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  • I've always thought muscle milk tasted fine, on top of it being one of the best protien shakes out there according to one of the personal trainers I had. Unless you mean the powder, I've never had that. So if you're using the powder, throw that crap away and just get the premade shakes.

  • I made a pretty big mistake for my health today... I had a hot pocket.

    *eating* okay, this is pretty good.

    ~15 minutes later~





  • Hmm...after having my wisdom teeth taken out this past week, I've made a remarkable discovery.  It's pretty easy to lose weight when you can't eat.

  • Thanksgiving holidays!  Time when diets go out the window and we all pig out!  If you did this like i did....IT'S OKAY!!! Don't freak out Don't panic.  The one or two meals that you pig out on during the holidays will not make you blow up like a balloon.

    The trick is to NOT MAKE IT A HABIT!  Now that Turkey day has come and gone its time to get back on the healthy train!  

    Confession time!  

    Here is my confession anyone else feel free to join in.  Lets repent of our bad eating habits to we can get back on the right track!

    This Holiday I managed to stay away from sweets, but fresh bread killed me.  I ate an entire loaf  of homemade sourdough bread over 4 days of time.  I gained 3 pounds this week so its back to exercising and eating right until Christmas where i will probably pig out again.  I'm just glad i managed to keep my weight under 195.

  • New Year, New You!

    It's everyone's favorite time of the year!  New years resolution.  My new years resolution is to continue my great progress from last year and see if I can take it a little bit farther.  At this point I'm not looking to loose anymore weight, but  tone up just a little more. 


    Supplements are great if your'e like me and struggle to cook 3 wholesome meals a day.  What you take is up to you and personal preference, but I take a multi-vitamin daily and protein shakes after my workouts.  I know these can be a little expensive (the protein shake I take is around 100$ a 5.0 lb. tub at my local health store) So I have found this wonderful web site that ships quickly is cheap(same size tub and brand is 35.00$) carries name brand products and accepts pay-pal so there is no worry about security!  If anyone is interested they should check this place out.http://www.a1supplements.com/

  • Eyes of Avo:
    I know these can be a little expensive (the protein shake I take is around 100$ a 5.0 lb. tub at my local health store)

    Supplements can definitely be a great help if you know what youre doing. dont just start popping pills, talk to someone with experience and know what you need based on your diet and workout routine.

    as for the shakes, I highly, highly suggest musclemilk. it can be bought as pre-made shakes from most major grocery chains (wal-mart, target, krogers, HEB, etc.) and is very reasonably priced, especially compared to other protein shakes. the consistency and taste are fine, and you can simply open one up and throw it back immediately after your workout, when your body most readily absorbs nutrition from anything you eat or drink, as opposed to a powder you would have to mix up and then drink. the portion size gives you pretty much the perfect amount of protein needed as well: plenty to stimulate muscle growth, but not so much as will cause protein overload (yes, you can have too much protien, and it actually stunts muscle growth). This is the shake I take, and it was originally suggested to me by a professional trainer and ex-NFL running back, so you have it from a good source. 

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