Hello again everyone! It's iDreamrunner once again bringing you more Cheerilee and another newsletter for the week. I hope you all enjoyed your Nightmare Night yesterday. I unfortunately am still stuck in this prison of a lab studying for various subjects and working on projects, so I wasn't able to get out. Luckily, all the Halloween candy goes on sale today and through the weekend so I'll be stocking up on plenty. Anyway, here's the info for the week!


New Members

Unfortunately, there are no new members this week.


Brony Roundup

Game: Left 4 Dead 2 (PC, Steam)

Date: Friday, Nov. 2

Time: 7pm EST


Good Movie Night

Movie: Unknown

Date: Unknown

Time: Unknown

Synctube (Password: spike)


Bad Movie Night

Movie: Unknown

Date: Unknown

Time: Unknown

Synctube (Password: spike)




Oni No Tenshi

Achievement Unlocked: Baby Lyra is Here!

Gaming... With Children: Awesome or Maddening?


Face-Off Thoughts (with DJH)


A Love Letter to the GIO Community


Vitrified 06/15/1961


Apple's Tim Cook Leads Company in Disappointing New Direction

Still Alive


A Laundry List of Lists

Top 10 Video Game Vocal Songs

My Backlog

The Best of the N64, SNES, and Gamecube

Top 101 Levels to Play Before You Die

The Best of GIO


Fan Fiction/Stories

Undertaker Adrian: Age of False Innocence

Xerix: Riot!

God of Irony: The Story of Malak


Original Art


Spyro Conspiracy Theorists








God of Irony


Well, that's it for the weekly newsletter. I hope you all enjoyed it and as an added bonus, I've added a few songs and stuff at the end for your (somewhat) enjoyment.