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The SPOILERS/Discussion Thread

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  • Eyes of Avo:

    Well I tried and I have to say worst episode ever.  Anybody else see that shark or did we jump it so high it was out of focus?  Damn it guys I lived through the destruction of Heroes and now this.

    Well besides Twilight becoming a princess and getting wings, how exactly did this episode destroy the show?  I still got the same themes from it... friendship... loyalty... happiness... music... seems like MLP to me.



  • SkullHydra:
    Well besides Twilight becoming a princess and getting wings, how exactly did this episode destroy the show?  I still got the same themes from it... friendship... loyalty... happiness... music... seems like MLP to me.

    Than by all means continue to watch and enjoy.

  • Well, that was bad, but it wasn't because of the wings. The pacing in that episode was atrocious.

  • Best EPISODE EVER! Also, from what I understand this is a three part episode. I think season 4 will continue on from this point and such. Megan Mc Carthy  says so herself on her twitter. So no worries everypony. Hang in there if you didn't like this episode because it is only a third of the way over!



    Also, it appears derpy was in this episode!!!!!


  • I think we can all agree that the songs were awesome, but the pacing was terrible. I kind of like Alicorn Twilight now, even though I was expecting to hate it. And they actually said Alicorn, nice. 


    I honestly think some people WANT to hate it.

    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • xl9:


    honestly think some people WANT to hate it.



    You don't say?



  • hitchhikerwaffle:

  • Either way I am super excited for season four and am even willing to give the (possible,it is still a rumor) Equestria Girls spin off a shot.

  • Well, I loved the episode for sure, and I welcome the new change. I'd like to see what they can do with it in S4. I really liked this whole episode too with the music, story, and even pacing. The thing is, this is an introduction to a new concept which they said they would expand on in the next season I guess. So, to me at least, it didn't feel rushed. Having Derpy back is satisfying too, even though I didn't see her.

    Also, I may write a fanfic based off this new change and the spell used in the episode. I think it would be fun to write one, even if it didn't turn out very well. I just don't know when I'll start it and where to start exactly, but the idea is there, lol.

  • Now that I'm done with other business,

    Considering the tweet saying this was more or less a 1 of 3 episode, I'm willing to put faith behind the writers. Also, this wasn't a cheap, "hey twiloit lol, ur an alicorn lol." It was a legit, "you've moved up from what you are, and have become something new." So as much as I don't really like the idea, I'm happy they did it right. 

    And I also got an idea for a story from this episode. (granted I had the idea before, I just gained some good ideas from the episode)

    And lol Libertydude


  • Also, I forgot to mention...

    CELESTIA SINGING????? That's pretty dang cool.

  • I guess I've missed several episodes, but of the ones I've seen, this is one of the most interesting.  It breaks away from the typical slice of life style of the show pretty profoundly, actually developing the central character in a meaningful way--something that most shows of the genre wouldn't dream of doing.  And that from a marketing gimmick Hasbro obviously thrust upon the writers.

    Of course, it had its serious flaws, the biggest one being lack of a decent first act.  The whole conflict had no real introduction, only being explained in medias res.  When there's a series-changing effect--basically the first one to take place in the show--I'd expect a decent reason for the conflict, and ensuing triumph.  People keep mentioning the coming episodes, but I don't think that those can fix this problem.  This episode needed to be split in two parts: the first part introducing the spellbook as something relevant and important, rather than just a mcguffin, and laying out the basic idea of what "princess" means in this universe.  The second episode basically being this one, but now with less cramped pacing.  From what I understand, though, the writers didn't have the chance to do it in two episodes, so for what they had to work with, I've got to applaud them.  They made it work thematically, establishing the general theme of the show in a retrospective-y way, and then building on that to develop the story further.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the next season, now.  It seems like the writers took this as an opportunity to keep the show from stagnating, and I'll be interested to see how the character dynamics might change, and what new stories will open up now that Twilight has wings and princess-status.  Heck, I'm excited just for the fanfic that this turn of events will inspire.  This almost seemed like a fanfic, because it took made such a drastic change in a primarily static continuity.  That's something I've been wanting this whole time I've been a fan of the show: divergence from the "now everything's back to normal" at the end of every episode, be it premier or finale.

    Plus, I'm really looking forward to the episode where Dash teaches Twilight how to fly well.  I don't know if there's been an episode focusing on Twilight and Dash, but I think that exploring the parallels and conflicts between those personalities could be really interesting.  Also, now there will hopefully be some content in the episodes where Twilight can be recognized as the three-time savior of the world that she is.

    I can definitely see some bad stuff coming from this, but I think we've got some really cool episodes coming our way next.  It's about time we had some change, anyway.  Bring on season 4!


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  • Wow, a billion things right away.

    also, serves as a very good ending to the series as a whole (though that isn't the case). I do think this is mainly hasbro shoving marketing up the animation teams ass, however, given their circumstances (only 20 minutes to make this story work) they did well.

    as an episode: Cool.

    As a series of continuance: Interesting.... ... ... we'll just wait and see, won't we?

    ever the pragmatist,



    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • Fantastic episode.

    But if it had been a two parter, they would have been my favorite episodes of the series.  *Sigh*  What might have been...

    First off, the music was amazing.  "A True, True Friend" is probably my favorite song of the entire third season.  Wow.  And... CELESTIA SINGS!

    Oh, ponies with mixed up destinies?  That was as good as Discorded ponies.  (Too bad it didn't get an entire episode to set up this conflict...)  And the way Twilight helped each of her friends to help another was great.  Friendship really is magic.

    That scene with Twilight and Celestia in the heavens... might be my favorite scene from the entire series.  Just beautiful.

    So... Twilight's a princess now.  Awesome.  As long as she's still Twilight, I don't care if she has wings or not.

    (But they better not retcon the whole thing come Season Four.  It happened.  She's a princess now.  Commit to it.  This whole "the finale is really just part one of three" thing concerns me.  I didn't want it to happen in the first place, but now that it has, and they made such a big deal about it changing things between Twilight and Celestia, they HAD BETTER NOT GO BACK ON IT.)

    When Twilight's friends stared at that smoking crater they made... I laughed out loud.  XD  "Gals, you've vaporized Twilight!"

    And Pinkie's reaction to Twilight getting wings was priceless.

    Anyway, I liked the episode.  I think it was as good as "Magic Duel."  I wish they hadn't tried to cram all of that story and all of those songs into twenty minutes...

  • Kolwynia:

    Fantastic episode.

    But if it had been a two parter, they would have been my favorite episodes of the series.  *Sigh*  What might have been...



    Even though I was disappointed by the episode, I did really like that third song (it was the sad Twilight one I think). It sounds very different from any other song in the series.


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