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MLP:FiM FanFiction Thread

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  • So, I'm writing an adventure story with Princess Celestia as the hero.  If that sounds like your kind of thing, please check it out.




    How did an ordinary unicorn filly become an alicorn princess?  What really happened to the great wizard Starswirl the Bearded?  How did Celestia and Luna discover the Elements of Harmony?  And why did they both lose their connection to them?  It's high adventure spanning a thousand years, all leading up to Celestia's ultimate destiny.


    Thanks, guys.

  • Noticed the update. Will probably be reading today.

    "Always make them laugh, try to make them cry. Always take the stage like it's the last night of your life." Frank Turner.




  • My princess adventure story, Celestia in Excelsis, is now featured on Equestria Daily!  And just last night it actually managed to make the feature box at FIMfiction for a few hours!  :)


    I'm feeling pretty happy right now...


    In other fanfiction news, I recently came across one of the most awesome Chrysalis stories ever, Maternal Instinct.  It's one of the best portrayals of the character I've seen.  Fans of the changeling queen should give this one a chance if they don't mind taking a stroll on the darker, sadder side of fiction.

  • I'm being "that guy" and bringing up a dead thread... so what are some of your favorite pony fim fics? I have a bunch, but I think Loyal2Luna's stuff takes the cake ... well ... Celestia eats said cake L2L bakes.

  • End of Ponies. Best fic ever. Well, third best next to Fallout Equestria and Project Horizons.


  • I read a bunch of Fanfic last year.  Somehow several resonated with me at an incredible level.  Like, a year later, I'm deeply nostalgic about some of them.  For example:

    Eternal (www.fimfiction.net/.../eternal), which was a fantastic exploration of Twilight as a character, and what the relationship between her and Celestia was.  It's a very interesting story, pretty well-written, and not a bajillion pages long--a rare treat in the world of My Little Pony epics.

    Fallout: Equestria, of course.  First, Little Pip is an amazing character, and joy to follow as she changes throughout the story.  Second, the story is very well crafted, with elements that still astound me (the mirror!).  Third, there's something very powerful in the juxtaposition of My Little Pony and Fallout--I think it's an inherently compelling idea, to see how these innocent characters and ideas from the show work with the completely corrupt and corrupting world of Fallout.  Incredibly gripping in just about every way.

    Hesitantly, Background Pony.  It's got a fantastic premise--Lyra, a musician, is cursed such that no one can remember her, and she can leave no physical mark on the world, and cannot leave Ponyville.  She tries to remove the curse through her music, which bring out very dark magic.  Parts of it are very touching, or moving.  I've definitely got some memories of it, even though I got nowhere near finishing it.  The problem with it is that the story develops like crap.  Countless bloated (100s of pages!) chapters feel like mere walls in the way of furthering the story.  It also toes the line--none to graciously--between "poetic" and "pretentious" pretty much all the time.  But if you can get past those barriers, there's definitely an interesting story there.

    Administration is Magic is an interesting story.  It's about Celestia and Luna, and how they run Equestria.  It sort of got discontinued, but I think what's there is very interesting.  Luna struggles to adapt to her new life, Celestia struggles to adapt to her sister...  Lots of political conniving.

    I know there are some others, too...  I wish I could remember them, it's been so long, though, and I never made any sort of Fimfic account to keep track of them...


    DeviantArt; PSN: Spyro_Conspiracy; Steam: Spyro Conspiracy Theorist

  • Well, I've never heard of "End of Ponies". Plus, I couldn't stomach Fallout Equestria, which was surprising when I said that to the author (she/he was awesome and gave me tips on writing one of my stories that I ended up dropping! ..)

    I started Background Pony, but ya, it had a large amount of fluff that took the reader away from the unique and fun experience.

    I highly recommend you get a fimfic account. They are so useful to have, even if you don't write stuff! There are so many talented authors to chose from, and some very unique and fun stories to read. I could take the next hour listing them all, and I'd still wouldn't be done.

  • Blue:

    I'm being "that guy" and bringing up a dead thread... so what are some of your favorite pony fim fics? I have a bunch, but I think Loyal2Luna's stuff takes the cake ... well ... Celestia eats said cake L2L bakes.


    Eternal is my absolute favorite.

    Somewhere Only We Know by PatchworkPoltergeist is awesome.  (But rather sad.)

    And Naked Singularity made me laugh out loud.  Very fun.


    And of course my own stories are all wonderful.  =P

  • How do you do the cool quote thing? And ya, Naked Singularity was funny as can be! I'm actually thinking about publishing a story containing all of my cancelled stories, cause, there is a lot. Around a dozen actually lol

  • So, this is all top secret for potential it being embarrassingly sucky reasons, but I've been writing a little fanfic.  It's pretty much the first creative writing I've done in years, and I've never gotten any peer review on it, so I have no idea what's crap and what's pretty okay.


    It's a story set far in Equestria's future.  Celestia has been ill for a long, long time, and without someone to raise the sun, a terrible winter has beset the land. Luna has to balance her duties to Equestria and her duties to her sick sister as she travels from town to town to support the surviving ponies.

    If anyone would like like to take the time to critique it, I would be very grateful.  Be as in-depth or cursory as you like, and don't be afraid to eviscerate it if you feel so inclined.  I'm posting it here because I figure I've got to show it to people who can help me improve if I ever want to do so.


    DeviantArt; PSN: Spyro_Conspiracy; Steam: Spyro Conspiracy Theorist

  • Well, you got a good start on the cover art. This was my 'first' published attempt at writing. I cancelled the story a long while ago, and finally a friend reviewed it just for the sake of it. Lots of errors.... www.fimfiction.net/.../steel-the-night

    I'm currently writing a new new story. This one is a very dark story that pits friends into mortal enemies, and is surprisingly inspired off a chess game.

  • Blue:

    How do you do the cool quote thing?


    If you go to reply to someone, use rich formatting, and there's a "Quote" option right below the post you are replying to.


    And FIMfiction is pretty awesome.  That's pretty much my main site for interacting with the pony fandom.  :)

  • I've been writing a fic for the past the week about Rainbow Dash's flight training, It's still a work in progress, but I will be able to get much more done with it when 31/31 is done.


    Crashing is never really a possibility in my eyes. I mean yeah, I crash a lot, but when I’m flying it doesn’t cross my mind until I’m suddenly barreling straight into the ground headfirst.  And that sucks, because nothing hurts as much as crashing.


    Trust me, nopony tells you about it, but crashing hurts. It hurts a lot. The pain from hitting the ground is bad, but nothing can compare to when you’re skidding across the ground. The feeling of your flesh rubbing against the dirt, the burn of your skin ripping, and the sharp pains of small pebbles embedding themselves in your side. Believe me, it’s twice as painful as it sounds.


    And I know how much it hurts to crash, because currently I’m sprawled on a patch of grass that feels wet. And I doubt it’s from the morning dew. With a wince, I pull myself up off the ground. Every single joint in my body aches, and just standing up feels like I’m back doing pushups in the Wonderbolts Academy.



    But what hurts the most is my right cheek. It stings like Tartarus, which makes sense considering I was skidding across the ground at twenty miles per hour on it. Sometimes I feel like that if this is the pain that makes you a Wonderbolt, it’s not worth it. I never let those thoughts dwell in my mind though. I’ve wanted to be a Wolderbolt all my life, and no amount of pain would change that.

    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • I wrote a fanfiction.

    This is a shameless self plug.

    I can't end this haiku.


    I like turtles. And monkeys. And cats.

  • I like it, it sounds like Rainbow Dashes inner most thoughts. Well done x19

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