguy: And

    [7:29:02 PM] kyrayc verd(DMW): booooooooooooooooooooooooooobs

    [7:29:02 PM] thisfreakingguy: Win

    [7:29:12 PM] Jon Keyes: topless girlfriend serving you waffles in the morning, dude.

    [7:29:14 PM] Nick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ergxf2I_ilM

    [7:29:17 PM] Parker Glidden: XD

    [7:29:18 PM] thisfreakingguy: XD

    [7:29:23 PM] kyrayc verd(DMW): [7:29 PM] Jon Keyes: <<< topless girlfriend serving you waffles in the morning,


    [7:29:31 PM] thisfreakingguy: ....................................

    [7:29:34 PM] kyrayc verd(DMW): ive never seen her topless............

    [7:29:35 PM] Camm: Nice[7:29:36 PM] Jon Keyes: Mray wants to play Other M now....

    [7:29:40 PM] thisfreakingguy: Awkvard..........................................................

    [7:29:44 PM] thisfreakingguy: ........................................ 

  • [11:01:11 AM] Stranger: keyes

    [11:01:18 AM] Jon Keyes: jes?

    [11:01:23 AM] Stranger: YOU *******, I AM TURNING INTO YOU

    [11:01:31 AM] Stranger: I WATCHED ANIME ALL NIGHT

    [11:01:34 AM] Stranger: I BLAME YOU

    [11:01:43 AM] Jon Keyes: Which did you watch?

    [11:01:48 AM] Matthew Whitler: Fail, you should have a long time ago.

    [11:01:49 AM] Stranger: SOUL EATER

    [11:01:57 AM] Stranger: SOOOOOOOOO MUCH SOUL EATER

    [11:02:02 AM] Jon Keyes: You can't hold me to that! I would have told you to watch Needless!

    [11:02:06 AM] Stranger: IT IS ******* AMAZING

    [11:02:18 AM] Jon Keyes: Needless has more dirty jokes, d*mnit!

    [11:02:31 AM] Jon Keyes: Watch Needlesss after Soul Eater, **BRAAAHHHH**


    [11:02:54 AM] Jon Keyes: Needless has a pair of super boobs!

    [11:03:16 AM] Jon Keyes: and yes, soul eater does have boobs

    [11:03:23 AM] Stranger: AT LEAST THERES NO "MOURNFUL ***"

    [11:03:29 AM] Jon Keyes: fantastic boobs


    [11:04:08 AM] Matthew Whitler: I think you blew Stranger's mind, Keyes. With anime.

    [11:04:24 AM] Stranger: AN

    [11:04:25 AM] Stranger: I

    [11:04:26 AM] Jon Keyes: ....**BRAAAHHHH** NOW I WANT TO WATCH ANIME NOW...but I don't watch it until late at night.

    [11:04:27 AM] Stranger: ME

    [11:04:38 AM] Stranger: ******* WATCH IT FILLY!

    [11:05:01 AM] Jon Keyes: .....FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, no! That's a night time activity, for now I'll watch 30 Rock.


    [11:06:13 AM] Matthew Whitler: loool, anime at night is best time to anime

    [11:06:35 AM] Matthew Whitler: FOOL. Who said it was?

    [11:06:47 AM] Jon Keyes: watching xxxholic atm

    [11:07:02 AM] Jon Keyes: good night time anime.

    [11:07:11 AM] Jon Keyes: D. Gray Man is another good night time anime

    [11:07:15 AM] Stranger: I WATCHED ANIME ALL ******* NIGHT

    [11:07:17 AM] Stranger: NO SLEEP

    [11:07:22 AM] Jon Keyes: and?

    [11:07:23 AM] Stranger: NOOOO SLEEP

    [11:07:25 AM] Jon Keyes: I do that all the time

    [11:07:30 AM] Stranger: IM STILL UP

    [11:07:33 AM] Jon Keyes: so am I

    [11:07:36 AM] Jon Keyes: it's called coffee

    [11:07:36 AM] Stranger: PISS

    [11:07:41 AM] Stranger: COFFEE?

    [11:07:46 AM] Jon Keyes: 4 cups of 16 oz coffee

    [11:07:49 AM] Matthew Whitler: He's special 'cuz he thinks he can only stay up at night.

    [11:07:51 AM] Stranger: BWHAAA HA HA

    [11:07:59 AM] Stranger: I HAVE NO CAFFIENE

    [11:08:02 AM] Jon Keyes: get some!

    [11:08:10 AM] Stranger: Good idea...

    [11:08:20 AM] Jon Keyes: **** yeah! *starts shooting gun* GET SOOOOOME!

    [11:08:26 AM] Stranger: brb 

  • It's SOOOOOOOOOOO hard to doctor these!

  • I have it all copied and saved, doctoring it is useless.

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