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A loud crack sounds off that's likened to the sound of thunder. Applebloom wakes from a deep sleep and opens her eyes to the dark of the room around her. She lays, unmoving in her bed wondering what woke her up, then a sound rings off again that hurts her ears. The filly grabbed her pillow and flung it over her ears in an attempt to drown out the noise, but the sound had already passed. Applebloom had never heard a sound like that before. It was quick like the sound of her granny clanging two pans together, it hurt like the flash of lightning and echoed like thunder.

Ever the curious youth, Applebloom twisted her body and rolled off the bed, landing on four hooves onto the wooden floor below. She took a few unsteady steps towards the window, her legs still half asleep from the deep rest she was in before. Applebloom reached up, pulling aside one of the apple-pattered curtains that blocked her view and looked outside into the dark.

It's still dark outside, the night barely waning into the morning. The moon was a near full gibbous that showered the grounds below and the apple trees of the farm in it's light. Applebloom  squinted, then rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before looking back out. It took her a moment, but she was able to make out an orange shape standing outside the trees past the fence that separated the grounds from the farm. The shape stood before the tree line, carrying something unrecognizable to the filly, but what she did recognize was the brown stetson hat that adorned the head of the figure. Applebloom knew immediately that it was her sister Applejack, who never went outside without her hat.

Before Applebloom could call out, Applejack disappeared into the copse of trees, taking with her that weird object that was cradled on her back.

"What could she possibly be doing out this late?" Applebloom thought to herself, pushing off from the window and back on four legs. The filly walked up to her door and opened it just a crack to see to the hallway adjacent to several rooms that lined it. The hallway looked empty, so the filly pushed the door out all the way and stepped out. Applebloom took careful steps down towards the end of the hallway, her destination being the stairs ahead.

A floorboard creaked, and she stopped and held her breath. The air was still, and she could still make out snoring coming from the occupants of the other rooms. Granny Smith would be able to sleep through couple of explosions, the filly's main fear was waking her elder brother, Big Macintosh, who would send her back to bed if caught. Applebloom didn't want to think about how long she would be grounded if Big Mac found out she was sneaking out way past her bedtime.

Applebloom waited another minute before taking comfort in the even pattern of snores coming from behind the doors. Applebloom quickly, but quietly, made her waay to the stairs and stepped down to the lower level before trotting out the front door. She quickly made her way to the treeline that she saw Applejack go into earlier and gave no pause to heading right in after her.

The light of the moon penetrated the canopy of trees thanks to the spacing of the spacing that allowed easy irrigation and harvesting. Applebloom still had a hard time keeping a steady pace thanks to the mudddy trail that was created from yesterday's rain. Applebloom was grateful nonetheless, for it showed her the hoof-prints of her sister that continued deeper into the farm of apple trees.

Applebloom heard the sound again. This time it was closer, and there was no pane of glass to shield her ears from the thunder. She covered her ears with her front hooves, allowing her front half to fall prone into the mud. The damage had already been done, and her ears ached from the noise. She stood back up, shook her head, and started running along Applejack's trail.

She was worried for her sister. For all she knew, the sound was a huge pony-eating monster that could earth Applejack in one bite, and maybe Big Mac in two. Family protected each-other, this lesson was drilled into the filly's head since birth and it was a lesson she carried in her head as she charged through the trees without any fear.

If she had been watching the trees instead of the ground, she might have recognized this path. It was one she had traveled many times with her two close friends. It was a place they visited often that was in a private and secluded part of the farm.

Applebloom ran through a clearing from the trees and found herself looking at her clubhouse. A building supported by a large apple tree That seemed to be the oldest for miles. But this was not the object of interest for the young filly. In the midst of the clearing stood Applejack and she was bleeding profusely from a gash in her right side, the blood running down into her hoof and dripping off the curve of her leg. She was holding that object that Applebloom saw her holding earlier.

The object, that Applebloom could see, was made in parts wood and parts metal. It was long and had a narrow end to it that was metal, while the wider wooden end was resting against Applejack as she pointed it...

Right at a wolf four times her own size.

Applejack kept her eyes focused onto the creature. Her hat was gone from her head,, allowing sweat to soak her head and bead down her face. The salty water stung her eyes, but she didn't dare divert her gaze away from the beast before her. Applejack's breathing was steady as she held that object against her body like her life depended on it.She stood stock still before the beast.

The beast was growling at Applejack, teeth bared and saliva dripping from it's maw. The beast didn't return Applejack's gaze, bu kept it's eyes locked onto the object in her hooves. Applebloom felt her breath catch in her lungs, and let she out a small squeak in spite of herself. The wolf's eyes instantly snapped from Applejack to the much easier prey that had so foolishly ran in but a few bounds away. Applejack noticed the wolf break it's line of sight and looked broke her own gaze to look at the object of interest. Surprise and worry covered her face when she recognized her little sister.

