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MLP Confessions

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    I belive that it was pinky's fault that gilda was a jerk.

    You take that back!


    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • Sooooo..... Fluttershy is an enigma to me, I want Sorian and Rainbow to become Someponies, and Pinkie Pie and by extension PIZZAKING92 and anyother Pinkie fans

    Azelra fell from her throne. I am Sorin-Life Bringer, and I must asend to her place as The Seventh Dragon Lord of the Consul of Light

  • Right now, I really wish Luna existed just so I can ask her to do me a personal favor to keep the moonlight around my house so I can sleep at night for once




  • Well, I think I should get this off my chest.

    Mysterious Mare DoWell is one of my least favorite pieces of animation ever. It's not bad from an animation, voice acting, sound, or even dialouge that gets me.

    It's the way that this is one of the most mean-spirited and harsh things i've ever seen. They vilify a character who made a mistake that could've been solved in seconds. And that's not as bad in other shows, but considering that this is one about friendship, it's kind of depressing.

    Especially when they cut to Rainbow Dash moping around wondering why "she's so alone." And to top it off,  this character is the one I can relate the most to.

    So basically: I don't really care for this episode.

    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • You are not alone in this my friend. You are not alone.

  • I really liked the episode :)


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • I can see your point x19. I liked it, maybe because I thought she kinda deserved it a little, but mostly because of the clever superheroes references. Then again, it was a little on the cruel side, but she is also the most stubborn, so resolving in a few moments seemed a little unlikely.

  • I'll probably get plenty of flak for this, but here's everything.

    I don't give a crap about Trixie, I don't give a crap about Lyra, I don't give a crap about Minuet, I don't give a crap about the pony that plays the violin, I found Spike to be a likable character in Equestria Girls, and Applejack is my least favorite character.

  • Heh.  I like the background ponies only because of what the fans do with them in art and fanfiction, otherwise I wouldn't care about them either.  Trixie I like quite a bit.  I think she's a good foil for Twilight.  Which is also why I really like...


    ...Sunset Shimmer!  She's the best new character ever and I hope to see her again.


    (And I really liked Spike in Equestria Girls, too!)


    My least favorite character is the pony with the kiosk that tried to get all that those bits from Fluttershy for that tiny tomato or cherry or whatever it was...  ^_^

  • I personally think Pinkie and Flutters are tied for the worst character. I dunno, they both have their strong moments, but they only stand out in episodes focused around them. They just feel like weak characters, and the writers aren't really doing anything meaningful with them.

    And I like some of the background ponies, mainly because of the fanon stuff added.

    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • I can understand saying that about Fluttershy, but Pinkie was great in Equestria Girls and she wasn't the main character. She was great in The Last Roundup and she wasn't the main. She's my favorite pony and I think she's the best because that she's on a completely different mental and social level from everyone else. Which can sometimes get in the way of her one true goal, which is to make friends. I used to say fluttershy was my favorite but then I realized how little the writers really do with her as you said xI9. If it's not her episode then she's just kind of a doormat. But I will defend Pinkie's character. Also, I don't know if you'd call her a background pony, but Spitfire is my favorite.

  • And I agree about Sunset Shimmer, there's not much to here, but I still liked her. Not really sure why, her character design is cool. Then again she is there generic mean girl as everyone  loves pointing out, which is disappointing considering all they would've had to do is drop a couple little tidbits in the scene in the dark hallway and there final confrontation and everyone's opinion would've been totally different. It's a bummer, but I'm hoping that the whole crying thing was just an act and will be back for revenge. Fingers crossed.

  • I think we can all agree that Rarity's the best.




  • DefeatDeception:

    I think we can all agree that Rarity's the best.




    You forgot the 4th in front of the best.

    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • xl9:


    I think we can all agree that Rarity's the best.




    You forgot the 4th in front of the best.


    Both of you are wrong. Pinkie Pie is the best.






    I don't know what I'm doing

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