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  • I haven't seen a style like this pop in a while. I can't put my finger on where I've seen it before...

    Thing is, I like it. It's some sort of personification of machine, but the mind wonders how it could even be moving or relatable. There's kind of an air of mystery. You want to see it move, speak, do anything because the mind tries to figure out 'how'. There's a sort of magic to it as well. I guess that's where the 'Surreal' part comes in.

    Now to see something like this cross with MLP... Maybe Flim Flam's machine has a few aspects that the audience has overlooked?

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  • Oh man, now I'm going to be having nightmares about a sentient super cider squeezy...  *shivers*

    That's a pretty apt description of what I was going for!  I also tried to develop what the personification was exactly a little in the title (...which I just remembered I left out here...  "Feelin' Nerdy").

    On a separate note, there's something else I wanted to show you guys.  This is my last commission before going on an official indefinite hiatus to develop my ability to work with other mediums and to work on my portfolio.  I wanted to run it by you all before presenting it to the poor commissioner, who's been waiting ages to get it.

    (click to view fullsize)

    I started it in January, and I've completely lost  the ability to look at it objectively, regardless of how I flip it on its axes.  What do you guys think?  Anything that could be improved?  Anything that could be fixed?


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  • Again, great work as always Spyro. Power armor is always an iffy concept that's left to artist interpretation and, in turn, viewer preference. This I do like, though it just occured tome that this is the first I've seen of a Pegasus in AJ's design rather than that of the Enclaves more lighter and more appropriate one. For the torso and the head, great job showing the anatomy and the lethality of the hooves. I like the added touch of seeing the pegasi's mane through the helmet... but

    The armored wings almost looks like someone strapped a couple of kites to (his?) back. It works, but I have an idea that could improve the look, while giving it something more unique.

    Study the anatomy of a wing. Maybe a Hawk or another bird of prey. Pay attention to the bones. Any armor crafted for a pegasus would compliment the anatomy rather than cover it. Icould imagine those wings being a system of rods being splayed like supporting bone structures ending in those small canons. Might be something fun to work with, no? Unless he has jets, it seems like flapping with those plates would be next to impossible.

    To be honest, I don't know what to think about the gun. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how ponies can use them, and how it changes their structure to accomidate... I've yet to see an artist impression that leaves me satisfied. It does give the work more context, which is always a good thing.

    And sorry about the cider squeezy. I said that to give you inspiration, not to bring nightmares upon you XD.

    "Always make them laugh, try to make them cry. Always take the stage like it's the last night of your life." Frank Turner.




  • Thanks, Adrian!  I agree that the wing armor is weird, but unfortunately I don't think I can change them, because this was how the commissioner requested them (to be coverings over the top of the wing, guns that point out at that position, and a design that looks something at least vaguely reminiscent of a stealth fighter).  I like your idea a lot, though, so if the opportunity arises to draw something like it again I'll try it!

    As for the gun, hmm...  I'm never quite sure what to do, since I don't really know anything about guns.  It's another thing that the commissioner requested, which means I've gotta find a way to make it work as best I can.  Generally for things like this I'm given a specific gun that they want, and I try to make it recognizable, and then try to make it fit within the ponyverse.  Here, though, I didn't really change it much, because the gun was supposed to be designed to fit exclusively in a battle saddle, rendering local mouth-holding unnecessary.  I'm not sure what else I should do to make it fit in with ponies better while retaining recognizability.  The handle is the biggest annoyance, because it serves little-to-no purpose for ponies, and yet is a major part of the gun's shape  Do you have any thoughts on how the gun might change so that, while keeping all of its main features, makes a bit more sense?

    Heh, and that's alright about the long tormented nights of terror.  That's where inspiration for such things comes from! =D


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  • I've a few ideas, cant talk right now. Will take notes and share when I can.

    "Always make them laugh, try to make them cry. Always take the stage like it's the last night of your life." Frank Turner.




  • Alright, cool. =)


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  • Darn it, GI. 

    I did a cover of Fun's "Some Nights". I wasn't going to post it here, but some people seemed to enjoy it, so I was going to get you guys' opinions on it. 

    Language warning for the last part I guess.

    ^She's reacting to my posts! 


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  • So this my first time trying my hand at actually trying to draw:

    I still need to color it and draw the wings, so I think I might be able to get a finished version up by the weekend (I was using my cousin's sketchbook).  So what do you think?


    The champions come together and a new battle ensues!

  • vVOoh! Is that that simplistic style that they use in the show like this? Vv

    I like it! There may be a little bit of proportion problems, but it's good for a first try. If you look at the picture up there for example, Twilight's mouth is a bit more thin than Dashie's, and her body is a bit less boxy. Details like that really help to make a picture stand out above the rest. Also, the shape of the head around the hair is also off and the eyes are a bit close. I hope I am able to see the finished version!

  • It kind of looks like the style used in "Friendship is Witchcraft" wedding episode.

  • That's lookin' good!  If you're looking for pointers, one thing I've found helps when trying to draw simple shapes is to draw exclusively from the elbow and shoulder.  It's weird at first, but it makes it a lot easier to draw smooth shapes that flow into each other.

    I'll be interested to see how the wings look in this style!  


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  • I drew a hand.  It's old, and wrinkly.  What do y'all think?



    DeviantArt; PSN: Spyro_Conspiracy; Steam: Spyro Conspiracy Theorist

  • Looks great as always Spyro! I can't see anything immediately wrong with it

  • So I made this demo reel for my Compositing class, we were pretty much given complete creative control. Just keep that in mind before you watch this.


  • Neato. Only downside was it made me think of this.

    Actually...That is a bonus, not a downside. I SAY TENOUTATEN

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