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  • Seems alright. It's not really that different from the old version from what I can tell. Other than it's head and tail, it seems the same.

  • That Antelope thing, looks pretty cool.

  • I predict that Fletchling and Helioptile will have awesome evolutions.

  • Does tabletop gaming count? I just played my first game of DnD and I got hooked. If you guys can get some friends, I'd check it out sometime.

    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • I'd say it does. D&D is really fun whether you're just looking to have fun or play a serious game. D&D can do it all. It's all in the imagination after all! I'm not super into it and I don't play that often but when I do play I enjoy it. I've never really played a fully legitimate game though, lol. More like a bunch of makeshift games.

    One of my most interesting games was when I was dungeon master and I set up a sort of Zombie D&D. It was modern day, specifically starting at the exact time we were hanging out at my house. I set it up so I wasn't in the party, but more of a narrator sort of dungeon master, which was still really fun. I actually was able to freak one of the guys out! I took myself out of the story by going to get something and then returning without my car, bloodied and sick, saying that a homeless man attacked me. While they tried to nurse me back to health and gathered supplies the game hours ran by, night came, and before they knew it an ambulance had crashed through my front door revealing the first zombie! All the while, they didn't know much of what was going on since I didn't tell them it revolved around zombies. The game lasted a couple more hours but we still need to continue from there.

    Anyway, have any of you guys tried out D&D? If not you should. Maybe try out my zombie style D&D sometime, lol.

  • I havent tried D&D but its pretty popular in the dorm i stay at. So i may give it a try once the fall semester starts up.

  • So, what do you guys think about the Xbox One reveal? How does it stack up against the PS4 specs so far? What do you think about all the DRM business going currently? Are you going to be purchasing an Xbox One or PS4 from the information they have released so far?

    Personally, I thought it was a pretty bad reveal considering all that went into it. I know they were saving games for E3 or something but that's no escuse to ignore the gamer almost entirely. The specs of the PS4 so far seem to be superior to me so far, but with all the rumors I'm hearing about DRM, I may not get either console (until I break down and get them when the price drops). Microsoft is kinda turning into big brother, always watching, controlling your gaming experience, lol. Where I stand now is that I will get a PS4 but I will not get an Xbox One unless they release some killer exclusive titles. Instead, I will focus those assets to things like investing in PC gaming, purchasing other games, or getting more pony swag.

    Also, I played Bioshock Infinite again today. I still can't get over how much of a great game it is! I should really get to playing the first one, after all, it came with Infinite on the PS3 version.

  • I am the same way Defeat. I don't know about the specs and I didn't watch the conference, just read what Gameinformer put out. From what I've seen it seems like Sony is focusing on what Microsoft only stated as a side note. Sony is selling a game console while Microsoft is selling a media box with a lot of stuff I don't give a crap about. So the order in which I buy new consoles is in the order as follows: PS4, Wii U, and maybe Xbox One.

  • For all the reasons already listed: I have a Wii U, I'm going to build a gaming rig, I will get a PS4, I will probably not waste time with XB1, but I'm not making any final decisions till after E3.

  • The reveal was lackluster to say the least.

    PS4 is more powerful and from my experience with the PS3 and 360, I definitely prefer Sony. I'll probably eventually get a PS4 and skip the XBox 1, but I've got a PC so I don't really care much for either.



  • The PS4 is more powerful and easier to develop for (Meaning easily the best looking multiplats), it's focusing a lot on original indie games, can be played without ever connecting to the internet, can be played without a camera and make being plugged in and always on, is focused mainly on games instead of tv/media... yeah.

    I'm definitely going to be getting the PS4.  Microsoft is going for a different market than Sony is, and that market doesn't include me.  E3 will probably show some amazing exclusives or the One (What a crappy name), but then again, so will the PS4.  Maybe they'll at least inform all of their employees of their plans by then, so we don't have five different versions of each story.



  • Agreed, besides probably everything Microsoft will show will either be third party stuff that will also come to PS4, or media stuff.

  • @bopbop: Well they did say they would be showing off 15 exclusives. That said for all we know most of those could be Kinect only games. We just have to wait and see.

  • Unless they're coming out with 14 new IP's that aren't for Kinect, or a mix, or just Kinect with Halo 5... Oh ya and I guess a Gears game.

  • How is Gears? I've never played it, but I'm almost positive you can get the first one on PC.

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