Well, I have to say that it’s been quite the journey, but our group has grown tremendously since its first inception. We’ve gone from just a small group to a sizeable GIO following. A lot has happened over time, and I feel we’ve all gotten pretty used to each other. However, with recent explosion of Friendship of Magic and the continued stream of media that comes everyday, we’ll undoubtedly get some new members in the future. So, as a courtesy to our new members, I have written a blog just for you!



Welcome to the GIO Brony Group! Feel free to kick back, relax, and enjoy some good wholesome fun. As one of the more active groups on GIO, there’s never really a dull moment here. There’s always plenty of fun to be had, day in and day out. However, for a new guy, it may seem a bit daunting at first. There’s tons of people, lots of inside jokes, and conversations that have been going on for what seems like the last half century. To help make the transition into the group easier, I have prepared a small guided tour of the site and its features.


First off, we have the Home Tab. Here, you’ll find a list of all the recent activity that has happened on the site. During the day, this page blows up quite a bit, so if you don’t want to miss out on anything, I suggest turning on email notifications to stay up to date. We also place a lot of random comments and remarks here. It's kind of like the status updates of your personal profile page, but it’s available to every one. You’ll find a lot of random topics that are meant for quick responses, though sometimes they can get quite lengthy. If you have a question that needs a quick answer, posting it here is probably your best bet.



Next we have the Blogs Tab. Although it’s rarely used in other groups, we’re trying to make extensive use of the Group Blogs feature. You’ll find lots of pony related blogs from our GIO members here. Blog topics generally include GIO fan fiction, professing a deeper love for a particular character, or just random everyday blogs featuring your favorite cast of characters. If you wish to post a blog of your own, please post the blog (pictures, formatting and all) as a post in the Blog Thread.


Since the Forum Tab contains quite a bit, we’ll move on to the Files Tab. Here, you’ll find a quick link to the entire collection of pony related pictures and videos posted on this site. Normally, pictures and videos are posted for discussion in their respective threads. However, over the course of time there have been many posts, and rummaging through all of those can be quite a task. So as a service to you, we have posted our files here for your convenience. Every picture and video should be appropriately tagged with a character’s name, one word descriptions, and other things to make your search easier. Therefore, if you’re looking for a picture or video featuring a specific character, simply type it into the search bar or click the tag to bring up a list of related files.


While the threads contain most of the discussion, most of the pictures have been scaled down to fit within the page. Here on the Files Tab, you can view all of the pictures in their native resolution and even download them from the site. Therefore, as a courtesy to others, if you post a picture or video yourself, please also post the picture or video here. A more detailed description on how to do so can be found here. Pictures only take a few seconds of your time. Videos can be a little longer so I’ll probably end up doing it myself, but if you could save me the trouble that’d be great. :)



Next we have the Wiki Tab! The empty, empty Wiki Tab…Mray has a few tips and such posted here but there isn’t really much to look at…yet. Although this part of the site is still in development, this Wiki site will also serve as our Wikipedia on all things pony related. Some Wikis we have planned feature the show’s characters, behind the scenes of the shows, summaries of the show’s creators, and other general knowledge faqs. It’s a little empty now, but just give it time and it’ll grow.



Now we come back to the Forum Tab! Here we have our forums filled with all sorts of pony related goodness. As a new member here, we strongly encourage a small sequence of steps to help make your life much easier and enjoyable here.

1. Read the Rules. Read. The. Rules. This will help you understand what is and isn’t allowed on the group, and will help avoid getting yourself trouble (yes, that includes banishment).

2. Post a small introduction in the Introduce Yourself thread. We love getting new members to the group. Despite what you might think, we all would love to get to know you, and provide a warm welcome.

4. Post some of your My Little Pony Confessions into the MLP Confessions thread. We all have some pretty hilarious stuff, and we know you have some offbeat oddities concerning the show as well. Just please keep it within reason.

Once you’re done introducing yourself, feel free to post your thoughts amongst the various threads. Below are a description of some of the more popular threads.


Threads of Interest


Original Art

Not only do we like talking about Friendship is Magic, but some of us like to draw it as well. This thread is a place to show off your original art, or make a request from someone to draw something for you. A lot of the artists are happy to do free commissions, so don’t be afraid to ask. If you like to draw something yourself, feel free to advertise yourself here as well.


Next we have the Video and Image threads. If you come across a picture or video you’d like to share, feel free to post it in their respective threads. Naturally, there has been a lot of stuff posted here already, so we would suggest at least skimming through some of the pictures and videos before posting. If the media you found is more than a few weeks old, chances are its already been posted. If it’s less than that, you could probably post it and not have to worry about a repost.

The Image Thread is also the battleground for our Image Wars. It’s an unofficial tradition where SuperKingC77, iDreamRunner(me), and their respective parties battle it out to see which team can produce the best images for a particular theme. iDreamRunner currently runs Team Cute, a team devoted to all things cuteness and daww. SuperKingC77 runs Team Cool, where awesomeness reigns supreme. The main objective is to post one large image or a couple small images to counter out previous pictures posted. There really is no winner or loser, but we like to tell each other there is.



Season 2 Spoilers

Any and all episode spoilers go into this thread for 3 days after the first airing. EVERY. SINGLE. SPOILER! I hate spoilers and many others of us do too. We don’t want to hear them. We want to see the entire episode in its context on the day of release. So again post any spoilers in the spoiler thread. 


Season 3 Discussion/Details

All of the non-spoiler discussion goes in this thread. This is where the surfaced details about the season and what your hope are for future episodes go. So if you want to place any "bets" (please don't make real bets) about an upcoming episode, this is where it goes.

