Lately, it seems that some of us have been confused with how the twitter accounts work, or have been inconsistent with the rest of the game. Indiana Joel and I have come up with a collection of rules that will hopefully fix that. 


Stay in character; Tweet things you think those characters would tweet. 

Not everything has to be a joke. Sometimes, you’ll be the joker, or you’ll be the jokee. Don’t be afraid to make a tweet that, by itself isn’t necessarily funny, but has the potential to spark a funny retort or conversation. 

Make sure you’re interacting with other group accounts and fans first, and other versions of your account (MLP_{Name}, MyLittle{Name}, etc.) only if you think it will be entertaining to those following the both of you. And do not, I repeat, DO NOT interact with unofficial FIM_{Name} accounts. If you need help, check the list. 

Stay in canon. The common idea is that the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic television show is a reality show that has been pre-recorded about a year before it airs on TV. Try to keep this consistent between all the accounts. 

Make sure you partake in little to no roleplaying. To keep it simple, we try to pretend like these are the ponies’ true twitter accounts, not their daily lives. Just post stuff you would normally post on twitter, not actions. 

Also, these accounts are for ponies and ponies only. These are not your personal accounts.

Lastly, if you want to keep the account assigned to you, you must stay active. We have a ton of inactive accounts that people have claimed and never touched, and it needs to change. If you go without posting for, say, a month with no reason, your account will be taken away. 

Oh, and have fun with it. We're here to entertain people. 

I'm posting this because I can.