Another week, another newsletter. Welcome everyone to another edition of iDreamRunner's Brony Newsletter! Consistently rated top fail blog for 3 times running! I hope you all are enjoying your summer sunshine and had a great 4th of July holiday. I personally had a grand olde time lighting off fireworks out in the country, and burning my thumb after my cousin shoved 8 sporadic firecracker wicks into my tiny lighter flame. Remember kids, only light your own fireworks, and one at a time.


New Members

Anyway, We got a new Member this week. Please extend a warm welcome to


Welcome to the Group!


Good Movie Night

The Hobbit

Friday 11pm EST

Synchtube (password:)


Bad Movie Night

There probably isn't one.







I have a newfound respect for Saint and the blog herding stuff he does every week. It seems like a ton of people are doing the 31/31 Challenge this summer and this weekend had a huge splurge in blogging. After through going a week of blogs, I'm pretty sure this everyone's stuff, but drop me a message if I've forgotten something.


  • Benderstrike24

Star Wars Battlefront 2


Pokemon Diamond

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Portal 2

Castle Crashers

Super Smash Bros. Melee


  • Blaze6106

A Year of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Star Wars: The Saga So Far ft. DeadManWalking


  • Just That Awesome

The Amazing Spiderman


  • GoldvsSilver

Stranger's GaMe ~ Watching


  • CheeseballPwn

Discussion: Your First Game


  • Oni no Tenshi

Making the Shift to Being a "Phone-y" Gamer


  • iDreamRunner

Creating the Next Zelda Experience


  • Ewokking

Team Fortress 2 Guide for Dummies


  • Hobo Baggins

Things I Think Would Be Cool for a New Zelda Game


  • Stranger

GIO Comments and Observations

The Co-Blog Challenge


  • Caudex

Books of the Week (7/10/2012)

Caudex's Conversion to Bronyism (Ponys and Other Made Up Words)


  • Senshuro

Stranger GaMe #10 (Late)



Original Art

We got three new pictures from our resident artists this week!


Sypro Conspiracy Theorist





Editor Corner

More music from 19 year old Porter Robinson based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Awesome track