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Forum Game: Corrupt-A-Wish

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  • This is the thread where you make a wish, and the next person must corrupt it! It's a game, see?


    You must corrupt the wish of the person above you. No backtracking. The point of the game is to keep moving forward.

    You must grant, and corrupt the wish. No "Not granted"s.

    You cannot reuse your wishes.

    You cannot grant your own wish.


    You must grant a wish, then make a wish in the same post. Like so:

    I wish I had money.

    ___Next Post___

    Granted, but it's foreign currency.

    I wish I could fly

    ___Next Post___


    I wish I had a time machine.

    ^She's reacting to my posts! 

    And hey, if you want to hear me do a bunch of silly voices, follow my voice acting blog on Tumblr! I take requests! 


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