The name's Jensen, Adam Jensen. I have temporarily taken over this user's consciousness so that I may speak to you bronies. How and why did I do this you ask? Augmentations, that's all you need to know.


New Members

Two new members this week, so feel free to welcome Zebastian von Kane and Undertaker Adrian to the herd, then proceed to break into their houses, hack their computers, and rearrange all their furniture.


Round ups/BMN/GMN

Nothing plannned so far this week, so instead we have this. 



Better head for your closest garbage disposal and stock up on Cyber Boost Pro Energy Bars, this may take a while to read.


(Technically it's a podcast, but it features our very own Silvershine08)


Now that you're done reading those (I'll know if you haven't, and I can be very persuasive), it's time to get serious.




Wait, that was not meant to be posted... I blame augmentations.



I don't see how any of this creative stuff can help you take down biomechanically engineered terrorists, but I guess it works for some people.












Well, that's it for me, Adam Jensen out.







Wait for it...






I never asked for this.