Wow, it’s already been a year. A full 366 days since I created this group. Longer ago that I found out about bronies, and the show which we so love. Weirdly enough, it doesn’t seem that long ago, but it seems longer ago too. If that even makes sense. 

What I’m trying to say is the time has flown by thanks to this group, but I feel like I’ve known all of the members for much longer (granted I have for a few of you, but that’s beside the point.) We’ve been through so much in this single year. From troll infestations, to seeing the artists among us grow and bloom into fantastic and popular creators on DeviantART and in the brony fandom in general. 

You guys may not realize it, but we may very well be the most active, tight-knit group here on GIO. Sure most of the active GIO members are friends and talk to each other regularly, but to my knowledge, none of them have been through what this group has. And, with 238 members and counting, we’re bound to be a bit bigger than other groups. 

When I made this group a year ago, I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect this. In all honesty, I was expecting tons of ridicule, and maybe a couple of GIO members to join and then the group would slowly die within about a month. I don’t think that prediction was very accurate. 

No, not accurate at all. I mean sure, we definitely got and still get ridiculed every time someone mentions the word “pony” unironically, but it doesn’t bother us. Much, anyways. And the reason it doesn’t bother us? Because, on the other end of the spectrum, we have tons of support from fellow bronies and non-bronies alike. Heck, we’ve been mentioned numerous times by the editors on official site podcasts, videos, and articles. That’s awesome. 

Long story short, I made this group with little expectations behind it, and it has blossomed into a large community; nay, a family of some of the most likeable people on the internet. I’m proud to have had a part of it. 

But enough from me, let’s get some opinions from some of our other group members. 


God of Irony 

I joined the G.I. brony group back in July when it was in its infancy. It was very empty when I joined, hardly any forums at all. I think there was a total of 3, including the rules thread. There were about twenty members, including myself, and that’s nuts considering how there is now over 200 members, ten times that from when I joined. The group is something special on the internet, partially because I think it stems from a mother site that is also something special on the internet, here, we don't argue much, there is very little drama, and we all just tend to get along. Every single member is something special, great people, and it has been a genuine pleasure to know. I wish you all great things in life, and above all else, happiness.



Well, y’all pretty much know the story. Matt got a bunch of people to post on my profile, it got me interested in the show, and then I joined the group. What might be less known is the fact that I might have not been on GIO past November if not for the group. I came in having no clue who anyone was aside from Mray, Matt, and DMW and got greeted with a flurry of friend requests and friendly conversation. After my two months on the site in relative obscurity, I was amazed at how friendly this group was. I then discovered Synchtube and Twitter were extensions of the group, and the rest is history.

We've had a lot of strife amongst the group, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've made so many great friendships with the people from here. I've trolled Superking with Other M, I blogged with Mray, talked about music with Matt, chatted with PR for hours on end, tweeted back and forth with Deadman, the list goes on...This group is one of the most awesome places I've found on the internet, and I'm overwhelmed and humbled to be a part of it. Cheers to you all, I consider many of you all good friends, and all of you great people. ~Stranger




It's been quite a journey, and even though I haven't been here since the start, I feel like I've been a huge part of this group. I've been amazed to see this group grow as much as it has, glad that I could spend time bonding with you guys over ponies, and have my tastes in games, music, television, and film expand and diversify because of this group.

I am in debt to a number of you. A lot of you have been huge encouragements to me in my life, lifting me up in a number of ways, and I try to return that to whoever I can. I thank you all; a lot of you (directly or indirectly) have helped me sharpen my skills with writing, thinking, and drawing. I can actually decently draw something now. 

Every time I think about you guys, I am left breathless from the memories I've had with this group. It is truly an amazing thing how a bunch of girly ponies brought us all together like it has, and I'm thankful that it did. 

Thank you. Thank you all. 



Why do I think the group is awesome?  Hmmm, that's a good question.  As corny and generic as it may sound, it's because of all of the friends I've met here.  Heck, I've met some of my bestest best friends through this group!  When I joined a year ago, I just wanted to be a part of a fun idea.  But I soon realized that this group, founded on ponies (crazy, right), is about much more.  It's about meeting new friends, hanging out, and having fun.  Who doesn't love all of that? 



It was about a year ago I joined this group on GIO, and ever since then my email has had an explosion of messages from this group. Sure, I've always had the option to turn it off, but really, why would I want to? All the crazy activity in this corner of GIO has kept me much more than entertained, and I can honestly say I look forward each day to finding out what crazy shenanigans have happened. Be it an image war, round up or a Synchtube party, this group has become much more than just some group of bronies, but I'm sure a lot of you know what I mean. 

I've come to appreciate you guys as genuine friends of mine, ones with which I've had my shares of ups and downs, but always there. I'm not even sure what my first year of college would've been like without you guys here to bring a grin to my face when I needed it. I could go on and on about my experiences and whatnot, but I think it's enough to say that this group, this community, this family is something really special you don't often see on the internet. We may go our separate ways eventually, but for now, keep it classy GIO Bronies. 



