Well, it would appear its high time I finally explained myself. I'm always singing the praises of a certain orange filly, and I'm sure many of you are confused as to why. Any of you who have been around for a length of time know that I'm not one to simply like something for *** and giggles; there's usually a much deeper, in-depth, or hidden meaning to my seemingly-random quirks when it comes to my preferences. My preference here is no different, I'm not just going to say "i liek scotaloo cuz she cans scoot" or "i liek orange poniez". Also, I will not be hating the other Cutie Mark Crusaders, I love them all and think they are all good characters, I just like Scootaloo better than the other two. In my opinion, Scootaloo is the best Cutie Mark Crusader, and if your interested in knowing why, read on.

First off, I'm just going to get the obvious points out of the way. I think Scootaloo is adorable. In my opinion, she is the second most adorable character after Fluttershy. As a fairly visual person (even I'm not vain enough to call myself an artist), I find her coloration to be one of the best in the show; the orange and magenta contrast beautifully, and manage to meet that perfect shade that is bold and vivid, while still being fairly subdued and not overbearing. Also, she seems to have the same taste in music as me.

As long as you aren't the one singing...

She can do cool tricks on a scooter, but in a world of ponies that can fly and do magic I don't really find that very impressive.

Yeah, but can you do a sonic rainboom?

I take all these things into consideration, and they certainly factor into my opinion, but they are not the primary reasons I like Scootaloo so much. No, the main reasons I like Scootaloo have far more to do with her development as a character than those simple facets of her persona.

Scooting and metal music is great, but they aren't enough on their own.

Firstly, I like her tomboyishness. She shows a disregard for seemingly "girly" things, preferring to instead adopt a "tough girl" type attitude. She feigns disgust at displays of emotion and seems to have an affinity for things that constitute action-filled in the MLP universe, such as her scooter or ziplining.

Looking further into the show, we can also deduce some aspects of her personality from scenes throughout the series. In episodes 1.17 (Stare Master) and 2.1 (The Return of Harmony, Part 1), she's shown to be the only Crusader to have not directly insulted her companions, and in 2.1 she also defends Applebloom when Sweetie Belle points out her grammatical error of the word "victoryful" by responding "what are you, a dictionary?", despite being the target of Applebloom's unprovoked insulting use of the "word" in the first place. In her first appearance in the series (not including the brief scene in the first episode) in episode 1.12 (Call of Cutie), she is the first to speak out and stand up against the mistreatment of Applebloom by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. These incedents show me that Scootaloo is quick to stand up for others, but not easily enraged into being insulting, or more simply put; she is brave and bold without being overly-prideful, and has enough of a sense of humor to be able to take insults thrown jokingly in her direction without becoming resentful towards the ones who tease her; these are all character traits I like to think that I myself share with her, that I find very endearing in a character.

Did someone say chicken? lol good one guys.

If we want to look outside of the context of the show, and into aspects of Scootaloo widely accepted by the fan community, we also have to look at her family. If you want to side with the fan community's view, then Scootaloo is an orphan. I honestly doubt this is the cannon family status of Scootaloo, but I believe its rooted in the cannon aspects of her personality.

Ok, but how do you know she has no parents?

Now I'm finally at the aspect of Scootaloo that most endears her to me: she cannot fly.


No, that wasn't a typo. The thing that most endears Scootaloo to me is that she is flightless. Obviously this alone isn't the full reason though; you have to consider this fact alongside Scootaloo's personality. Despite her physical handicap, which is most likely just a result of her youth (its never really said why this is; other young pegasus are shown being able to fly, but it is unclear to me if Scootaloo is just supposed to be younger than these fillies are, or if there's another reason as to her inability to fly), she apparently has come to idolize Rainbow Dash, which leads me to believe that in her heart, she dreams to one day be able to accomplish something that would seem impossible for a flightless pegasus.

She wants to be able to fly with the best of them. With her idol Rainbow Dash, and presumably with her idols, the Wonderbolts. She continues to chase dreams of future grandeur and adventure that others would call a flightless pegasus misguided and unrealistic to pursue. Its a dream that would seem completely impossible to reach to most people, but that doesn't seem to phase Scootaloo in the least, as she continues to obsess over finding her true destiny, along with the other members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Sometimes Impossible isn't so far-fetched after all. (btw someone remind me to add this to my favorite movies)

Scootaloo is never seen to be deterred from chasing her dreams by her physical shortcomings, and its this never-say-die steadfast determination that completely endears her to me. I have several personal experiences in my life that allow me to relate to this aspect of her, but I think even if i didn't, I would still adore her as the undeterrable underdog chasing dreams as seemingly out of her reach as the clouds she can never reach with the wings that she one day hopes will carry her into the boundless sky, and the ultimate accomplishment of her dreams.

And there you have it; the real reasons I love Scootaloo so much. This is the first blog I've ever written, so I hope it isn't too terribly horrible. I welcome any comments and constructive criticizm (Scootaloo sux isn't constructive criticism Irony). Beyond that, thank you a bunch for reading, and hopefully you now better understand my seeming adoration for the character.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope it wasn't too horrible!


Thanks for reading!