Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta post that newsletter on Wednesday! Technically this is Stranger’s day, but his internet has been discontinued momentarily, so he owes me. Anyways, before we get to the news, have a Rainbow Dash.


This week, we had two new members:

These two have already had an extremely warm welcome, and seem to have taken to the group quite well. Good on you, guys! If you’ve yet to introduce yourself to them… you should go do that. Copeice? Copieshe? Capeice? Okey dokey lokey?


  • Good Movie Night

No info as to what the movie will be, but it will tentatively be a joint effort between our group and the Survival Horror Group. It should be tons of fun! 

  • 10 PM EST, Saturday
  • Synchtube  (password: Spitfire)


  • Roundups

No Roundups are scheduled at this time. Check back later! 


  • Image War 

Since we weren’t able to do an image war last week, we have moved it to this week. As always, make sure your email notifications are off if you don’t want to deal with image spam. If you want to join in, send a GIO conversation to iDreamRunner or SuperkingC77 . 

  • 11 PM EST, Friday 


  • Brony Group Blogs

E3 Sucked: A Review of E3 2012 - Rabid Chipmunk 

A King's Real Weapon - A Short Story & Why I Am Against The Cinematic Game Movement - Cmanwitaplan 

The Problem With Expensive Hobbie$ - Oni no Tenshi

Nintendo is Pulling a Sega - CheeseballPwn

Play What You Like, Like What You Play & Why I Don't Like The Legend of Zelda - The Second Musketeer 

Superbrothers Sword And Sworcery EP: Dual Review With Papercamm - Stranger & the ever awesome Papercamm

At the End of Days... - Darkeon Warlord 

The Minecraft Phenomenon - Anticitizen-One 

And lastly, our friend GoldvsSilver is doing a 31/31. He's currently on Day 12. Go over and give him some support! 


  • Original Art 

Bill, the Bad*** - God of Irony 




Be sure to click the pictures for the DeviantART links! 

And that's all. This newsletter has been brought to you by the letter D. 



P.S. I've got a huge, huge announcement coming in T-Minus... well, in a little bit. Keep your eyes on the homepage and the General Discussion thread for the announcement. You're not gonna want to miss it!