Hey everyone, and welcome to another episode of Friendship Weekly! There is no Comic Corner this week, but according to Dream Runner, there wasn't any news anyways, so it's okay! You know the drill by now. Go get that episode! 



Fiesta Equestria!

Mane-Iac and Humdrum's Packaging!

MLP And IDW Are Doing Panels At Comic-Con!

Funko Spitfire And DJ Pon-3 SDCC Exclusive!

Equestria Girls Mane-Iac Figure!

Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks Blu-Ray/DVD Release Date?

Showtimes For Equestria Girls 2 Revealed?

Equestria Girls Coming To Redbox!

New WeLoveFine Shirts!

Pony Hood Hats At Target!



Sakaerion's Bat Wings:


SpyroConspiracyTheorist's art:



That's all for this week! Thanks for listening!