Another week, another newsletter. Anyway I got this art from Strangers Tim Tebow fanfic. You should go read it.

New Peoplez

 We got a couple of new people this week, so make sure to say hi to them! If you don't, Tim Tebow will devour your soul!



Movie Nightz

At the moment there are no scheduled movie nights. However if you really want to have a movie night talk to SuperKing.


Xbox Roundup: Halo Reach, 8pm EST Friday

PS3 Roundup: Uncharted 3, 8pm EST Saturday

Original Artz

Only one piece of art this week. I think we can all agree though that it is absolutely gorgeous.





Re-Kindling The Fire


Blaze & Stranger


Consoles: The Next Generation feat. Stranger



A bunch of 30 for 30 stuff 



GaMe #9: The Joke(r)'s On Ben


Stranger & Papercamm


Blade Runner: Dual Review With Papercamm


Stranger & PR


PR And Stranger's Clone War: He's Using The Noobtube!



Anyway, this was my first Newsletter. So if I missed any blogs or anything feel free to let me know and I will revise this. 

Also, Tim Tebow.