The GIO Brony group is easily one of the greatest groups of individuals I have ever had the privilege to meet. I found them during one of the most difficult times in my life so far, and cannot overstate the gratefulness I have towards each and every member of the group for how they have changed my life. I first found the brony group exactly one year ago. I had recently graduated high school, and due to this most of what had previously been important in my life disappeared. My football career was over after spending all of high school playing it since I was too small to play in college. All of my friends ended up moving away to various colleges throughout the nation, and college had yet to start for me, so I was left pretty much alone and with seemingly no purpose in life. This caused me to sink into a fairly deep depression for approximately 3 months. 

I spent the vast majority of that time on the internet, trying and failing to get involved in various forum sites to starting arguments in YouTube comments to simply have some contact with other people.  So it’s not a stretch of the imagination to say I was in pretty bad emotional shape when I first stumbled upon the world of MLP and bronies. I ironically found the GIO Brony group the day after I first saw FiM, which even more ironically was the day the group was founded. I stumbled upon the group after happening to see Mray’s Rainbow Dash avatar in the comments on an article, and subsequently seeing a link to the group on his profile page. At this point I was in a near-suicidal state after being depressed for so long and not knowing what was wrong with me, which only served to deepen my depression. 

But suddenly, I had a place to go and talk to a group of kindhearted and friendly individuals with similar interests who always seemed to be willing to play a game or have a conversation. It might not have been able to replace the real-life friends I had lost, but it was more than enough to pull me out of my depression and help me return to the individual I really was. Since then the group has always been there to help me through tough times, or simply be somewhere where I can always feel welcome, and I regard each and every member as a friend the way I would someone whom I knew in real life. They also helped me discover an artistic talent I never believed I had, and thus have helped me find a new passion in my life to pursue. 

The GIO Brony group came into my life when I needed them most, and helped fill the emptiness left by my depression, and for that I will always be grateful to them. To some degree, I owe them my very life, and in more ways than one. 


Another Matthew 

Well, here we are, the group's first anniversary. An entire year... Just let that soak in for a bit. A lot has happened over the course of a single year from simply clicking that "join group" icon. From mod related matters, to intense image wars, to drama. It has been a wild ride, that's for sure.

Upon my first viewing of season one I was puzzled about what made FiM so special. The show just had this innocent, cute, charming effect on me, and this group is what made me realize how great it truly was. Pointing out the fantastic jokes, animation errors, background characters, and much more. 

Not only did the group expand my thoughts on the show, but also bettered my behavior. Before I'd mainly posted stupidity in the comment section on GIO, which changed over time as I began to observe the way others reacted with one another.

This place gave me a chance to talk to many new individuals and learned other aspects of the internet. Such as using forums, knowing internet memes, and other online subjects previously unknown to me.

You see, my social life really hasn't been the best due to constant moving and being home schooled. Plus the fact that I'm living in a rural area doesn't help. Meeting new people and becoming friends is often a challenge to me. So again, the group entertained me and kept me going through rough times.

Over a span of a few weeks, I became adjusted to conversing with our group, and so they pushed me to discovering new sites like Twitter, deviantART, Skype, and Synchtube. I remember spending practically all my summer nights in there. Which I'm positive I wouldn't have done any of these things without you guys. This group is originally what I had in mind as far as making friends on Game Informer when I first logged on, and I cannot imagine life without it. Friendship is magic. 



One year, that's how long this group has been around, and even though I wasn't here for the entirety of it, it feels like I have been here for ages. It’s seems like I have known you guys for years, but I've only known you guys for a year, less than a year actually. You guys have really opened my eyes; I have never been a part of a community so friendly and welcoming and I can only hope that I will be able to remember the experiences we have shared together throughout my life. I am so happy that I know you guys, and I’m proud to call myself a member of GIO Bronies.



Well, well, well. I simply cannot believe it has already been a full year.

It's only oh so fitting that I reach my blogging anniversary just two days after the group one. And I have to say, I am thankful for finding this community that rainy, boring, Saturday afternoon. Seeing the entire group grow and expand is one of those really little but immensely satisfying things you can witness in your life. How, from such a small and almost marginated community became this really big and prosperous family. Sure, there have been people who have come and left. They brightened the group while they were with us, but in the end neither we nor they really thought they were going to last long in an already closely related community that grew in an amazingly number of short months.

And, well, I have to join that list of people who "come and go" every once in a while. It's true I don't spend time here anymore. From little to zero every month almost, and it's sad I know. But in the end that's how generations work and are basically pushed; that always growing and refreshing number of new people waiting to storm this newly discovered group with all those same antics and shenanigans we all shared now a year ago.

But finally that's what made the group so special. That accessibility and unprecedented welcome to each new member. 'Course the group has matured and there are already really close relationships between each veteran member. But there's always that warm, innocent welcome every once in a while to the newest cattle joining the corral. And that's why I disappear from the group and twitter once in a while, because I like to ride off into the sunset. Cause my life is one big metaphor alleging to Red Dead Redemption.

