Greetings, Programs! Under the order of CLU, I've been permited to construct this week's Brony Newsletter.  If you do not like it or fail to follow commands, you will be subject to immediate Deresolution.


New Members

We only have one new Program on the Grid this week: Timothy.  Welcome to the group, Timothy!  And good luck surviving the Lightcycle Arena…


Round Ups/BMN/GMN

It looks like you programs are getting a treat this week…

Good Movie Night: The Big Lebowski – Friday 11 PM EST

Just be happy CLU didn’t decide to hold a Disc Battle during that time.

You ESPECIALLY don't want to fight the Cosby, Program...

"Watch out! The Cosby's are attacking!"



You programs have a BIT of reading to do. See what I did there?



You done reading yet, Program?  It’s me, TRON.  While you were getting familiar with those streams of data, I took over this Newletter to show everyone that I am alive. We will fight CLU and his generals until the Grid is ours again!

Oh, yes, the newsletter…




Not many Programs have had the chance to create anything due to CLU’s tyrannical rule, but we do have two great pieces from some artistic Programs.





That’s all I have for you this week, Programs, but I must go now.  CLU’s Blackgaurd are forcing their way back into their control room.  Just remember: CLU cannot be allowed to take over the Grid.  We must stand and unite against him.  TRON Lives.



End of Line.