This is all the distraction the beast needed. The moment that Applejack turned her head, the wolf kicked it's legs from under, digging deep into the earth, springing with all speed at the filly. Applebloom couldn't bring herself to move, not even to look away from the creature that was but only a few yards away from her. The beast jumped, muzzle open wide. Applejack gave screamed out her sister's name. Applebloom closed her eyes.

The sound came, louder than it had before. Applebloom's ears rang and a splash of wetness hit her face. She waited for the beast to jump on her and tear her to pieces, but it didn't come. Instead she felt something touch her face, and she heard a muffled sound through the ringing that was low and constant. Applebloom opened her eyes and saw her sister Applejack looking back at her, muddled in red. Her lips were moving but no sound could be heard besides that low mumbling sound. Then her face blurred as the filly's eyes filled with tears as she realized just how scared she was.

Applebloom found use to her legs then, and stepped forward to hug her bigger sister. She felt Applejack's weight give a little towards he hurt side, but then strengthen as she returned the embrace.

Applebloom held her sister for what seemed like hours. Eventually the ringing in her ears stopped, and she was able to hear her sister's gentle whispers in her ear,

"S'alright. S'okay. You're safe now ya hear,? I've gotcha, you're safe."

Applebloom felt comforted ash she felt Applejack's hoof stroke her head, and as she cried into her sister's shoulder.

Applebloom opened her eyes too look behind Applejack and see that the object she held was now on the ground with smoke trailing out of the metal end. Needing to know where the wolf had gone, Applebloom pulled away from her sister and looked to her left. Applejack tried to pull her head away, but found herself too weak to stand any longer. She kneeled to the ground.

Applebloom looked at the wolf that lay a yard away from them. It's eyes were open, looking at nothing with it's muzzle still in an endless snarl. Part of the beasts head was missing, and the fur around it was matted in dark blood. She couldn't tear her eyes away, though heaven knows she wanted to. What pulled her out of the hypnotic sight was the sound of her sister's exhausted voice.

"Don't look at it, Applebloom."

Applebloom tore her head away and looked back at her sister. Applejack looked unsteady and pale. The sight of her sister bent low scared her almost as much as the wolf did when she first saw it. Without another word, Applebloom rushed back to Applejack and nudged herself under one side.

"Get up sis'." Applebloom croaked, her throat dry. She swallowed hard and pushed with all her strength. Applejack groaned in pain, but was able to get off the ground and onto her unsteady hooves. Applebloom kept pushing against Applejack to try and keep her sister on her hooves. She made her way with Applejack towards the ramp of the clubhouse step after shaky step at a time.

Forever passed in the young filly's mind as they made their way up the ramp and into the door of the clubhouse. Applejack stumbled onto one of the cushions that was on the floor and lay there while Applebloom ran to a corner hurriedly Throwing items around looking for something specific. She found what she was looking for. Biting on a white metal box that was adorned with a heart in the foreground of a red cross, Applebloom hurried back to her sister who lay still on the cushion. Applebloom flipped the lid open and took out a roll of gauze. Applejack said little but emitted the occasional grunt of pain as Applebloom tightly wound the gauze around the gash in Applejack's side. The bleeding had lessened, and the blood had already begun to clot along the wound, but it still soaked into the gauze as the filly tried her best to pull it around her sister's body. After using the last of the gauze, Applebloom pushed herself onto Applejack's side onto the wound, putting pressure on it.

Despite her pain, Applejack let out a chuckle. "Seems that all those times... patching up Scootaloo... taught ya somethin'."

"Don't talk, Applejack, you've got to save your strength." said Applebloom, pushing tighter on the wound. Applejack lifted her head and placed it around Applejack. "It's alright Applebloom. I'll be fine now thanks ta you." Applejack smiled and nuzzled her little sister.

The two laid in silence for a while in the cold night. A chill started to settle in causing Applebloom to remove herself from Applejack and grab one of the blankets she threw aside while searching for he first-aid kit. She brought it back to Applejack, rejoining her previous spot while pulling up a blanket onto her sister and herself. Moments later, Applebloom could hear the familiar breathing of a sleeping Applejack, and was comforted by the breathing and the feeling of her heartbeat as she laid next to her.

But the filly couldn't sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw the wolf's staring back at her. When a cricket would chirp through the night, she expected the sound of thunder to rocket through her ears once again. There was once during the night where she started to drift off, but a growl sent through her mind shocked her awake. Applejack woke with a groan in reaction to Applebloom's movements.




















Covers by Mray901:

God of Irony:






You're a person of many talents, of this I know for sure. When my heart aches of solitude and worry, just you being there is the cure. Your presence illuminates my mind and dissolves all of my troubles.

I may not be the best at keeping things interesting, but of my loyalty I hold truth. My actions may make you think twice about my ability to behave skillfully, but it's merely me being around you that makes me appear uncouth.

Our beginnings are quite unorthodox, this I admit. Poniess had never crossed my mind when it came to commitment. Though you may believe there's not enough to keep us together, I just want you to let you know that my care for you will never be the lesser.

I wonder how Spiderman feels about all this terrific art.


Well I think that about wraps things up for this week. Heres some more Spiderman to send us off with a bang.