Hello Everyone! Welcome to another edition of the GIO Brony Newsletter. I hope you all have been having a good week because mine's been peachy if not tiring. If you're wondering about the subtitle for this week's letter, I'll let you know that Cheerilee finally got invited to an event. Well, that's not true, but as I was tweeting most of the events at last weekend's Canterlot Gardens through the Twitter Pony accounts that we have here. So it sorta counts, I guess. Anyway, on to business:


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No new members this week. In fact, we haven't gotten any in quite some time. 


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Only 3 members had blogs this week as far as I could tell, but they're some interesting ones nonetheless. Give them a read!

Ewok King: Why I Support David Vonderhaar and Why People That Do Not Play Call of Duty Multiplayer Are a Bunch of Loons

Sora3Ben: I've Been Bitten But I Don't Seem to Mind

ThisFreakinGuy: What Makes A Horrific Experience? 


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So I attended Canterlot Gardens last weekend out in Ohio, and I had an absolute blast. My energy is still drained to this day after the 12 hrs. of travel, late night music festivals, and the day to day convention shenanigans. It was worth it in the end though. There was a lot of great people, and plenty of spectacular events that took place. I even met crimsonbrony there by chance and it was nice to actually see another GIO user face-to-face. My friend Robert Knorr and his friends on the Everfree Radio staff did an excellent job of capturing all the different panels and events. You can check out the Everfree Radio Channel to skim through them, but I'll post a few of my favorites here.


This video was talking about the various fan voice actors and how some of them managed to even land positions on games such as Skullgirls. It was really insightful and they even had a skit towards the end where they pulled people from the audience to voice various characters. The skit is hilarious and you should definitely check it out at 31:00 in.


This next video is a blind skit, where various professional VAs are handed a script and have to act out the characters with different voices. For example, during a scene Spike's voice will be replaced with Vicky from Fairly Oddparents and Snips voice is replaced by Azula from Avatar: TLAB, etc. It's hilarious and I have 4 words to entice you to watch it. John DiMaggio and Trixie. Yeah, it happened.


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