Hey Everyone! It's been quite the hiatus but the GIO Brony Newsletter is BACK! (For a limited time only... jk). Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Season and taking some quality time off because I know I'm not. I have managed to get a bit of Christmas shopping done though. I went through the My Little Pony aisle at Target with my mom to grab some pony toys for my sisters, but since my sisters have quite a few figurines already, I had to call them up and ask which ones they already had. After I hung up the phone, I told my mom they had the mane six and Cheerilee. She looked at me puzzled, then I had to point out which ones I was talking about while all the other clueless parents waltzed on by. I then spent the rest of the time pointing out character names and whether or not they'd be good gifts and explaining why (canon vs. non-canon, background vs show-ground, etc). In the end, it felt pretty weird, but I have to say my sisters will be swimming in pony toys come Christmas morning. Anyway, here's this week's newsletter!


New Members

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Brony Round Up

Game: Halo 4 (Xbox 360) or Maplestory (PC)

Date: 12/22/12

Time: 7pm EST (If all goes well)


Good Movie Night






Bad Movie Night








 - Oni No Tenshi

Holiday Brony Swag - The Mane Event!

- Dr. Joeystein

The Significance of "The Walking Dead" Winning a GOTY Award


Moments: The Last Stand of Noble Six


ZombiU is About the Prepper

The Traveler

The Journey to Estonia

Red Memories and a Slice of Home

- Blaze6106

Villains and How They Saved Halo


Original Art

Eyes of Avo




Spyro Conspiracy Theorist


Christmas Corner

Well that about wraps it up for this week. While I was out looking for pictures for this blog, I ran across some more that I wanted to share so here they are! Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!