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Why People Like Trixie

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Why People Like Trixie



Alright, a lot of people don't seem to like this character. And I honestly don't understand why. Sure, she striked me as a little bit grating at first, but on second viewing when I returned I actually enjoyed her characterization and nuances. So, what were  these specifically? What made me like her despite her not being able to back up her boasts? Well, sit back and find out.

First, there's the overall design of the character. I dunno why, but the blues work really well together, especially in tandem with the purple color of her hat and cape. It doesn't pop out too much to the eye, it seems to look good without being too jarring. Plus the cape is bad ass and magical looking. Also, her voice is awesome (it's the same person who voices Chrysalis for crying out loud!). It's dramatic as all get out, and seems perfectly suited to the character. Also, there is absolutely no one, NO ONE!!!!!! in the world who can argue with the sheer adorableness of filly Trixie.



Next up, despite the arrogance of the character, as far as I'm concerned she well proved herself to have a great side to her near the denouement of the episode. What specifically am I talking about? When she hears of the Ursa Minor, even though she knows her magic isn't really good, she does one thing. She goes to attempt to fight it anyways. That to me shows a great strength of character, attempting to take on a foe she knew she couldn't beat. I love that scene in my reviewing of Boast Busters, and it reminded me that there is definitely more to her character than meets the eye at first glance. 

Finally, I know it's not canon, but the fandom has taken this character and the side she showed near the end of the episode, and turned it into something really special. Everyone knows she is multi-faceted due to that one scene, and crafts it into something far more than one episode can do. Maybe she's regretful for her actions, maybe she's frustrated at her lack of powerful magical abilities, maybe she looks up to Twilight know, who knows? She was shown just enough in FiM to have the fandom take up the character as one of their own, and that's definitely a powerful thing indeed.



These are just my opinions, and I don't claim these to be every reason people like Trixie. She's definitely a unique character in the FiM roster, and I'd love to see her return although there would be massive expectations from thousands of fans to live up to. Whether you love the boastful dramatic unicorn or find her too frustrating to pay attention to, you definitely gotta admit she's a unique character.



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