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First Official IRL GIO Brony Meetup! - Fiesta Equestria! 2013

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  • Hey there all. I'm posting this to let everyone know of the first ever group-wide in-real-life meetup. This summer, from June 28th-30th, I will be acting as a core staff member for Fiesta Equestria!, the largest pony convention in the south, here in Houston, and would love to see as many of you as I can during that time.

    The con is being held at the Westchase Marriott Convention Hotel here in the Westchase Business District in Houston. We are renting out the entire hotel, so there will be no space problems like what you hear about with other conventions. 

    Filling up all this space, there will be a lot of awesome guest and events. The full guest page can be found here http://www.fiestaequestria.com/guests/ and features people like Ashleigh Ball (Voice of RD and AJ), Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy), Peter New (Big Mac), and now, thanks to our successfully funded kickstarter campaign, Britt McKillip (Cadence) and Michelle Creber (Apple Bloom), and several other voice guest for characters such as Gilda, Spitfire, and Iron Will. There will also be a large contengent of fan guest in attendance, like Mic the Mic, Toxic Mario, Rina-Chan, and ChaoticBrony.

    On top of guest, a huge number of awesome events are planned, most noticably the Concerts featuring Hey Ocean! (Ashleigh Ball's band), One More Girl (Britt McKillip's country group), and the saturday night Pon3techtronica dance which will feature some of the largest names in the fandom's music scene, like Mic the Mic, Eurobeat brony, Omnipony, Rina-Chan, 7th Element, AssertiveFluttershy, and many more.

    A standard 3-day convention pass is priced at $60, and rooms in the convention hotel can be rented for $95 a night (half the normal price, these must be rented through the convention in order to get the special price). 

    For those of you who might be worried about a repeat of the Unicon disaster here, I can assure you those worries are unfounded. Unlike Unicon, where the entire staff consisted of a single uninformed Nevada couple, Fiesta Equestria! is being run by a staff of experienced and competent individuals. We are not budgetting for anywhere close to the obscene numbers unicon expected, basing our projected attendance off of previous texas conventions, and our entire budget is being managed by an Economist, so there is no chance that we will have a complete financial meltdown in the way Unicon did. Security is being handled by an experienced convention security lead, and will consist in part of active police officers, so safety should not be a concern of anyone. And in case you are adverse to adult-material, Fiesta Equestria! takes the official stance of a family-friendly convention, so there will be no convention-sanctioned 18+ material or events present.

    All of the information I have provided, as well as links for registration and applications for vending and volunteering can be found on our website, which is hyperlinked through the header image above. If you have any specific questions, feel free to post them on this thread and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

    I think this will be a great opporitunity for those of you who have thought about going to a pony con before to come out and meet up with your fellow GIO members in the process. Im hoping to see a lot of yall down here in June, and can guarantee it will be an extremely enjoyable experience!

  • Assuming I have no scheduled tests or officer boot camp at that time, I'll be there. I'm also willing to share an already reserved room with either 1-2 more people depending on the number of beds the room offers.

  • Houston? As much as I want to go, I can't just fly across the country at this moment. Sorry.

    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • Why couldn't this happen when I lived in Texas... ><__><



  • Second official meeting: My house. I'll bake Muffins and Cupcakes!




  • I'd love to go, but unfortunately all of my exes live around there. I guess I'll just have to stay here in Tennessee.

    @Adrian: Sounds good! ...Where is your house, again?

  • Yay for country music references!

    My house resides in the great state of Utah!




  • hmmm...


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • Well going to Fiesta Equestria has better chances than BronyCon, but it's still kind of a stretch so I'll have to see.


    The champions come together and a new battle ensues!

  • Hey gaiz, back from vacation!

    Anyway, getting to the point here, I might be able to go to this thing.

    Living in New Mexico gives me a pretty short trip over to Texas so that's nice. The only thing is, I wouldn't be able to go alone (I'm 16 :P), and I don't think my dad would have any fun at a Brony convention, lol. Other than that though, there is a very good chance of me going!

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