There are also many other threads for you to enjoy that are not listed here. So feel free to browse at your leisure. If you wish to create your own thread, please be sure to keep a few things in mind.

General Discussion

Here you can start a discussion about any topic (at least those not listed). This differs from the home page in that it's easier to stay on a specific topic and can refer back with greater ease. 

Music Thread

The music thread is there when you feel the need to share any of your favorite non-pony related music. It's also a wonderful way to find about some of the group's favorite songs and general taste in all things musical. 

Brony Sports


Here you can discuss all things sports related. From football to basketball, to UFC, it's all there. 


Forum Games:

We also host a number of forum games. To make it easier, here's a list:


This or That

Guess the Movie

Pony Trivia

Before creating a new thread...

1. Think about the general purpose of your thread, and see if it can’t be placed into another thread that’s already in existence. Making a new thread doesn’t automatically mean that every one is going to swarm it with comments. In fact, most of the comments (especially from me) will probably tell you to delete it and post it somewhere else (should it be warranted). So if it’s a brand new idea, move to step 2, otherwise post it in the appropriate thread.

2. Ask yourself, how long of a discussion will your topic last? If you only want a quick answer to a question, or believe it’s so obscure that it’ll only last a few days, post it in the General Discussion Tab. Better there than a million loose threads all over the place.

Other than that, if you’re confident that your idea is so wonderfully amazing that it warrants a new thread topic, go ahead to post it.



Online Radio

Stranger runs an Online Brony Radio Podcast every once in a while. We talk about random pony related topics and have all sorts of crazy conversations. If you have questions that you want answered, or have a feature request, place all things concerning it here.

Stranger - Producer

iDreamrunner - Editor/Host

SuperkingC77 - Host


AnotherMatthew - Host

Papercamm - Host


Brony Roundup

Every week, we tend to gather together on a particular system to crank out some games. If you’d like to join us, you can visit this thread for the times and date of the next Round Up. We tend to alternate each week between PS3 and the Xbox 360, and the game of choice is usually put up to a vote on the thread. If you have an Xbox 360, we usually gather within an Xbox Live Party so even if you can’t play the game chosen, feel free to come and join our chat anyway.


Here we have embedded all of the episodes of Friendship of Magic for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to leave comments about a particular episode as well. It is regularly updated during airing seasons.

Web Presence 

While the group is the central hub of activity, we also have a number of other sites we use. It's recommended that you check each out as certain members are more active as the sites vary.


While watching videos in the forums can be fun, sometimes you want an instant reaction from someone. Posting in the forums is a great way to leave your piece and leave, but if you want a real conversation come on to our Synctube channel(s). Here we watch random PMVs during the week while having friendly random conversations amongst each other. On the weekends, we gather to watch the latest episodes and comment on the videos as we watch them. It’s a lot of fun and you should consider joining us. Details are located here. SuperKingC77 channel is here, password = spike.


Here you can follow all of your favorite ponies on Twitter. Well…not really since it’s on Twitter. But still, if you use Twitter, you can follow them and keep track of the zany intermittent actions between them. Usernames are "FiM_ponyname". If you want to create one yourself and join in on the fun, go to the GIO pony twitter thread to see what’s taken.


The current fanfic thread can be found here. We’re currently in the process of moving this to the blog portion of the group. If you see a thread about this topic, feel free to post your thoughts and comments. I’m sure the authors would appreciate someone who reads their stuff.


We also have a group on the art sharing website DeviantArt. Here you can find art submissions by most contributors on the Original Art thread, as well as some other folks we've become acquainted with.


Many of our group's members are on the social application Skype. If you'd like to become more social with the members, then this is the place to be. (NOTE: Skype does not follow all the same rules as our group page. So be prepared for possible NSFW discussions and strong language. And randomness........ lots of randomness.)


We've taken to Facebook recently. Here you can speak with other group members and become friends with members who may not be active on our wide array of other sites we have used for communicating. 





Now that you know how to navigate the group, you'll come across a few terms that bronies typically use. This being a Welcome thread, here's a few of the terms.

Brony- gender neutral term for anyone over the age of 13 that likes MLP FIM (My little Pony: Friendship is Magic) (if you're a female and don't like this term, there's also Pega-sis)

Brohoof- is the equivalent of a high five, it is proper ettiquette to brohoof back

Cupcakes: an infamous fanfic, for being extremely grim and dark.

Trollestia- what Celestia is called when she makes trouble for the mane six

Mane six: Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie

Socks: nobody knows why ponies wear socks, they just do, roll with it.

Buck: the bronified version of the profane word f*ck. also refers to bucking apples, which is the way ponies harvest fruits.

anypony/everypony/nopony- pretty obvious...

Pinkamina Diane Pie: pinkies full name... generally she's called this when shes either sad or insane

Flutterrage: a reference to episode 26, since she's normally pretty quiet she tends to scare people when angry.

20% cooler: popular meme spoken by Rainbow Dash. Means to be cooler, duh.

Clopfiction- erotic fanfic, a big no on this forum.

Clopping: ... masturbating... sorry.

Shipping: a picture, vid, or fanfic featuring two ponies romantically involved...

This now concludes our guided tour of the group. We hope you’ll come to love this group as much as we love it. Have a nice day and see you again soon!


~Written by iDreamRunner and God of Irony. Slightly edited by Miyuki Snow.

As a small note. I (Miyuki Snow) am attempting to make a few of the essentials more accessible to the new bronies who may not know their way around the group. As an attempt to make both iDR's and Irony's information and contributions readily available (not that it already wasn't) I'm compiling the Welcome Blog and the Welcome Thread into one thread in the forums. The welcome blog shall stay put for people who should come across it before the threads and the Welcome Thread shall become an Introduce Yourself thread since that's what it essentially is.

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