Hey y'all, how you kids handlin' near summertime temps and the near end of college/school semester? Welcome to the newsletter, I be yo host yo. and if yer not too busy playing Diablo or minecraft, we can get on with this shin dig.

here have a picture:

all right, obvious distraction was obvious. lets rock.

Good Movie Night: is to be announced, HA stick that in yer pipe and smoke it, we'll get an update soon. hopefully something involving Miyazaki.

Bad Movie Night: The Black Ninja, saturday, 11 p.m. eastern time

Round Up: Minecraft (PC) - Saturday, 7pm EST, on GIOB server (server address will be posted when finalized)


Brony Blogs:

bunch a stranger

Anti Citizen1

Oni No Tenshi


Broneh art:

Pizza King


yers truly


whelp, that be all folks. now get back to yer mining and demon slaying.