welcome to the tonight letter with your late night host, Irony!


*raises hand*

all right kiddos, have we got a letter for you! today on the Tonight Letter! all the cool kids wait until at least 12 a.m. to read their daily brony news! and lets get this ball a rolling. tonight on the Tonight Letter, we bring in special guest Rainbow Dash! give her a hand everybody

so rainbow dash, do you know whats next for the brony group of G.I. ? why don't you go ahead and tell them!

Rainbow Dash: all right listen up you egghead gamers, heres what my pal Irony said you'd be doin' this weekend:

Roundup: Civilization...(what was it? *whispers* I knew that!) 5, thats civilization 5 for the pc at 7 Eastern Time, this saturday

Bad Movie Night: at 11 p.m. eastern time, this saturday, the movie has yet to be decided

Good Movie Night on Friday at a currently unknown time

thanks r.d. *laugh*

now we go to the part of the show where we highlight some new members, show art, and list recently posted member blogs!


New Member: Rainbow Scout and Cowboy Cassonova! give them all a hand



check out these riveting selections of blogs, yeah! :

Blazes Fanfiction blog

Cheeseballpwns MW vs Blops blog

buncha GvS (30/30)

Ono No tenshis really really long worded blog that I don't understand

Ono No tenshis Pokemon blog

strangers mojo love blog

Mrays list of platinumed games

and now we show a bunch of art:

sad face. no new art. :'(


whelp that covers the show to- 

Rainbow Dash: That show sucked!