Greetings everyone, it’s Wednesday again, and that means… hold on, what’s this? September… 5th? Why, it’s someone’s birthday today! Someone who should be very special to you all. Someone who you all know. Someone who has a huge presence here on Game Informer Online. That’s right, it’s Freddie Mercury’s birthday! 

Oh and also that Mray901 guy but no one likes him. 

also, Freddie Mercury is the best lead singer of any rock group ever, and Mray is very very lucky to share a birthday with the god of rock and roll.

also TFG edited this and is wrong. 

well, there is no evidence he is wrong. So he is therefore correct by default. 





Go give him a warm welcome. 


  • Good Movie Night will take place in Superking's synchtube room at 11 PM EST. Movies will be either RAINMAN, BLADE RUNNER (MAYBE), CHARLIE CHAPLIN'S GREAT DICTATOR, EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.  Voting will take place in the synchtube room. Password is spike
  • There will be no Bad Movie Night due to lack of hosts and Maplestory.


  • Maplestory
  • Saturday
  • 7:00 PM EST


  • Brony Group Blogs

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The Wheel And The Spiral: A Year On GIO - Stranger

What Makes An Epic Moment - DrJoeystein

Apocalypse Hats - God of Irony  (Be sure to check out the rest of his 31/31 as well. They're all drawblogs and they're all great.)

Onward, Unto New Grounds - GoldvsSilver

Kingdom Hearts... Well, Just Look - JakandRatchet79

Impact: My Favorite Moments In Gaming - hitchhikerwaffle


  • Original Art







Spyro Conspiracy Theorist


And that, my friends, is it for this week. Tune in next week when I have no idea what's going to happen!

Also, don't make Jontron angry. 

That is all.