All in all, the group often makes me forget I'm actually foreign here and forget I'm a Mexican every time I log on here or Twitter. Even if it's minimal. It's all too enjoyable.

Here's for another 2 or 3 years of active group shenanigans.

Or let's take our computers to the grave, shall we?



Prior to joining the Brony group, I wasn't really that big of a forum guy. I'd mostly just read gaming articles and blogs on top of a few web-comics. After perusing the forum threads for one such comic sight, I happened to take notice of a My Little Pony thread and proceeded to skim through it. While I was absolutely baffled as to how a little girl's show could be so popular, I knew it was wrong to judge something before having tried it myself. So I sought the episodes out on YouTube and was immediately hooked.

As most of you reading this are aware, Friendship is Magic is a terrific show. Unlike other shows however, I didn't really have an outlet to express my enjoyment. Games like Halo and TV shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender were all equally heralded among my friends and siblings, so fan art sharing, memes, and videos were simply passed among ourselves. For the longest time, I didn't have this opportunity with My Little Pony. Most of my friends had (and still do) scoffed at the notion a girl's show could be in any sort of way "decent", and the only siblings who watched it were my sisters who were too young to use a computer.

After lamenting this fact for a couple weeks, I had happened upon an article by one of my favorite bloggers, Oni no Tenshi, detailing why it was stupid that society bashes guys for occasionally liking "girly" things. Upon placing a comment about my predicament, I was invited to the GIO Brony Group. The empty, empty group. When I had joined there were maybe 8 members and a total of 6 threads. That being said though, my involvement in the group skyrocketed quickly. 

It was nice to look at various pictures, listen to music, and share conversations with people all over the United States (maybe even the world) about a show that I really cared about. The best part though, has been the many members that have joined us over the course of a year. I met and conversed with people far and near, young and old about ponies, games, and even the affairs of life. It's been especially nice over the past year since I've been moving from place to place, and finding people to talk to can be difficult. 

Therefore, I want to take the time to thank each and every one of you. I know that I've had the occasional confrontation with some of you, and for that I'm sorry. However, on the whole, you guys (and girls) have been an amazing and just awesome group of people. I've enjoyed the Image Wars, the Round Ups, the stupid conversations in Skype and Synchtube, and it's been a pleasure taking part in the other various group activities with you. I hope that the group can continue its momentum and I look forward to our various shenanigans in the future. 



I, like many others, joined this group because of one person with an (at the time) somewhat odd avatar. He had posted a blog about the show and I decided to read it due to how intrigued I was about the topic: My Little Pony.  

It was... interesting for a guy to be talking about a show consisting of ponies. Colorful, talking ponies. No gore or swearing, or anything that could be considered manly.

Just ponies. 

After I read the blog, I made sure to a very, very, very strong extent that there was no one nearby, and I decided to watch an episode. I saw a discussion that took place prior to me watching the episode about how the pilot wasn't really a good episode to start with. So I went to YouTube and looked for a random episode. It was Applebuck Season. 

I didn't think much of the show at the time, and decided I'd maybe get back to it eventually. But as I witnessed the amount of pony avatars grow, my interest did the same. So I watched two more episodes (Boast Busters and The Cutie Mark Chronicles) and I was pretty much hooked. Then in August I finally decided to join the group, though I was largely inactive. 

Then someone by the name of Another Matthew noticed that I had joined the group. I guess I considered it a 'hello' and decided to become more active in the group. I knew essentially nothing of the show besides the names of the Mane 6. But I began "studying" and eventually felt comfortable enough to post.  

There are a great many reasons that I love this group. I'd never met such a friendly bunch of people on the internet, a userbase full of kind people, extremely intelligent people. I was startled by the maturity that these people exhibited. Even the 12 and 13 year olds were more mature than most adults on the internet. 

It was amazing. Perfect even.

More people came as others departed; I suppose it was only natural. But the new people who entered were just as amazing, and I sowed my friendship with them as well. 

Now the group has expanded all over the web, to Facebook, Skype, Synchtube, and many of us are on Twitter. I'd spend entire nights on Synchtube in the early days watching ponies, and all sorts of random things on YouTube, and I'd make it a point to make it to as many Movie Nights as I could.

Though the group has slowed down, I can still call it a haven of friendship.

A haven of great people.

A haven of friends.


That's all from us, but we want to hear what you have to say! Just post your thoughts about the group in the General Discussion thread, and I (Mray) will collect the best responses into a second blog! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day. 


"This group has impacted me so much. I don't say that as hyperbole, but I doubt that I would have so much invested time in GIO, or even the internet itself, without y'all. A great number of y'all are close friends of mine, closer than a lot of people I know in real life. I enjoy talking to you all, and I don't plan on giving up my friendships with you all anytime soon. " ~ Not sure who this snippet belongs to