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  • I should make a meme about Phillip Rivers closing his hands before he received the snap when he was supposed to do a QB kneel to run out the clock, the Chargers lost the game because the fumble was recovered by the other team and they scored. We finished one game behind Colorado, but we beat them both times we played so we would have advanced instead if only Rivers knew how to handle a snap.

    In Crazy/Impossible Upset/Olympic soccer news, the Spanish Olympic team lost to Japan today 1-0. Granted, these aren't the regular national teams, so this wasn't the Spanish team that has won three consecutive major tournaments, (Olympic soccer squads are made up of anyone under 23, plus one player over 23) but considering the recent streak of Spanish dominance and the fact that only one Asian team has ever even reached third place in a World Cup (South Korea) this was a spectacular upset.

  • LSU has offered a scholarship to a guy with a 4.46 second 40 yard dash time, a 34 inch vertical jump, a 9 ft 3 inch broad jump, he's 6 feet tall, 205 lbs... and he's going to start the eighth grade this fall. espn.go.com/.../soon-8th-grader-dylan-moses-offered-lsu-tigers-scholarship

  • A South Korean archer, who has won gold in team events at the last two Olympics, has set a new world record, by breaking his own previous world record... oh yeah, he's also legally blind. espn.go.com/.../summer-olympics-2012-legally-blind-south-korean-archer-im-dong-hyun-sets-world-marks

  • Im not sure how many of you guys pay attention to the Olympics, but team USA just played one hell of a basketball game. They set an Olympic record by scoring 156 against Nigeria (who scored 73). The previous record was held by Brazil, who scored 136. Keep in mind that an Olympic basketball game is actually about 10 minutes shorter than an NBA game. Also they beat a team USA record by scoring 29 3 pointers. The previous record was 13.

  • Its always nice to see an olympian from your country take gold, but its even crazier when that olypian lives in the same county that you do. This is Claressa Shields, she just won the gold for Middleweight Female Boxing, and she is from Flint Michigan.


  • Tara Lapinski is from the same suburb outside of houston as I am. Every time she brought back gold from figure skating there was a freaking parade in her honor XD

  • Lakers just got Dwight Howard. We lost Bynum and some draft picks for the deal, but we got Howard.

  • The NFL and NBA should follow the example of soccer leagues and add trophies for the teams that finish with the best records. Let's face it, the Giants winning the last Superbowl was ridiculous if you look at their regular season record and adding a new trophy would give teams more opportunities to win a title. The NBA could definitely use that considering that the Lakers and Celtics alone have won more than half of all NBA titles. Also, teams would be more inclined to try to go undefeated instead of just playing their subs once a playoff position has been clinched and losing the last few games.

  • The USA just beat Mexico in Mexico for the first time ever (we've beaten them before, just not in Mexico) and in the largest soccer specific stadium ever built too. Mexico didn't have all of their starters to play, but neither did the U.S., we were missing our Captain Carlos Bocanegra and star midfielder Clint Dempsey who was third on the list of top scorers in the Barclays Premiere League last season, which is a level that no American has ever reached.

    In other soccer news, Manchester United appear to be on the brink of signing Dutch forward Robben van Persie, who was the goal leader in the Barclay Premier League last season (and not by a small margin either). All that is left is for van Persie to complete a team physical and agree to a specified weekly wage. This would be Manchester United's second major deal of this transfer season as they have already bought Kagawa from Borussia Dortmund, whom he helped win two consecutive Bundesliga titles and two consecutive Duetscher Pokal Cups. Kagawa is in his early 20's but is expected to become the greatest player ever to come out of Japan.

  • Although no fights have taken place, big MMA news was made when former lightweight  (155lbs) champion Frankie Edgar announced he would drop down to featherweight (145lbs) or maybe even bantamweight (135lbs).  If he had the skills and athleticism to defeat men who were significantly larger than him, then he should be able to perform well in the lower divisions, maybe even well enough to dethrone Jose Aldo, one of a long line of Brazilian champions. But it must also be considered that Edgar's strategy and skill set might have been tailored to fighting bigger, stronger, slower opponents, which would mean that he might be at a strategic disadvantage when fighting people that are the same size as himself or even smaller, which would nullify his speed and agility advantages.

    In the MLS, Kansas City and the New York Red Bulls are leading the Eastern Conference and San Jose and Real Salt Lake are leading the Western Conference, but the playoff picture is not set in stone quite yet. In European soccer news, the Barclays Premiere League (England), La Liga (Spanish League), Dutch league, and Portuguese league have officially kicked off and the Bundesliga (German) will begin on Friday. 2-0 Chelsea and 0-2 Reading (English teams) are the only teams to have played more than one game so far so there's not much that can be said of the progress of the leagues. Check back in a couple weeks and I'll have some more relevant statistics. In World Cup News, the USA plays Jamaica on Sep 7th to determine group dominance before going into an elimination round to try to become one of the few CONCACAF (North American) teams to secure a spot in Brazil in 2014.

  • For the first time since the UFC was purchased by it's current parent company Zuffa, an entire UFC event was cancelled. Jon Jones was scheduled to fight Dan Henderson in the main event at UFC 151 on September 1st, but Henderson had to withdraw from the fight due to a torn ligament in his knee. The UFC was unable to get anyone other than Chael Sonnen to face the champion on 8 days notice but Jon Jones refused to face Sonnen on the grounds that he had not trained to fight Sonnen and believed he had nothing to gain from winning. UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva offered to fight a lightheavyweight fighter that wasn't Jones once he got the news that the event had been cancelled, that way the fighters on the under card, as well as the event staff, could still get paid next weekend, but he was not able to get into contact with the UFC until everything had already been called off. Jon Jones has been set to face former lightheavyweight champion Vitor Belfort on September 22nd in Toronto because Lyoto Machida refused to take the fight on three weeks notice. Although this fight should be an easy win for Jones, a lot of people, fighters, fans and UFC officials are very mad at him for refusing to fight. He was not contractually obligated to fight, but many people think he should have just fought in order to save the event, especially considering that everyone knows that he would destroy Sonnen if they ever fought.

  • So Sportsnation is doing this fun little poll where you get to rank NFL, NBA, and MLB uniforms (within their respective leagues of course). Its a fun little time waster. http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/rank/_/listId/1878/versionId/2


    So Sportsnation is doing this fun little poll where you get to rank NFL, NBA, and MLB uniforms (within their respective leagues of course). Its a fun little time waster. http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/rank/_/listId/1878/versionId/2

    Sweet! My favorite football and basketball teams (Steelers and Celtics) are in the top 10. And the Flyers being #17 is nice.




  • The team I use in FIFA 12 for my manager mode, which I dragged up from the second Bundesliga, has been promoted to the top Bundesliga and is undefeated in real life, which I take as a sign that everything that happens in a video game is bound to happen in real life, which means we need to start preparing for the Reapers and the Covenant now.

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