Alright, so apparently we've had some issues come up that caused the newsletter to drop for the week. But never fear! Class is not cancelled. Oh no it's not, because we have a substitute taking the stage! Sort of... Regardless, here is all the stuff for the week.


New Members

Huh... There's no new people this week. That's a bummer.


Weekend Roundup

Unknown Game

Unknown Date

Unknown Time



Good Movie Night



Bad Movie Night

 - Plan 9 From Outer Space

 - 9 pm EST

 - Synchtube (Password: Spike)




DrJoeyStein - The Beautiful Music Behind First Person Shooters

Glasses - My First Foreign Game: Uncharted 2: Il Covo Dei Ladri

Hitchhikerwaffle - The Hitch Hiker's Guide to Platformers

People Tend to Disagree with My Game Opinions

CheeseballPwn - I Am the Worst Completionist

Stranger - Coming on to the Overload

XL9 - Top 10 Character That Deserve Their Own Game

My Gaming Merchandise

Top 10 Saddest Deaths in Gaming

An Update on my Mission

How GI Editors Saved Germany From Mutons

My XCOM War Stories

The Alien Killing Dream Team


Fan Fiction

Undertaker Adrian - Life Led


Original Art


God of Irony




Alright, well that's all I got for this week. Enjoy!