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  • Italy could do it, going into the tournament Germany and Spain were favorites to win, Italy already beat Germany and Spain hasn't been playing well, they haven't conceded a goal in several games, but they failed to score in their last match and didn't score more than one goal excluding their game against Ireland, but beating Ireland isn't a grand achievement. With Buffon and Casillas both on the field at the same time, I don't expect very many goals to happen, this could easily go to penalty kicks. But if I had to bet, I'd have to bet on Spain.

  • I hate both of these teams a lot, so either way a team I dont like will end up winning.

  • In other soccer news, I'm going to see the Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles play America (the soccer team from Mexico, not the Men's national team). TJ has several U.S. Men's National Team players, including one from my home town who was tied for being the goal leader during Olympic qualifying matches, so I'll be rooting for them.

  • In upcoming mma news, Longtime champion Anderson Silva will defend his title next weekend against Chael Sonnen. Now the commercials are hyping the fact that Sonnen was beating Silva for 5 rounds before Silva hit a surprise triangle choke with less than 2 minutes left in the fight, meaning Silva would have lost his title if the fight had gone to a decision. What the commercials don't tell you, is that Silva went into the fight with injured ribs, and Sonnen tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Presumably, Silva will be healthy and Sonnen will not be on drugs again so Silva shouldn't have a problem. The other factor working for Silva is that he can look back on the fight and see where he needs improvement, Sonnen can just look back and see that he needs to avoid getting triangle choked, but he has a history of not being able to defend against that submission. Working against Silva is the fact that he is getting very old for a fighter, he hasn't sustained a lot of damage during his career, but age catches up to everyone eventually. For fighters, the worst part about aging is the damage it does to one's stamina, but on top of that, Sonnen is a wrestler, and as a rule, wrestlers have tremendous stamina. An uninjured Silva fighting a non-drug using Sonnen gives Silva an edge at finishing the fight early, but if he doesn't Sonnen could make him pay for it in the later rounds.  I'm predicting either an early victory for Silva (probably via TKO, but possibly from a submission from a defensive position) or a decision win for Sonnen (Scored at approximately 48-47).

  • Xolos allowed a late goal from Club America in the 83rd minute, but Club America gave up a penalty in the 89th which allowed TJ to tie the game, which was awesome since Club America is the archenemy of my favorite Mexican team.

    The MLS also become much more awesome, a player from the San Jose Earthquakes was faking an injury and to prove he was, David Beckham (LA Galaxy) curved the ball from 30+ yards out and hit the player on the foot, at which point that player stood up and ran at David Beckham, proving he wasn't injured and was just trying to waste time. Unfortunately, Beckham received a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct and the San Jose mascot tried to pick a fight with Beckham.

  • Spain set history twice today, they became the first European team to win three consecutive major tournaments, and they won the largest victory in European Cup Final history with a four zero win, the second largest win being West Germany's 3-0 win against the U.S.S.R. in 1972. These achievements are leading many to say that this Spanish team is the greatest team of all time. Torres showed remarkable teamwork by giving up an easy opportunity to become the tournament goal leader to give an assist to his club teammate from Chelsea Juan Mata. With three goals and an assist, Torres was tied with Germany's Mario Gomez, but Torres played fewer minutes, so he won the Golden Boot.

  • Anderson Silva won by TKO in the second round and won knockout of the night, I said that he would win the fight early. The lesson here? If you use steroids and commit real estate fraud, karma is going to come back and get you, so make sure not to line up any fights with the greatest mixed martial artist of all time if you're expecting some cosmic payback. Griffin won a surprise decision against Tito Ortiz, many fans thought Tito won the fight. Cung LE beat Patrick Cote by decision. Mendez defeated McKenzie by TKO. And several smaller fights resulted in not very memorable unanimous decisions.


    Also, you may hear some people claiming that one of Silva's knees was an illegal blow. I watched the super slow motion replay, and the knee in question landed on Sonnen's chest, not Sonnen's head, which is a perfectly legal move, had the blow hit Sonnen's head, that would have been illegal, but Sonnen would also have a fractured skull.

  • Vote for Anderson Silva for best fighter at http://t.co/q6FmNt5 . He's ancient in fighting years, but it's been years since anyone has managed to go the distance with him, and that was only because they spent 5 rounds running away from him because they knew they couldn't possibly beat him. Jon Jones would be another acceptable choice considering he's basically a child in fighter's years, yet he rolls through seasoned veterans and former champions like Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Shogun Rua and Rashad Evans. Floyd Mayweather is a good fighter, but he has no sense of honor or sportsmanship, and has been known to make racist statements.

  • SuperKingC77:

    I thought Yao Ming retired.




  • And the racist joke of the day award goes to TFG

  • So Reuben Foster 6' 2" 228 lb. the number 1 ranked inside linebacker in class of 2013 and number 2 over all switched from Alabama to Auburn.  I know that commitments switch all the time but in order to prove it, this cat went and got a big Auburn tattoo on his forearm.  Take that Nick Satan. ;-) Oh and WAR DAMN EAGLE!

  • Time to test your football knowledge the only way the internet knows how: through horrible meme images. see how many of these jokes you actually understand. 

  • Most of the time, I forget the Jaguars are actually a team, and hating on the Raiders is one of my all time favorite pastimes,  making fun of Brady and Tebow are also pretty high on that list, I didn't catch the spiderman one though.

    In MMA news, Renan Barao continued his win streak, which is the longest active streak in MMA, by defeating Urijah Faber for the interim bantamweight (135 lbs) championship via unanimous decision. Dominick Cruz is still the real champion, but a torn ACL put him out of commission for awhile, and knowing that title fights sell more pay-per-views, the UFC decided to make an interim title while Cruz is injured. An interesting stat caused by this change in events means that out of the 7 weight divisions in the UFC that have champions, 4 of those divisions have Brazilian champions.

    Additionally at UFC 149, Tim Boetsch defeated Cuban powerhouse Hector Lombard via unanimous decision, thereby putting his name into the hat as a potential title contender, but in the middleweight division, all that really means is being the next guy to become a notch in the belt of Anderson Silva. Canadian lightheavyweight Jimmo defeated Perosh with one punch only 7 seconds into the fight, tying the UFC record for fastest knockout. Antonio Carvalho, and Francisco Rivera also scored knockout victories and Bryan Caraway and Matt Riddle took away submission victories. Riddle won Submission of the Night for a standing arm triangle, Jimmo got knockout of the Night because 7 seconds is just crazy fast and Carraway won fight of the night.

  • I only got the one with Tim Tebow. The rest of them are lost on me.

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